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Faerunian Timeline

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  1. Carnis77
    902/Year of the Queen's Tears
    • "The Whispering Crown" (Realms of the Arcane Story VIII; month of Kythorn)
    • The Rotting War in Chondath decimates the country; Chondath renounces claims on Sembian city-states.
    • Sammaster's research into necromancy results in the first successful Cult of the Dragon dracolich, Shargrailar.
    • The Magister Jonsryn Daerathal is killed in a spellduel with the sorceress Taline Telgara, the "Flame of the North" (reigns 902 to 946).

    904/Year of the Trial905/Year of the Rising Maeran
    • Sammaster finishes his principle work on the Tome of the Dragon, and copies begin to appear across Faerūn as the Cult's philosophy spreads.

    905 The Roman Empire spreads East and the 1st Roman war with the Elves ensues. The war lasts for 5 years until a peace agreement is reached ceding vast territories to the Elves that Rome can lay no claim over. In exchange the Elven Coronal agreed to good trade agreements and an open border ending the hostilities for all time.

    906/Year of the Plough
    • Azmaer the Drow Lord holds Tower of Ashaba.
    • Drow driven from the Twisted Tower. Shadowdale founded.

    907/Year of Waiting
    • The upper (aboveground) city of Calimport is reclaimed and resettled by Mameluks who are shut out of the power circles of Manshaka. At the secret urgings of the Twisted Rune, they seek to reclaim the ruined greater city beyond the walls of the port. The Rune's primary agent in this endeavor is Vizar Bollus el Kahdan, a half-elven warrior-mage.
    • The Famine of the Red Plants: A plant rust, affecting most of the farmlands around Phlan, destroys harvests for the next three years and creates famine around the Moonsea.

    908/Year of the Lone Tribe909/Year of the Ogre910/Year of Deathblows Denied
    • Rhiigard (? to 932), King of Cormyr.

    911/Year of Ruins Reborn
    • Due to magical fluctuations in the woods and hills around Silverymoon, Tanisell and his fellow mages reassert new enchantments and magics on the walls surrounding the city.
    • At Midsummer, Vizar Bollus el Kahdan proclaims himself syl-pasha of Calimport, and nearly all of the surface ruins of the city are cleared of danger.
    • Rise of the Morkoth Arcanum of Olleth beneath the Inner Sea. The First Arcane Xynakt begins his reign of terror among the morkoth and establishes the Nine Towers.

    912/Year of the Sudden Journey
    • The first deep fiend-dug tunnels lead north out of Hellgate Keep toward the Nether Mountains.

    913/Year of the Watching Raven
    • Sembia founded under the Raven banner. The cities of Chondathan and Chancelgaunt become Saerloon and Selgaunt.

    914/Year of the Book915/Year of Bats916/Year of the Sinhala
    • The Harpers and the priests of Lathander ambush Sammaster and his entourage as they travel to visit two green wyrms in southern Cormanthor. Sammaster and an avatar of the Morninglord do battle. Sammaster's actions wound the avatar slightly before he obliterates Sammaster.
    • Rise of Es'roch/Expansion of As'arem. The shalarin of the fourth Passing and children of other generations found a new kingdom within the lower depths of Easting Reach to expand As'arem to its "manifest destiny" from the Hmur Plateau to the coast.

    c. 917 to 940
    • After Sammaster's downfall, Algashon leads the Cult underground for the first time since its creation in the prior century. Algashon's Cult adopts many of the revenue-generating schemes required to finance much of the Cult's operations.

    917/Year of the Winding Road918/Year of the Palace919/Year of the Chase
    • Hellgate Keep's forces are forced from their deep tunnels for a time by the Morueme clan of dragons.

    920/Year of Great Riches
    • High Mage Tanisell succumbs to a fever and dies. His successor is his closest advisor and friend, Nunivytt Threskaal, the Keeper of the Vault of the Sages and ranking mage of the Lady's College. High Mage Threskaal's reign is a peaceful, studious one and is still considered one of the golden eras of magical learning for Silverymoon and her pupils.
    • The goddess Waukeen appears on Shieldmeet and establishes the Merchant's Peace at Trademeet.
    • Ahghairon is born on Midsummer's Night, and many legends report Mystra's symbol glowing brightly among the stars of the North.

    921/Year of the Falling Maeran922/Year of the Spouting Fish
    • Red Wizards under the command of Ythazz Buvaar sack the regional capital of Del-humide.
    • Battle of Thazalhar in Thay. Red Wizards declare Thay independent of Mulhorand.
    • End of the Second Mulhorand Empire.
    • Teresa the Great Queen (893 to 957), 3rd niece, Queen of Tethyr.
    • The black dragon Ebondeath, ruler of the Mere of Dead Men, is transformed into a dracolich by Strongor Bonebag, a priest of Myrkul with ties to the Cult of the Dragon.
    • King Amarkos II of Old Impiltur dies of plague.

    923/Year of the Bloodied Soldier
    • The demon Eltab is bound under the city of Eltabbar.

    924/Year of the Cracked Turtle
    • The rulers of Old Impiltur die in a plague. The sole survivor is the Princess Aliia.

    925/Year of the Enchanted Trail926/Year of the Fearless Peasant
    • Princess Aliia of Impiltur is betrothed to Crown Prince Rhiegard of Cormyr, but her bridal ship is lost at sea after leaving Hlammach.

    927/Year of the Red Rain
    • "Thornhold" begins.
    • Ahghairon of Waterdeep arrives in Silverymoon and is taught magic by numerous tutors, including High Mage Threskaal.
    • Fed up with the excesses of both the Reaver King and the Prince-Templars who proceeded him, the merchant nobility of Westgate secretly hires another army of mercenaries to over throw Gostaraj in turn. The heads of the various noble houses choose Altarl Campion, the head of a powerful merchant family, as Westgate's next king. As his first official act, King Altarl bans all organized religious activity within the city walls, and all existing temples are torn down, their land seized in the name of the new king. The Templeban Edict extends beyond the city walls as well, permitting only simple shrines within a day's walk of Westgate.
    • In the nine decades that follow, hearkening back to an earlier age, no less than seven rings of standing stones are established on a ring of seven hillocks just beyond the last rise west of Westgate. One such site, the Hill of Fangs, is established by worshipers of Moander. The Abomination's hilltop shrine consists of a ring of eight great red stone plinths shaped like fangs curving inwards. The other faiths include Garagos, Ghaunadaur, Jergal, Savras, Silvanus, and one whose name has been forgotten. Unbeknownst to the general populace of Westgate, secret, subterranean temples are established beneath most or all of the seven hillocks, as well as in the catacombs of the city itself, in direct violation of the Templeban Edict.
    • A thieves' guild, forerunners of the Shadowmasters, begins operations in Telflamm.
    • The Blood Plagues: The wrath of the orc god Yutrus falls upon the Sword Mountains causing all manner of plagues to sweep through the region, decimating every species there except the orcs. An orcish shaman named Wund unites the tribes under the leadership of the chieftain Uruth and the orcish realm of Uruth Ukrypt is established.

    928/Year of the Hurled Axe
    • The Lord of Calandor attempts to have himself crowned King of Delimbiyran, the Kingdom of Man, but fails due to a lack of support from surrounding human settlements and the active opposition of the now-independent Secomber.

    929/Year of Flashing Eyes
    • Chessenta rebels against Unther. Alliance of Chessenta drives Unther back beyond the Riders to the Sky Mountains.
    • Alasklerbanbastos, a blue dragon, competes with Tchazzar for control of western Unther (now Chessenta).

    c. 930
    • The emergance of the orc realm of Uruth Ukrypt heralds a collapse of trade along the High Road of the North.

    930/Year of the Liberty Crest931/Year of the Penitent Rogue
    • Travelling north with a merchant caravan hailing from Baldur's Gate, Tyndal, the son of a merchant commoner, slays a group of lizardmen near the site of the old, ruined Morlin Castle.

    932/Year of Fireslaughter
    • First Troll War in the North. Forces led by Nimoar of Waterdeep clear the Evermoors of trolls.
    • Thay conquers the independant city of Kensten, renaming it Bezantur (after the high priest of Kossuth in the city).

    933/Year of the Five Jugs
    • Laruth Mytersaal is slain by orc raiders and succeeded as Warlord of Silverymoon by his son Rayuth.

    934/Year of Fell Wizardry
    • First Thayvian invasion of Rashemen.
    • The Thayvians first demand tribute from Escalant.
    • Mulmaster is established as a trading fortress between the Moonsea and the Dragon Reach.
    • Gnomish settlements in the Sword Mountains and surrounding foothills are all eradicated by the orcs of Uruth Ukrypt. The last to fall is the mansion of the self-styled "Gnome King" Karlus "Goldgoblet" Dlinshoulder, on Mount Araddyn, north of Nimoar's Hold.

    935/Year of the Rearing Lion936/Year of the Sky Riders
    • Heavy orc raids on Nimoar's Hold and outlying farms last the full year. Nimoar dies of old age, and Gharl replaces him as War Lord of the tribe.
    • After gathering their strength, the aged Nimoar leads his men into battle and they have neither time to eat or sleep as they smash the orcs in battle after battle over the course of a tenday. Sages call this series of battles the Orcfastings War. Nimoar dies of heartstop after the orcs have been destroyed in the final battle of the war, known as the Horderout. He is succeeded by Gharl as Warlord of Nimoar's Hold.
    • Start of the Eleventh Serōs War. The New Aryselmalyr War begins under the Inner Sea as three sea elf kingdoms unite under the wizard Nyratiis and try to use magic to reconquer Serōs. With the Dukars absent and the morkoth as current enemies, chances seem slim of resisting the elven advances.

