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Starting Date, Apology, and Volunteer?

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  1. Q-man
    Its cool, real life comes first. I've got my first draft nearly done, just need to finish one last section for it, and then put it through the ringer of critiquing and editing to see if it can become good enough for release.
  2. Soft Serve
    Soft Serve
    Awesome. I'm going to read that tonight.
    I've also been talking to a friend of mine who would like to jump on and critique and edit for us, but I don't think he was interested in actually writing.
  3. Soft Serve
    Soft Serve
    Friday (two days late) but there are no more distractions for me. No more work, or obligations, or car searching (I bought a car. ) So now this has all the attention that I've been wanting to give it.

    On that note, I don't want anyone to be afraid of posting any discussions or drafts that they have or asking for any kind of advice (or responding to requests for any kind of advice).
  4. jpatterson
    I have an adventure but it is already in a previous pdf format without the given profile within the document. Should I still submit it, as a PDF link, or do it in some other way, or do you not want pre-done pdf submissions? It's far too long to submit in text forum in these forums.
  5. Q-man
    I'd say just submit the link to the PDF is that's convenient for you. Though I'd imagine that if we were to find anything worth changing you'll need to copy out the text to make the updates. I would guess that since you've put it in PDF you're fairly confident in the work already, so it could be that won't be an issue.

    The real question would be the "publishing" process that Soft Serve and Farcaster come up with. If that supports PDF's awesome, if not then you might be making a conversion for that.

    Speaking of which, I realize we're not doing this in a professional context, but is there any particular schedule we'd like to stick to? I know you guys have stuff in the works, however it appears that the process will be going kinda slow in getting this stuff done. I'm mostly wonder if it'll be worth building up a buffer of stories while we're getting into the writing groove, or if we should just let the releases be sporadic.
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