    937/Year of the Turning Wheel
    • Alliance of the Cities of the Golden Way into the nation of Thesk. Milvarune, former capital of Milvarn, becomes Thesks's "capital". Milvarn is largely dissolved at this time, though it still provides some defense for the fisherfolk south of the river Umber. Lurskas retains the title of High Mage of Milvarune and Mage-King of Milvarn until his death.
    • The Book of Fangs and Talons is found atop Berun's Hill by the Slow Serpent band of adventurers. A local priest of Silvanus examines the book. Several nights later over 40 Malarites descend upon the priest and tear him and his home apart, stealing the book back.
    • Tulrun returns to the North after spending much time wandering the Beastlands in beast shape.

    938/Year of the Unhanged Man939/Year of the Vengeful Halfling
    • Nyratiis creates numerous powerful items for his generals and fellow sea elf rulers, including Arygantor the Coral Net, the Chariot of Nyratiis, the four Unicorn Saddles, the Staff of the Deep, the Helm of the Sea Lion, the Swift-Swimming Anklets of Osura, and Aceal the Commander's Trident.

    940/Year of the Cold Claws
    • The name of Waterdeep comes into common usage.
    • Second Troll War in the North. This year sees the start of continual troll raids and strife that last more than a decade. Six War Lords of Waterdeep die in battle against the trolls. Despite the problems, Waterdeep grows in population, as tribes gather within the walls for safety.
    • Ashaba, first Lord of Shadowdale, merges with the river.
    • The Moonsea city of Hulberg is founded as a base for human forces fighting giants and humanoids in Thar.
    • Tulrun hunts the great white wyrm Sneighfanglen and her brood for the greater part of this year in revenge for the dragon's slaying of his comrade, the crystal dragon Krustalanos. Sneighfanglen is slain by the vengeful Tulrun, and her only offspring to survive is the hatchling Arauthator.
    • Palarandusk "the Sun Dragon" frustrates the schemes of King Rauragh of Uruth Ukrypt to bring orc bands through the subterranean ways of the Underdark, assemble them in the Sword Mountains, and from there swoop on Waterdeep. The ancient wyrm destroys this orc horde before it can properly form.

    941/Year of Sudden Sorrows
    • With the merest hint of his first beard on his chin, Ahghairon shows some of his coming might by single-handedly destroying a pair of young green dragons intent on attacking Silverymoon. Ahghairon leaves the city soon afterward to learn more of the Realms.
    • Tulrun creates his dwelling, which becomes known as Tulrun's Tent, beneath the boughs of the Coldwood.

    942/Year of the Circling Vulture
    • End of the Eleventh Serōs War. This war destroys the central sea elf kingdom of Keryvyr, though the failed High Mage and would-be-Cororal Nyratiis escapes capture. Keryvyn's allies survive. Of the subordinate kingdoms and duchies of Aryselmalyr's golden era, only Naramyr and Selu'Maraar survive.
    • Drow raid up and down the Sword Coast in this year and their raids lead to the death and enslavement of many humans in and around the Delimbiyr. The small realms of Harpshield and Talmost, bordering the Ardeep Forest west of the remnants of the city of Delimbiyran, are ravaged and burned, leading to their inhabitants abandoning their lands and travelling to Waterdeep at the invitation of Warlord Gharl.

    943/Year of the Flying Steed
    • Death of Warlord Gharl in battle with trolls. He is succeeded as Warlord of Waterdeep by Amphail the Just.

    944/Year of the Animated Armor
    • Kurskos Ironahand of Aumreayum slays Amrok of the dwarves and takes Adjatha the Drinker.
    • Death of Warlord Amphail in troll raids. The settlement of Rowan Hold where he had estates and a tower is renamed Amphail in his memory.

    945/Year of the Foolish Bridegroom
    • Tyndal, now a rich merchant, marries the Duke of Calandor's only child and heir, Eleesa, with the popular support of the people of the region who consider him to be a hero.

    946/Year of the Blazing Cell
    • The Magister Taline Telgara is accidentally killed when her husband, the weredragon Caldauvur Maerglauthyn, is forced to change shape. Caldauvur becomes Magister (reigns 946 to 949).

    947/Year of the Advancing Wind
    • The realm of Calandor is ravaged by the battle between the silver dragon Teskulladar "Manytalons" and the white dragon Cortulorrulagalargath. In his death throes, the great white wyrm falls from the sky onto the remnants of Delimbiyran, destroying them utterly and slaying the Duke of Calandor and his retinue who have taken shelter there whilst out hunting. Tyndal, his son-in-law, is proclaimed Duke by the people and he re-locates the ducal seat to the site of the old Barony of the Steeping Falls, partly to secure the benefits associated with trade passing through the area, and partly to commemorate the feat of his youth. Construction of Castle Daggerford on the ruined remnants of Morlin Castle begins immediately.

    948/Year of the Clarion Trumpet
    • The Magister Caldauvur Maerglauthyn establishes a walled manor in the lower Dessarin Valley to train novices into wizards. These novices come to be known as "the Schooled".

    949/Year of the Forbidden Tome
    • The Magister Caldauvur is ambushed by a group of evil archmages. He is killed, but not before all but one of the attacking mages are slain. The surviving wizard, the Calishite satrap Ildathchance Orlaer, becomes Magister (reigns 949 to 952).

    c. 950
    • Cult of the Dragon cells number near 100 at this time, the height of Cult power across Faerūn since the organization's inception.

    950/Year of the Doomguard951/Year of the Empty Hourglass
    • Phandalin, an important farming center located southwest of Old Owl Well, falls to the orcs of Uruth Ukrypt disrupting most trade routes passing south of the Neverwinter Woods.

    952/Year of the Rings Royal
    • Ahghairon rises and is recognized as the premier mage of the Savage North. He becomes the official advisor for the War Lord of Waterdeep.
    • This year marks the end of the Second Trollwar. The trolls remain nearly extinct around Waterdeep for nearly 100 years.
    • The Magister Ildathchance Orlaer is killed in an ambush by the Thayan mage Baerzus Anagathiir. The Red Wizard becomes Magister (reigns 952).
    • The Magister Anagathiir dies under the massed magical might of the Red Wizards. The ensuing magical chaos requires the appearance of Azuth, who fixes the tear in the Weave, and confers the office of Magister upon someone far from Thay; the enchanted gauntlet-maker Bilnur Faerglamer of Tethyr (reigns 952 to 977).
    • Wavecho Cave falls to the orcs of Uruth Ukrypt leading to the collapse of the mining alliance of dwarves and gnomes known as Phandelver's Pact.

    953/Year of the Guiding Crow
    • Bryntarth II (? to 968), King of Cormyr.

    954/Year of Perilous Halls955/Year of the Telltale Candle
    • Barbarians attack Waterdeep in the depths of winter. In memory of their bravery, the Waterdhavians bury the barbarian princess at the foot of the peak that later becomes known as Maiden's Tomb Tor.
    • The Great Rising of the Orcgates: A fell power (some say Thayan archmages experimenting with dangerous spells, others insist that the gods of the orcs themselves were responsible) suddenly brought into being scores of dimensional portals that spewed forth orcs from the mountain caverns of the far North to lay waste to half a hundred cities and realms all over Faerun.
    • Uruth Ukrypt establishes its influence over much of the north-south trade along the Dessarin River Valley and the Swordsea Coast, thereby gaining much wealth and power.

    956/Year of the Crooked Finger
    • Cathtyr is killed by her daughter Filina. Filina becomes Queen of Dambrath.

    957/Year of the Entombed Poet
    • Teremir I (927 to 959), 5th son of Teresa, Queen of Tethyr (slain by Mhoaran).
    • The volcanic isle known as the Ship of the Gods erupts in the Alambar, killing thousands of Untheri settlers.
    • Illusk is attacked by Uthgardt barbarians of the Black Raven tribe in the vicious winter of this year. The barbarians are bloodily repulsed and forced to retreat.

    958/Year of the Far-Flung Harp959/Year of the Haunted Crew
    • End of the Bormul Dynasty; beginning of the "Tethyr" Dynasty (the "Lion's Dynasty").
    • Mhoaran "the Tusk-Bearded" (919 to 974), cousin of Teremir I and son of Cyriana's 3rd sister, King of Tethyr.

    c. 960
    • The Book of Fangs and Talons is rumored to be in the area of Secomber. Soon after it is taken to the Daggerford area.

    960/Year of the Mageling961/Year of the Pensive Gibberling
    • Cathakay Queen of Dambrath.
    • Warrior-priests of Chauntea, led by Duke Tyndal of Daggerford, scour the Secomber area and the Delimbiyr Valley upstream for many miles in search of Malarites rumoured to be conducting grisly, evil rituals in the area.

    c. 962
    • The Cult reaches farther south than ever before with the creation of the cell in, around, and beneath the city of Hlondeth in the Vilhon Reach.

    962/Year of the Shandon Veil
    • The village of Phandalin is conquered by orcs, and the mountain delve Wavecho Cave, home to dwarves and gnomes, is also destroyed by their depredations. The orcs under their chieftain Uruth found the kingdom of Uruth Ukrypt in what is now Kryptgarden Forest. Within a few generations the orcs are wiped out.

    963/Year of the Deadly Duo
    • The construction of Castle Waterdeep begins around the site of Nimoar's Hold on the eastern spur of Mount Waterdeep, just north of the city walls.

    964/Year of the Pickled Privateer965/Year of the Runelighting966/Year of the Squire
    • Wythyndle's Round Book, a holy tome of Milil, vanishes from a temple in the eastern Cloven Mountain during a hard winter.

    967/Year of the Tearful Princess968/Year of the Wandering Gnome
    • Jholnareer becomes High Mage of Milvarune and Mage-King of Milvarn, though he rules only as one of the Oligarchs of Thesk.
    • In Zakhara, a war begins between the genie races.

    969/Year of the Bright Standard
    c. 970
    • Over the next twenty five years, the Cult of the Dragon refocuses its efforts to expand in the North, creating at least ten new cells in this time period.

    970/Year of the Child's Trinket971/Year of the Children
    • The Cult's further expansion in the south is halted by the church of Tiamat when an underground Cult cell "trespasses" on a similar group worshipping the Dragon Queen in the city of Surkh.

    c. 972 to 995
    • The Cult of the Dragon refocuses its efforts to expand in the North, creating at least 10 new cells in this time period. The only known failure of the Cult to infiltrate an area during this time is in Silverymoon.

    972/Year of the Cairngorm Crown
    • After the recent defeat in Surkh, dissidents within the Cult of the Dragon begin to openly question Algashon's leadership and the weighty influence the church of Bane has had in Cult operation in the preceding years. The mage Drakewings becomes a particularly outspoken opponent of the God of Tyranny's place in the Cult of the Dragon.

    973/Year of the Empited Lair974/Year of the Haunting Harpy
    • Castle Waterdeep is completed at High Harvestide. The city walls expand (now abutting the wall around Halaster's Hold for defense) and the worn log palisades become new, high stone walls. Lauroun named first female Warlord of Waterdeep.
    • The stronghold of the retired adventurer Sulass Drowsbane grows into the city of Sulasspryn.
    • Sulasspryn on the Moonsea is established as a city.
    • Nearel (951 to 997), 32nd child/17th son of Mhoaran, King of Tethyr (slayer of Teremir I's eldest son).

    975/Year of the Bent Coin
    • Telflamm annexes Nyth and Culmaster and establishes itself as a royal city-state.

    976/Year of the Slaying Spells
    • Mulhorandi invasion of Thay repelled at the River Thazarim.
    • The Covenant discovers that the Red Wizards of Thay are responsible for the Orcgates Affair and begin to subtly work against these evil mages.

    977/Year of Swordforging
    • A circle of talons and blood is found outside of Daggerford. This is linked to the Book of Fangs and Talons, a holy book of Malar. No trace is ever found of the book though.
    • The Magister Bilnur Faerglamer dies of natural causes, never having faced a serious challenge for his office. Azuth picks the Calishite courtier Malune Nalonkrivar (reigns 977 to 983) to succeed Bilnur as Magister.

    978/Year of the Hooded Rogue979/Year of the Marching Forest980/Year of the Orator981/Year of the Rebel Uprising982/Year of the Scythe
    • The red wyrm Thungarbarath Flamegout is killed by the Bold Broadswords adventuring band. The only survivor of the battle, Jorthan Twocastle, retrieves the Flame of the Spirit.
    • Warlord Rayuth of Silverymoon dies of old age and is succeeded by his sadistic and proud son Tulven.

    983/Year of the Submerged Country
    • The Magister Malune Nalonkrivar is killed in Tunland by the black dragon Constulgrael. The Water King becomes Magister (reigns 983 to 986), the only true dragon to do so in the history of the office.

    984/Year of the Caravan985/Year of Bright Nights
    • The Plinth of Moon and Stars, a small altar atop the tower of Lunaven Moonstar in Waterdeep (present day: The Plinth), is dedicated to Selune.
    • Fetitia Ledora, rumored to be the daughter of Alustriel Silverhand, and Yhelfanna the Masked, a Rashemaar witch of the Hathran, form the Sorority of the Silver Fire, an adventuring sisterhood of incantatrixes.

    986/Year of the Dusken Ride
    • The Dragon Magister is killed in an ambush by the mage Meldryn Jalensifer. Jalensifer, a master of disguise and stealth, becomes the new Magister (reigns 986 to 998).

    987/Year of the Flaming Dwarf988/Year of the Meddling Avatar989/Year of Dark Stalking
    • Orjalun of Silverymoon is born on Midsummer's night and is marked as a wizard from birth, Mystra's symbol clearly evident in a birthmark over his heart.
    • Dwarven miners from the remote outpost of Thunderholme in the Thunder Peaks break into the shadow dragon Aurgloroasa's lair and wake the dragon from a decades-long sleep; she kills the miners and caves in their tunnels.
    • The ranger Eldrum the Silent observes the Crystrum of Tranquility, a holy book of Eldath, in Hulluck Forest. At the time, the keeper of the Crystrum was the Eldathyn priestess Analauthé Brenewood.
  2. Carnis77
    990/Year of the Muster
    • Due to abuses of his power and position, Warlord Tulven of Silverymoon is stripped of his rank and position within the city. High Mage Threskaal proclaims that henceforth the office of Warlord is to be granted only in times of military need and is not to be hereditary.

    991/Year of the Breaking Ice992/Year of the Watching Helm
    • Heralds of Faerūn created. (Note: FOR4 Code o/t Harpers has this date and year as 996 DR).
    • The merchant factions in Turmish are subjugated by Lord Saros. Saros immediately begins shaping Turmish into a major naval power. (Note: The Vilhon Reach gives this date [922 DR] as the Year of Flashing Eyes).

    993/Year of the Slain Mountain994/Year of the Weary Scribec. 995 to 1000
    • Factionalism within the Cult of the Dragon increases with most members joining either Algashon's reformational Bane-influenced camp or Drakewing's pragmatic faction.

    995/Year of the Charging Mare996/Year of the Disfiguring Scar (NOTE: FOR4 Code o/t Harpers gives the name of this year as the Year of the Watching Helm)
    • Arangor (? to 1021), King of Cormyr.

    997/Year of the Fearful Harper
    • Kortal (968 to 1022), 2nd son, King of Tethyr (slayer of Teremir I's daughter's family).
    • Orjalun learns magic exclusively from High Mage Threskaal of Silverymoon, who senses a greatness in his pupil resembling that of Ahghairon.
    • Kloroth of the Seven Curses gains the Sceptre of Mystra, but loses it due to a curse it bestows on him. It is taken by means of a gate to Skullport by a thief who is slain by an illithid, which flees into the Third Level of Undermountain with the item. The illithid is killed by drow, who are then killed by Halaster. The Sceptre remains in the dungeon.

    998/Year of Much Iron
    • Waterdeep's War Lord Laroun establishes a naval guard to protect the city and its trading partners. Construction begins on fortifying the harbor and Deepwatch Isle.
    • A temple and monastery to Lathander breaks ground to the north of Waterdeep (at the present site of the Spires of the Morning).
    • The Magister Meldryn Jalensifer surrenders his office to the mighty archmage Sarndaen "The Opener" Dalabar. Dalabar becomes the new Magister (reigns 998 to 1066).

    999/Year of the Gaping Skyc. 1000
    • "The More Things Change..." (Realms of Infamy Story II) begins.
    • The dwarven realm of Dareth is found to be in shambles. The remaining dwarves fled to Mount Sundabar, where they are shattered by white dragons.
    • The archmage Ultham creates the Magical Chessmen of Ultham-Urre in Chessenta.

    1000/Year of the Wailing Winds
    • Riatavin established as a trading post and temple city with the backing of the Spulzeer, Krimmevol, and Coprith families.
    • Construction begun on the Herald's Holdfast by a cabal of sages, loremasters and powerful mages.

    1001/Year of the Awakening
    • Many ruins discovered and old magic and undead released.
    • Tuelhalva Drakewings encounters Gargauth trapped in a pit in Peleveran. Gargauth's words inspire Drakewings to plot a break from the Sembian Cult of the Dragon cell.
    • The shadow dragon Aurgloroasa begins to corrupt High Old One Dagan, son of Belgin, blood of Jangarak, by whispering to him in his dreams.

    1002/Year of the Heavenly Rock
    • Centuries of long skirmishes between Durpar and Ulgarth come to an uneasy halt as the two nations finally reach a balance of power.

    1003/Year of the Labyrinth
    • The Kamaar Slaughters. Below the waves of the Inner Sea, what was a territorial skirmish over one of the lower kelp beds along the coastal slopes of Voalidru and Mount Teakal becomes an infamous lesson in Eadraal's history. Five war parties comprised mainly of Clan Kamaar warriors willfully ignore the Laws of Battle and destroy an entire ixitxachitl city with their ignoble ambush. For their crimes, merfolk King Kosul I exiles the clan to the site of thier crimes among the ixitxachitl reefs west of Eadraal; the exiled merfolk eventurally turn the ixitxachitl cavern town into Thuridru, named after their former home.

    1004/Year of the Oracle's Carcass1005/Year of the Pillaged Crypt1006/Year of the Second Son
    • Felbarr, the last remnant of Delzoun, is deserted by the dwarves.

    1006 1st Gaul invasion of Roman and Elven Eastern borders. Both nations are hard pressed and sign a mutual defense treaty joining forces. The invasion was soundly defeated by the mutual armies of Rome and the Elven Kingdoms. To honor the union the Roman 1st Lord and Emperor Marius Augustus grants Roman citizenship to any Elves who petition for it and the inclusion of any Elven volunteers to the Praetorian Guard at double the standard pay. Many Elves join the Praetorian and many Elven merchants choose to immigrate to the Roman Empire most settling in the great capital of Rome itself. Some Elves join the Legions as Scouts, Archers, and some Elven Nobles as Cavalry Knights.

    1007/Year of the Bold Barbarian
    • The city walls of Waterdeep expand, absorbing the ruins of Halaster's Hold (the walls run along the lines of what are now the northern borders of Dock and Southern Wards). Ahghairon builds his tower out beyond the city walls, and he also places magical barriers around the ruins of Halaster's tower, preventing many dangers from escaping into the city.

    1008/Year of the Treacherous Path1009/Year of the Broken Spear1010/Year of Three Signs
    • Laborers finish the extensive harbor fortifications at Midsummer, and the Free City of Waterdeep is officially established.
    • Laroun becomes the first Warlord of Waterdeep.

    1011/Year of the Defiant Mountain1012/Year of the Flamboyant Coif1013/Year of the Hunted Whale1014/Year of the Grimacing Sage1015/Year of the Maid Enraged1016/Year of the Roaring Tempest
    • Cathakay dies in battle against a gold dragon. Her nice Melanith becomes Queen of Dambrath.

    1017/Year of the Stone Rose1018/Year of the Dracorage
    • Chapter 22 of "Cormyr: A Novel"
    • Death(?) of King Tchazzar, unifier of Chessenta, in battle against the sahuagin. His body is never found.
    • Tuelhalva Drakewings frees Gargauth. A horde of abishai baatezu summoned by Gargauth allows Drakewings to take over the realm. Drakewings' faction breaks from the Cult in Sembia and relocates to Peleveran. Less than one month later, Algashon incites a Rage of Dragons and destroys the entire nation of Peleveran. Both Drakewings and Algashon perish.
    • Rage of Dragons in Faerūn and the Heartlands.
      • The cities of Lheshayl and Ormath are heavily damaged, and four dragons are killed in the Shining Plains (including the great wyrm Andraxis).
      • A great flight of dragons assaults Zhentil Keep. The old Keep is destroyed, but the city is saved by its wizards, and priests of Bane. The Cult of the Dragon is widely blamed for the devastation, and the inhabitants of the Keep first take note of the Cult as a recognized enemy (as opposed to a dimly perceived nuisance).
      • The blue dragon Alasklerbanbastos contacts the Cult of the Dragon for additional power in hopes to rival the apparent ascension to godhood of Tchazzar.
      • The wyrm Sapphiraktar the Blue joins in the massive flights of dragons ravaging the Realms. He emerges from his normal Calim desert habitat and destroys much of Calimport and Keltar in Kythorn and Flamerule.
      • Westgate's harborside district is set aflame by a red wyrm of the Thunder Peaks, Thungarbarath Flamegout, and the royal family and much of the populace is slain in the resulting conflagration that engulfs the city, bringing the Campion dynasty to an end. Thungarbarath is eventually slain and the fires extinguished thanks to the heroics and able leadership of Sarvyn Eorn, a mercenary lord visiting the city in search of his next commission.
      • Uruth Ukrypt suffers greatly at the hands of the green dragon Claugiyliamatar and the black dragon Shammagar as both wyrms plunder the orcs' amassed wealth and destroy their food sources.

    • As the surviving inhabitants begin to rebuild their city, Sarvyn Eorn is crowned as King of Westgate by acclamation. King Sarvyn holds his throne for many years, widely recognized for his wisdom, craftiness, and principled nature. The Bane of Thungarbarath forges a strong relationship with the monarchy of the Forest King, and several years after his coronation, Sarvyn marries Lady Ardine Huntsilver of Cormyr, a favored second cousin of King Arangor and a granddaughter of Prince Tanalar, the second son of King Galaghard III.
    • Early in his reign, Sarvyn of Westgate reverses the long-standing royal edict banning temples from the city proper. In the years that follow, numerous temples are constructed in Westgate proper, and the shrines and secret temples west of the city dating back to the Campion Dynasty are abandoned. Over time, the seven hillocks become known as the Shrines of the Seven Lost Gods, even though several of those faiths are still venerated in Westgate. (Curiously, the term 'Seven Lost Gods' has its roots in antiquity. It more properly refers to seven demipowers that bowed down before Bane long ago: Maram of the Great Spear, Haask the Voice of Hargut, Tyranthraxus the Flamed One, Borem of the Lake of Boiling Mud, Camnod the Unseen, and two whose names have been forgotten.)

    1019/Year of the Sure Quarrel
    • Assassin wars in the South; many satraps killed by crossbow-wielding thieves.
    • The Dragon's Plague, named for the scaly appearance of those infected, hits the cities of Calimport and Keltar.

    1020/Year of Smoldering Spells
    • Thay develops much of its unique fire magic.
    • House Extaminos gains control of Hlondeth.
    • The Harpers destroy the Wearers of the Skull, an elite circle of wizards sponsored by the priesthood of Myrkul, in their tower, south of present-day Yartar.

    1021/Year of the Howling Axe
    • Azoun II (? to 1046), King of Cormyr.
    • Thay strikes against the Harpers.
    • Bhaalian liches walk the Heartlands.
    • Elminster and Khelben agree to re-form the Harpers; the Harpers go underground.

    1022/Year of the Wandering Wyvern
    • Refounding of the Harpers; Elminster recruits an adventuring group led by Finder Wyvernspur to become the core of the new organization.
    • The half-elven hero Aglauntaras builds the Tower of the Rising Moon in Deepingdale.
    • Haedrak (988 to 1059), 1st cousin on father's side, King of Tethyr.

    1023/Year of the Pirates' Trove
    • Durpar and Ulgarth reach an armed peace settlement.
    • An attempt to clear a road through the Quivering Forest leads to the death of the last surviving Great Prince of the Valjevo family of Phlan.
    • Grand Prince Galnorn of Illusk leads an army east to conquer Mirabar, but is unable to take the city. After many months of siege, Galnorn and the warriors of Illusk are forced to retreat ignominiously back to the coast.

    1024/Year of Lathander's Light
    • Amid some protest over tradition, though none over the young man's ability, the 35-year-old Orjalun is named Keeper of the Vault of the Sages in Silverymoon.
    • The Cult of the Dragon's cell in western Unther is driven out by the repeated attacks by the faithful of the well-established followers of Tiamat.
    • Uruth Ukrypt whelms the Broken Bone orc horde which emerges from the Sword Mountains bent on destroying the city of Waterdeep. The attacks of Lhammaruntosz, the "Claws of the Coast", substantially weaken the horde allowing the armies of Waterdeep, led by Warlord Lauroun, to destroy it at the Battle of Falling Scales.

    1025/Year of Screaming Princesses1026/Year of Crimson Magics
    • Warlord Laroun dies in a series of massive raids by the Black Claw orc tribes. Raurlor, leader of Waterdeep's army, becomes Warlord.
    • Black Claw orc horde defeated at Stump Bog.
    • Fall of the orc realm of Uruth Ukrypt.
    • Ahghairon creates the magical axe, Azuredge.
    • The elder red wyrm Maerithryvvin slays the reclusive mage Artabranth, and destroys his tower in Eshpurta.

    1027/Year of the Tempest1028/Year of the Wistful Nymph1029/Year of the Bold Strides1030/Year of the Warlords
    • Zulkirs established in Thay.
    • Aencar becomes Warlord of Battledale.
    • Raurlor increases the size of Waterdeep's standing army and navy to a size unseen since the Fallen Kingdom. His rulership turns Waterdeep into a garrison and military encampment "to protect Waterdeep from her many, jealous enemies".

    1031/Year of the Comforting Hand
    • Internal strife in Thay as the Zulkirs continue to establish their rule until 1074 DR.

  3. Carnis77
    0 NR
    • Raurlor announces his plans to establish the Empire of the North. Ahghairon defies him and causes Raurlor's death. The wizard takes the Warlord's seat, declaring himself the first Lord of Waterdeep. He restructures Raurlor's armies and navies into the city guard (army and navy), and the watch (city police), bringing order to Waterdeep.
    • Allussus Korolx and Miliredarr Wardh, two ancient sages and trustworthy comrades of Ahghairon, become two of the first Lords of Waterdeep.
    • Year 0 of Northreckoning.

    1033/Year of the Dreamforging1034/Year of Bane's Blood
    • Bowgentle of Silverymoon is born on the last day of this year to a fisherman and his wife. Guards on the city walls later reported the sighting of exactly 21 shooting stars at the time of his birth.
    • High Old One Dagin, a dwarven priest of Dumathion, becomes King of Thunderholme. The death of the old king and his son were caused by the Sibilant Shade, who had corrupted the priest.

    1035/Year of Falling Stars
    • Waterdeep grows under Ahghairon's and the Lord's rule, the walls expanding again (to the current area of Waterdeep Way and River Street) to handle the increased population. The system of Wards comes into being, initially creating Castle Ward, Trades Ward, Temple (later Southern) Ward, and Dock Ward.

    1036/Year of the Final Test1037/Year of the Immortals
    • Otherplanar creatures spill out of Undermountain into Waterdeep, but are turned back by Ahghairon and Kherris, a masked Lord wielding Azuredge. Ahghairon refortifies the magical and physical defenses around the ruins.

    1038/Year of Spreading Spring
    • Rotational Shift of Toril.
    • Global warming; lands of Narfell, Vaasa, and Damara are fully free of ice. Large-scale immigration begins to these lands.
    • Aencar begins to unify the Dales, taking the title of "Mantled King".

    1039/Year of the Haunted Haven1040/Year of the Lion's Heart1041/Year of the Mistmarch Soldier1042/Year of the Reaching Beacon
    • Longsaddle founded by the fiercely independent Shardra Harpell, an escaped Calishite slave turned mage.

    1043/Year of the Dark Rider
    • Bowgentle begins to learn magic at the feet of Quintas Uhlawm the Kind, an enchanter and Harper.

    1044/Year of Singing Shards
    • Aencar the Mantled King dies; Dales split up into independent, though allied, communities.
    • Mt. Ugruth erupts on the last day of the year, doing little except to blanket Hlondeth in a layer of ash.
    • By this time, Chondath has become little more than a collection of loosely allied city-states.

    1045/Year of the Singing Mushrooms1046/Year of the Twilight Campaign
    • Illusk launches an expedition north into the Ice Lakes region to scour the area clear of kobolds. After initial success, the army is defeated by a series of cunning ambushes and only a handful of the warriors of Illusk return to their homes.

    1047/Year of the Vitriolic Sage1048/Year of the Chevalier1049/Year of Auril's Absencec. 1050
    • The noted conjurer Ulcaster founds a short-lived school of wizardry on the future site of Beregost.

    1050/Year of the Keening Gale
    • High Mage Threskaal passes away after the longest rule of any High Mage of Silverymoon; Orjalun is named as his successor.

    1051/Year of the Dogged Search
    • Ahghairon of Waterdeep visits Longsaddle, forging strong ties with Shardra Harpell and nurturing its growth into a small but stable farming settlement.

    1052/Year of the Frozen Kingdoms1053/Year of Lashing and Torment
    • King Selkarin of Estagund mounts a failed naval invasion of Dambrath.

    1054/Year of Tolling Terrors
    • The regent Dagan dedicates the newly completed temple of Dumathoin to Null, the draconic deity of death and undeath. The shadow dragon Aurgloroasa is summoned and soon Thunderholme falls to the dragon's power.
    • High Mage Orjalun of Silverymoon notes Bowgentle's skills in magic and teaches him for a short time.
    • The dwarves of Felbarr abandon this fortress and travel to Citadel Adbar due to dwindling mining activity and numbers. Troops from Silverymoon garrison the citadel.

    1055/Year of the Grueling Story1056/Year of the Laughing Dead1057/Year of Azure Frost
    • The abandoned dwarf-hold of Felbarr is garrisoned by troops from Silverymoon.
    • Unther sends an army to reclaim Chessenta, but fails miserably.

    1058/Year of the Spider's Daughter
    • Bowgentle leaves Silverymoon to embark on a great career matched in scope only by the deeds of Elminster of Shadowdale.

    1059/Year of the Broken Pillar
    • Coram (1010 to 1065), 5th son of Haedrak, King of Tethyr.

    1060/Year of Fantastic Spectacle
    • Retreat of Great Glacier.
    • Dwarves of the Herlinga clan from Sossal sail across the Great Ice Sea and inhabit the Glittering Spires.
    • Bowgentle of Silverymoon expands the Herald's Holdfast by means of his growing powers of Art.

    1061/Year of the Pious Dance1062/Year of the Shattered Lance1063/Year of the Deluded Tyrant
    • Ilyykur, one of the Four Founders of the Covenant, is slain in a great spellbattle with the archlich Ruelve, a senior Covenant member gone insane.

    1064/Year of the Stranger
    • The city walls of Waterdeep swell (running along the current locations of Selduth Street and the Coffinmarch) to handle increasing numbers of people. A low wall abutting the city walls surrounds the eastern cemetery of the city.
    • Waterdeep's population surpasses 50,000 this year.
    • The wizard Melaeth Ashstaff of Neverwinter travels to Illusk to promote trade between the two communities. He discovers that Grand Prince Galnorn, age-old ruler of Illusk, is in fact a doppleganger and slays him in a wild spell battle that lays waste to Illusk's Royal Palace. Corigan Aveldon, a noble whose family has its origins in the vanished realm of Stornanter, assumes power and rules as Lord of Illusk.

    1065/Year of the Watching Wood
    • Battle of Ingdal's Arm, the Yuir half-elves defeat the humans. The founding of Aglarond.
    • Brindor, a half-elf with blood ties to Aubayreer of Milvarn, is elected first king of Aglarond. The nation retains close ties with Milvarn.
    • Coram II (1050 to 1070), 2nd grandson of Coram, King of Tethyr (slain by Teremir II).
    • Harpers in the North find the lair of the dracolich Alglaudyx and manage to destroy the undead creature, seizing its rich hoard for Harper coffers. With this newfound wealth, the Harpers invest in valuable properties and businesses in cities up and down the Sword Coast.

    1066/Year of the Lord's Dilemma
    • The Magister Sarndaen "The Opener" dies when he steps through a gate and is instantly crushed in an avalanche. The office of Magister passes to the half-elven sorceress Immue Dathril (reigns 1066 to 1104).

    1067/Year of the Minotaur Paladin1068/Year of the Seer Born1069/Year of the Thunder's Child1070/Year of the Spawning
    • Teremir II (1045 to 1071), Teremir I's great-grandson, King of Tethyr (slew Coram II and temporarily restored line).
    • The copper dragon Galadaeros is visited by the Waterdhavian adventuress Ranressa Shiard; the two eventually become friends and found the all-female Galadran Company.
    • The Chieftains of Gold, a long-time bandit plague on trade between Silverymoon and Sundabar, are slain by the orcs of the Nether Mountains.

    1071/Year of Lion's Roars
    • Alemander I (1038 to 1145), wizard and brother of Coram, King of Tethyr (slayer of all of Teremir's last heirs).
    • The copper dragon Galadaeros alights on Mount Waterdeep when returning the adventuress Ranressa Shiard to her home city, causing much consternation among Waterdeep's citizens.

    1072/Year of the Wandering Elfmaid (NOTE: This Year is also known as the Year of the Shattered Goblet)
    • Chapter 1 of "Vampire of the Mists". 1072-1102: Vampire of the Mist, p 5-16, i.e. 475 Barovia (p 267) up to 1232 DR at the end of the novel.
    • Jander Sunstar enters the Mists and the Demi-Plane of Dread.

    1073/Year of the Bottomless Ocean1074/Year of the Tightening Fist
    • Zulkirs quell rebellions and rule in Thay.
    • By this time, Bezantur is on its way towards becoming the mercantile and religious capital of Thay.

    1075/Year of the Bronze Banner1076/Year of the Defiant Salute
    • Waterdeep is attacked in the winter of this year by the Black Boar tribe of the Dessarin, led by their 'princess' Nalethra of the Winged Spear. Repelled from the city's walls, the princess and her bodyguard slay thrice their number of Waterdhavian fighters before they fall at the foot of present-day Maiden's Tomb Tor.

    1077/Year of the Friendly Jackal1078/Year of the Hierodulic Wolverines1079/Year of the Lazy Scribe
    • Andilber (? to 1088), King of Cormyr.

    1080/Year of the Misguided Archer1081/Year of the Disastrous Bauble
    • Agannazar of the Covenant is slain by the Red Wizards of Thay in their assault on the School of Wizadry in Neverwinter. By year's end, these two groups are engaged in a titanic wizardwar.

    1082/Year of the Prancing Korred
    • Building of the fortress of Emmech, at the mouth of the Umber river.

    1083/Year of the Sighted Hand1084/Year of the Tireless Lute1085/Year of the Vacant Plain
    • Building of Giant's Wall in Aglarond.

    1086/Year of the Seer's Fires1087/Year of Forgotten Anger1088/Year of Shambles1089/Year of Three Faces1090/Year of Slaughter
    • Followers of Malar led by the fanatical priest Belegoss Wolfwynd mount the Great Hunt. The Hunt permanently smashes the power of the southern Dragonreach cities. Elminster sets the Harpers to slaying every member of the Hunt.
    • The Great Hunt kills Lunaven Moonstar and desecrates Selune's Waterdeep shrine. In response, an army of Selunites falls upon the Hunt, driving the Malarites from the region following a great slaughter.
    • Construction begins on the first true temple of Selune in Waterdeep (completed in 1097).
    • The temple of Arlast Halungh is destroyed in the Battle of Slaughterwyrm. Thalaxas the Tyrant is killed in the confusion and the Black Book of Beshaba was lost for a while.
    • The Imnel Concession: Numerous monsters in the eastern grasslands and financial troubles (including paying the army) forces King Imnel IV of Amn to forge a treaty that returns all lands south of the Tethir Road to Tethyr in exchange for military and monetary support.
    • Battle of the Bones: A horde of 200,000 goblins and orcs arises from the High Moors due to extreme drought and attempted an invasion of the North. The Battle of the Bones marks the spot of the great battle that destroys the horde.

    1091/Year of Watery Graves
    • Aurgloroasa, a shadow dragon seen once before from Westgate's docks, sinks the treasure-laden Winsome Wyrm just outside Westgate's harbor, a long-popular tale in the city which is told and retold in the form of the "Ballad of the Shadow Storm"
    • The green dragon Dretchroyaster and the very old black dragon female Naxorlytaalsxar fight an aerial duel over the waters of Lake Sember. The fallout from this battle, which becomes known as the Battle of Falling Fishkill, poisons the lake killing fish by the hundreds and forcing a small colony of aquatic elves to return to their ancestral home in the Sea of Fallen Stars.

    1092/Year of the Aimless Mystic
    • The last members of the Great Hunt are slain. Belegoss Wolfwynd is killed.
    • A mages duel between Akham el Qaandan and Haneq el Fustaf sets part of Calimport aflame.

    1093/Year of the Bursting Song1094/Year of the Crested Thrush1095/Year of the Dawndance
    • Founding of Impiltur. The city-states of Lyrabar, Hlammach, Dilpur, and Sarshel unite under the banner of Imphras to face hobgoblin hordes advancing from the Giantspires.
    • The Skeletal Finger thieves' guild wreaks havoc across Tethyr and Amn from hideouts in the Small Teeth.

    1096/Year of the Diverged Path1097/Year of the Gleaming Crown
    • Founding of Impiltur. The city-states of Lyrabar, Hlammach, Dilpur, and Sarshel unite under the banner of Imphras to face hobgoblin hordes advancing from the Giantspires.
    • Imphras is elected 1st king of Impiltur and wears the Lost Crown of Narfell.
    • The High House of Stars (temple of Selune in Waterdeep) finishes construction.

    1098/Year of the Rose
    • Chapter 2 of "Vampire of the Mists"
    • Thay attempts 1st invasion of Mulhorand. Thay is defeated at Sultim and withdraws.

    1099/Year of the Restless
    • New trade routes forged. First modern contact with Kara Tur and Zakhara.
    • Lady Alathene Moonstar of Waterdeep founds the Maids of the Midnight Moon, an order of sorceresses dedicated to Selune.
    • By this time, the Moonstar clan has ascended into the ranks of Waterdhavian nobility.

    c. 1100
    • Searching for a way to immortalize his songs, Finder Wyvernspur dabbles in magic that brings about the deaths of two of his apprentices. A tribunal of Harper judges decrees that Finder's music and name are to be forgotten. He is exiled to a solitary existence on another plane for almost 300 years.

    1100/Year of the Bloodrose
    • The moon elves of Loudwater and its surrounding environs begin a Retreat to Evereska in the face of an increasing human and half-elven presence.

    1101/Year of the Maelstrom
    • The Spires of the Morning, the abbey and temple to Lathander, becomes part of Waterdeep as the walls expand to accommodate more settlers. (The perimeter approximates the current paths of Trader's Way and Andamaar's Street.) The plateau north of the city is all irrigated farmland.
    • The city of Treshla is destroyed by the spells of an aroused colony of beholders from the Thornwood.
    • The Covenant leaders Presper and Grimwald resolve to leave Faerūn through a series of portals, drawing as many Red Wizards as possible after them into a series of magical traps and ambushes. The remaining Covenant membership goes underground and the arrogant Red Wizards believe they have shattered this cabal of mages.

    1102/Year of the Chaste Maiden1103/Year of the Consuming Glory1104/Year of the Dark Dawn
    • Birth of the Zulkir Szass Tam of Thay.
    • The sage Aldiber of Memnon writes the widely quoted chapbook, A Year of Sorcery: Wizardly Doings in the Year of the Dark Dawn.
    • The noted explorer Vanrak Moonstar returns to Waterdeep from a disasterous expedition to the Black Jungles, a pale shadow of his former self.
    • Vanrak Moonstar becomes head of the Moonstar clan in Waterdeep after the mysterious death of his father, Andvarran. Vanrak cuts the House's ties with the High House of Stars.
    • In Silverymoon, warehouses, inns, and some homes are built on the south shore of Rauvin, marking the first nonmilitary buildings placed in this part of the city.
    • The Magister Immue Dathril runs afoul of something in Undermountain, possibly a phaerimm, that leaves her little more than a pain-wracked head and upper torso. The office of Magister soon passes to the mage who gave her a painless death - the drow Nelnfaen Sauntarae (reigns 1104 to 1126).
    • Felbarr is attacked by an orc horde led by the orc chieftain Obould, which defeats the warriors of Silverymoon at the Battle of Many Arrows. The fortress falls into orcish hands and is henceforth known as the Citadel of Many Arrows.
    • The Magister of Mystra, Immue Dathril is slain whilst on a foray into deep caverns connected to Undermountain.

    1105/Year of the Guardian1106/Year of the Solemn Halfling
    • Auril's faith is first introduced to Calimport by Thaulatiiya, First Frostmaiden of the Chill Goddess.

    1107/Year of the Skulk
    • Felbarr falls to an orc horde at the Battle of Many Arrows; its garrison is slaughtered and the fortress is re-named the Citadel of Many Arrows.
    • Amnwater, once a tavern and trail stop, becomes a village of local farmers and caravan drovers.

    1108/Year of the Open Chest1109/Year of the Lover's Eyes1110/Year of the Bloody Fields
    • As prophesied, many battles were fought this year.
    • The city of Hulburg is sacked by giants.

    1111/Year of the Old Giant
    • Roadaeron Lorndessar succeeds his long-lived granduncle, Sarvyn Eorn, as King of Westgate and founds the Lorndessar Dynasty.

    1112/Year of the Perilous Storm
    • Shalgreth of the Wings bequeths the Crystrum of Tranquility to the rangers' adventuring society known as the Men in Green.

    1113/Year of the Outcast Prophet1114/Year of the Last Enclave1115/Year of the Haunted Herald1116/Year of the Empty Scabbard
    • The Heralds break from the Harpers.

    1117/Year of the Twelverule
    • Mordulkin defies the King of Cimbar and Chessenta breaks up into squabbling city-states through 1154 DR.
    • Alzurth, Mage Royal of Westgate, seizes King Roadaeron's crown after imprisoning his predecessor and former lord in his own throne room before a host of assembled courtiers. As king, Alzurth imposes his reign of terror on the populace of Westgate through his command of sorcery and his absolute mastery of the Knights of the Silent Skull, a company of twelve armored warriors who stalk Westgate's streets at night in search of opponents of King Alzurth's rule.
    • The Dark Horns temple to Beshaba is destroyed by an orc horde that raids and sacks the Seat of Beshaba. The Black Book of Beshaba is lost in the battle.

    1118/Year of the False Bargain1119/Year of the Sharn Suitors1120/Year of the Perplexing Sphinx1121/Year of the Shameful Plea1122/Year of the Rose Pearls
    • Imbrar is king of Impiltur.

    1123/Year of the Shattered Chains
    • A violent series of storms known as the "Teeth of Talos" ravages the coast of Tethyr, smashing fishing fleets and sinking the Dragonstail Peninsula, a low-lying serpentine spit of land stretching out from the Purple Hills.
    • Roadaeron escapes his magical tomb deep beneath the surface of the earth when an archmage in the Gulthmere Woods miscasts a freedom spell. The deposed monarch flees westward before King Alzurth of Westgate discovers his escape.
    • In Irieabor, Roadaeron reunites with Blaervaer, his youngest son and the only other member of the royal line to survive Alzurth's bloody purge. Blaervaer, who had been fostered in the home of a simple shopkeeper, follows his true father into exile in the Rockshaws, the broken country of the northeastern High Moor, after Alzurth's assassins track down the exiled king in Irieabor.

    1124/Year of the Shared Sorrows1125/Year of the Lupine Torque1126/Year of Azure Blood
    • Azuth appears to the mage Olohmber "Old Thunder" Starnardyn of Arrabar and offers him the office of Magister (reigns 1126 to 1153).

    1127/Year of the Luminar Procession
    • Imbrar and his guard are lost in the Giantspires; Ilmara is crowned queen of Impiltur.
    • Rhigaerd (? to 1132), King of Cormyr.

    1128/Year of the Peryton
    • Althon is king of Aglarond.
    • The red dragon Gotha is imprisoned under a mountain of ice north of the Endless Waste and the Icerim Mountains. After 237 years, Gotha emerges as a red dracolich.

    1129/Year of the Gilded Cormorant1130/Year of the Howling Moon
    • By this time, House Moonstar of Waterdeep is in open schism. The Lords of Waterdeep attempt to arrest Lord Vanrak Moonstar, the Dark Ranger, but he mysteriously disappears.
    • Lady Alatheene becomes head of House Moonstar.

    1131/Year of the Seven Kings Horde
    • The wizard Authrar Harpell, grandson of Shardra, single-handedly destroys an onrushing orc horde with his spells, thereby saving Longsaddle from destruction.

    1132/Year of the Talking Spiders
    • Creation of Long Portage.

    1133/Year of the Persuasive Voice1134/Year of the Sylvan Winds1135/Year of the Petulant Dragon1136/Year of the Shadowkin Return1137/Year of the Falling Menhirs
    • Rise of Zhengyi the Witch King in Vassa.

    1138/Year of the Sharpened Teeth1139/Year of Shining Waves1140/Year of the Knight1141/Year of Eyes
    • A contingent of evil mages from Vassa constructs a castle of ice at the base of Mt. Okk. They develop much unique cold-based magic that they plan to use to conquer their homeland.
    • The Monocle of Bagthalosis created by Bagthalos Deszhummer, High Priest of Helm, in Zazesspur, Tethyr. In 1142, the Monocle is stolen by the skeletal finger.
  4. Carnis77
    1142/Year of the Sword's Oath
    • Redsail the Pirate retires to Aglarond.
    • The Bandit Lord Rivior has a hold built for him north of Eveningstar by the dwarves.

    1143/Year of the Talisman1144/Year of the Giant's Maul
    • The venerable blue dragon Thoklastees is slain over the Shining Sea in an aerial battle against beasts summoned by the Halruaan archmage Ootheraum Deirin. It is said that seeing this struggle and the airship in which Ootheraum sailed the skies inspired the Lantanna to begin their long (and continuing) researches into flying ships.

    c. 1145
    • The Book of Bats is first mentioned as being among a satrap's treasures in Calimshan.

    1145/Year of the Smiling Flame
    • Coram III (1112 to 1181), 3rd great-grandson of Alemander I, King of Tethyr.

    1146/Year of the Tardy Guests1147/Year of the Glad Tidings
    • Battle of the Ford of Goliad. Zhengyi's forces rout the Damarans. King Virdin of Damara is killed.

    1148/Year of the Angry Sea
    • A massive earthquake rocks the Great Glacier, swallowing the ice castle of the Vassan wizards. They are presumed dead.
    • Halaster quits the underground caverns which soon become the pirates-city known as Skullport.
    • Shradin Mulophor establishes Skullport amidst the ruins of the Sargauth Enclave in Undermountain.
    • The first surface-dwelling agents of the Kraken Society begin to operate in the coastal lands of the North.

    1149/Year of the Persuasive Treesc. 1150
    • The drow queen Nathglaryst of Undraeth clashes with the Harpers along the coast of Turmish. The Harpers disrupt the slave trade between Undraeth and the Red Wizards of Thay.

    1150/Year of the Scourge
    • Due to Hellgate Keep's forces fouling the waters of the River Rauvin further upstream, a virulent plague strikes Silverymoon, resulting in the death of nearly half its population. Soon after, a resurgence in attendance at the groves sacred to Mielikki, Lurue, Shiallia, and Silvanus also sparks the construction of a number of new temples.
    • Plague throughout the Sword Coast. Worship of Talona and Loviatar soars.
    • Chondath regains control of Hlath.
    • Khelben Arunsun the Elder arrives and settles in Waterdeep, building Arunsun Tower (later known as Blackstaff Tower).
    • The Flame of the Spirit resurfaces in Calimport as a means of murdering a number of satraps and several powerful shaleiras.
    • About this time, Halaster grants Skullport to Shradin Mulophor.
    • Waterdeep is hit hard by the plague throughout the Sword Coast, the situation made worse by attacks by trolls and orc tribes, worship of Talona and Loviatar soars.
    • The calishite Ibun Rensha and a group of family members lead a force of mercenary warriors and take control of the settlement of Loudwater, laying claim to much of the Delimbiyr Vale.

    1151/Year of the Molten Man1152/Year of the Portentous Waters1153/Year of the Remembering Stones
    • The Magister Olohmber "Old Thunder" is slain in an ambush by the mage Horgyl "Stonebeard" Tusselvarr. Horgyl becomes the new Magister (reigns 1153 to 1204).

    1154/Year of the Sun Underground
    • Siege of Cimbar by the Lords of Akanax and Soorenar. The king is unable to get assistance from his allies and is forced to sign a pact imposing harsh limits on his power. Akanax refuses to sign, recognizing its lord as the true king.

    c. 1155
    • The Halruuan conjurer Akhlaur is overwhelmed by his experiments, creating the swamp that now bears his name.

    1155/Year of the Tyrant's Lament1156/Year of the Winged Gift1157/Year of the Wizened Mage1158/Year of the Blood Tusk Charge
    • The Flame of the Spirit surfaces in Elturel, where it comes into the posession of the mage Helgarth.

    1159/Year of the Cloven Stones (NOTE: This Year is also known as the Year of Tattered Banners)
    • Zulkir Szass Tam of Thay becomes a lich after being seriously wounded in a failed invasion of Rashemen.
    • After years of dwelling in his simple cottage in the Rockshaws, Roadaeron chances upon a sword-hilt with an invisible blade, later revealed to be Zeladazar, the Ghost Sword, an event which rekindles the sense of injustice he has long held close to his heart. Over the course of the next three years, faced with the inevitability of his own mortality and a desire to grant Blaervaer his birthright, the exiled king uses the magical weapon as a symbol to rally about him an army to retake the throne of Westgate for his son. Members of Westgate's merchant nobility who chafe under Alzurth's nightmarish reign secretly fund many of Roadaeron's mercenaries. Blaervaer goes along with his father's plans, despite his preference for the quiet life that they had forged in the Rockshaws.

    1160/Year of the Swimming Lass1161/Year of the Quiet Earth
    • Merith Strongbow, eldest of the Knights of Myth Drannor, is born.
    • The Karanak Clan become lords of Luthcheq under suspicious circumstances.
    • Battle of Manyswords: The final defeat of an orc horde led by Krautharr Longfangs.

    1162/Year of the Prancing Centaur
    • Death of the bandit lord Rivior.
    • Roadaeron and Blaervaer lead an assault on Westgate, with the father wielding the Ghost Sword. The long-suffering citizens of Westgate rise in revolt as do many of Alzurth's own soldiers, and the invading army quickly overruns the city. King Alzurth is slain by Zeladazar and his phantom image is captured by the blade's magic. As Alzurth's undead status is a closely held secret, the exiled king is left defenseless when the Ghost Sword vanishes immediately after the lich's destruction. The elderly Roadaeron is then slain by Alzurth's elite company of armored knights - later revealed to be skeletal warriors - before Blaervaer can reach his father. In the aftermath of the two kings' deaths and after the posthumous restoration of his father's throne, Blaervaer is crowned as Westgate's next sovereign.
    • The Skeletal Finger guild is slain to the last thief by the venerable blue dragon Iryklathagra, in the guild's own hideaway, after the thieves disturb her rest. The dragon moves into the guild's vacated hold, keeping the Monocle of Bagthalos.

    1163/Year of the Shrouded Sky
    • Founding of a pirate base on the Dragonisle.

    1164/Year of Long Shadows
    • Palaghard I (? to ?), King of Cormyr.
    • Immurk "the Invincible" raids a merchant-ship of Procampur, capturing the coronation crown of Cormyr's new king, Palaghard I. This marks the rise of piracy in the Inner Sea from their hideouts in the archipelago that become known as the Pirate Isles.
    • The nations of the Inner Sea, including Cormyr, Sembia, Impiltur, and the city-states of Procampur and Starmantle begin building their own warships, seeking to defend their merchant fleets and hunt the pirates in their own lairs. Westgate, still struggling to rebuild its royal treasury and fleet of ships, does not participate. At the urging of his advisors, despite strong personal reservations, King Blaervaer issues a royal edict that defines piracy as a raid against a ship docked in Westgate's harbor. As a result, Westgate becomes a relatively safe port for pirates to visit, and the city's inhabitants need no longer fear pirate raids.
    • Voonlar founded.
    • The Champions Vigilant knightly order is founded in Tethyr.
    • Mithral Hall falls to the great shadow dragon Shimmergloom and his duergar allies of Clan Bukbukken. The dwarves of Clan Battlehammer are scattered and many flee west and north.

    1165/Year of the Obsidian Heart1166/Year of Countless Scribes1167/Year of the Parchment Heretical
    • Battle of Yonder Fields.

    1168/Year of the Leering Orc
    • The Arena Efreetum and surrounding slaves and gladiators barracks are set afire by a mage attempting to escape combat in the Calimport arena.

    1169/Year of the Earth Shaking
    • Imphras II is king of Impiltur.

    1170/Year of the Moonlight Tapestry1171/Year of the Dark Mask1172/Year of the Hoary Host
    • Ausitil Queen of Dambrath.
    • The dwarves of Mithril Hall are forced out by the great shadow dragon Shimmergloom.
    • Clan Battlehammer arrives in Icewind Dale.

    1173/Year of the Fledglings1174/Year of the Agate Hammer1175/Year of the Storm Skeleton1176/Year of Prowling Naga1177/Year of the Majesty1178/Year of the Secret Rider1179/Year of the Stalking Satyr
    • As a precursor to the Harpstar Wars, a group of Malaugrym attacks Arunsun Tower. They are defeated and banished from Faerūn by Khelben, Elminster, and a number of mages of Waterdeep (including Hamiklar Wands, the father of Maskar).

    1180/Year of Sinking Sails
    • Sembia loses fleet in Pirate Isles.

    1181/Year of the Shieldtree
    • Alemander II (1150 to 1202), 1st grandson of Coram III, King of Tethyr.

    1182/Year of the Tomb
    • Cities of Calimshan recognize the rule of the pasha of Calimport.
    • The Malaugrym appear in Faerūn.
    • The Harpstar Wars.
    • The Cult of the Dragon set several traps and managed to kidnap or slay several Harpers.
    • Talryn, the crown prince of Lyrabar, flees the court of his father and finds sanctuary with Immursk in the Pirate Isles.
    • Trade roads now link Amn and Tethyr to the Sword Coast cities of Baldur's Gate, Dragonspear Castle, and Ahghairon's city of Waterdeep.
    • The High House of Stars, Selune's temple in Waterdeep, is attacked and utterly destroyed by invaders entering from Halaster's Halls. Lady Alathene resigns as head of the Moonstar clan and throws herself into rebuilding the temple.

    1183/Year of the Grisly Ghosts
    • Paladins of Osiris clear River of Swords of were-crocodiles and Sebek worshipers. The were-crocodiles re-locate to the Adder River Delta.

    1184/Year of the Howling Hourglass1185/Year of the Immoral Imp1186/Year of the Mesmer Pool
    • Prince Talryn returns to Lyrabar upon hearing of the death of his father from ships the pirates attack. Talryn and his pirate companions are arrested in the city. The king's death was a ruse, and the young prince executed, his name struck from royal records. Talryn's younger brother, Lashilmbrar, is named as Impiltur's heir.
    • Birth of Dhalmass Obarskyr, the future "Warrior King" of Cormyr (1186-1227DR).

    1187/Year of the Arcane Guise
    • Pryntaler (1164 to 1211), King of Cormyr.
    • Birth of Ardagast Falconhand, head of the King's Scouts and ancestor of Florin Falconhand (1187-1246DR).

    1188/Year of Soft Fogs (NOTE: Lands of Intrigue gives the name of this year as the Year of Dawn Moons)
    • Chapter 24 of "Cormyr: A Novel"
    • Wyvorlaa, Vizera of King Alemander II of Tethyr, discovered to be consorting with an ancient lich. The king's nobles force her execution.
    • The House of the Moon, a new temple of Selune, is completed in Waterdeep. The temple's founding corresponds with with a rebirth of the Moonmaiden's faith, and the ranks of Her followers swells over the course of the next decade.
    • The clergy of the House of the Moon declares the ruins of the High House of Stars, Selune's old temple, desecrated ground, and forbids any of the Moonmaiden's followers from setting foot on the site.
    • The magical artifact known as the Flame of the Spirit earns the name "Helgarth's Death" when an apprentice of Helgarth, Magathra of Baldur's Gate, thrust the gem into Helgarth's mouth and held it there. With the death of Helgarth, the servitors and other apprentices of the mage attempt to kill Magathra. The Flame of the Spirit is thrown into the streets and recovered by the owner of Amscoth's Ales, a nearby tavern.
    • Settlers travel to and establish the town of Quaervarr near the Moonwood.

    1189/Year of the Lynx
    • Elthond, 1st son of Althon, is king of Aglarond.
    • Priamon Rakesk, later known as "Frostrune", born in Waterdeep.

    1190/Year of the Poisoned Quill1191/Year of the Bone Helm
    • Having grown old, King Blaervaer of Westgate steals away from his throne back to the Rockshaws, embittered by the vicious struggles among his four sons for the throne. His sons, having been raised amidst the scheming nobles of Westgate, are nothing like their noble, if somewhat naive, father. In the aftermath of Blaervaer's sudden abdication, his eldest son, Roadaeron II, is enthroned as his successor.

    1192/Year of the Guide
    • The Cormyrean king Pryntaler founds the Order of Freesailors (the Freesails).
    • Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun wins the artifact Yrix's ring of fire in a spellduel with a tiefling wizard while traveling the Planes.
    • The Flame of the Spirit is snatched from its place in an Elturian tavern by the dancer Falaera "Manybells" Drachan. She is killed soon thereafter, and the Flame vanishes.
    • King Roadaeron II of Westgate is murdered less than one year after his coronation, along with his queen and three young heirs.
    • Maeraedryn, Blaervaer's second son, is crowned as King of Westgate. Although suspicion of regicide falls on the newly installed monarch immediately, this tirelessly charming, darkly handsome master of intrigue quickly establishes himself as the true power in Westgate. His hidden investments greatly enrich the city, and Westgate flourishes. During King Maeraedryn's twenty-seven year reign, many members of the royal bloodline fall prey to assassins, but the bloodlines of Blaervaer's youngest three sons survive.

    1193/Year of the Peltast1194/Year of the Bloody Wave
    • Battle of the Singing Sands, Thay's first great battle against Aglarond. Aglarond wins, but Elthond dies in the battle.
    • Philaspur, 2nd son of Althon, King of Aglarond.

    1195/Year of the Midday Mists
    • Lady Alathene of Waterdeep becomes an arch-lich. She is publicly announced as dead by the family patriarch, Hormuk Moonstar.
    • Blaervaer of Westgate dies of old age in his cottage in the Rockshaws, unmourned and already forgotten by his descendants.

    1196/Year of the Shrike1197/Year of the Sundered Shields
    • Battle of Brokenheads; Aglarond defeats Thay.
    • Philaspur perishes at the fortress of Glarondar during the battle.
    • The twin wizards and Grey Sisters Ulae and Thara become joint queens of Aglarond at the age of sixteen.

    1198/Year of the Lean Purse
    • Three orders of Torm, Tyr, and Ilmater come together to form the Knights Kuldar of Barakmordin (Tethyr).

    1199/Year of the Baldric
    • In Elesisas, Thornstar's Company finds the Sceptre of Mystra in the lap of a trapped statue somewhere in the Sixth Level of Undermountain. Of that company, only Impaladus Nolorn makes it out of the dungeon alive. He later joins the Watchful Order of Waterdeep.

    1200/Year of the Buckler
    • The dracolich Chardansearavitriol's physical form crumbles into dust due to the baleful influence of the god Myrkul. Followers of Myrkul travel to the Mere of Dead Men to see this supposed miracle of their god and the Ebondeath Sect slowly forms.

    1201/Year of the Embers
    • Death of Immurk the Pirate aboard his ship, while fighting a Sembian warship.
    • By this time, the pirate fleet of the Inner Sea is judged to have over 100 ships.
    • Dhalmass (1186 to 1227), King of Cormyr.
    • Major invasion of Aglarond by a Thayan alliance of wizards is narrowly defeated.

    1202/Year of the Dragon Altar
    • The rare celestial event known as the "Eye of Myrkul" (involving the passage of the new moon through a ring of seven stars otherwise associated with an old symbol of Mystra) appears in the night sky over Faerun.
    • Coram IV (1173 to 1218), 1st legitimate son of Alemander II, King of Tethyr.
    • Death of Eltrym Drauthglas, the infamous "Hullack Hawk".

    1203/Year of the Gold Sash1204/Year of the Private Tears
    • The pirate Urdogen claims the Dragonisle and rule of the pirates of the Inner Sea. He begins raiding all Inner Sea ports.
    • The Magister Horgyl "Stonebeard" is killed in a spellduel with the mage Haelvar "Grimskull" Ildagh. Haelvar becomes the new Magister (reigns 1204 to 1221).

    1205/Year of Seven Trinkets
    • The beholder known as The Eye begins operations in Skullport.

    1206/Year of the Sarune1207/Year of the Bloated Baron1208/Year of the Gamine1209/Year of the Blazing Banners
    • The (naval) Battle of the Fallen: Cormyr, Sembia, Impiltur and the Vilhon Reach powers unite a great fleet to defeat Urdogen and his fleet of 90 ships. In Eleint of this year, Urdogen and nearly all of the Inner Sea pirates perish.
    • The hopes of unifying all the nations along the Inner Sea soon die as each country falls to petty bickering over the spoils of the pirates' holds, or accuses each other of delays that result in the near-total loss of the Sembian war fleet.

    c. 1210
    • The traveling merchant Rebrum of Sheirtalar penns the much copied, bawdy narritive Life of Rebrum.

    1210/Year of the Armarel1211/Year of the Crimson Crag
    • Dhalmass (1186-1227) crowned King of Cormyr.

    1212/Year of the Ocean's Wrath
    • Unchartered adventurers exploring the Fields of the Dead north of Elturel uncover the Flame of the Spirit from a crypt beneath the Hill of the Headless Dancer.
    • Priamon Rakesk takes the name 'Frostrune'.
    • The independent Calishite, city-state of Sundul (Modern: Teshburl) far to the south, sends a great fleet northward to disrupt trade along the Sword Coast, blaming "barbarian trade" for their own waning economic fortunes. Their ships get as far north as Neverwinter before they are driven back by the fleets of the roused coastal cities of the North. The Calishite fleet is ultimately destroyed by storms on its long voyage home. Neverwinter sends a raiding fleet of its own to Sundul and succeeds in sacking the defenceless settlement.

    1213/Year of the Night's Peace1214/Year of the Waking Wrath
    • The Key of Faith is found on the Second Level of Undermountain by Walgund's Warriors.
    • A flight of wyverns tears apart the Mielikkian temple of Highluthholt in the High Forest, east of Secomber.

    1215/Year of Starlight1216/Year of Green Wings
    • Balagos the great red wyrm slays the venerable silver dragon Eacoathildarandus.

    1217/Year of the Falling Moon

    1218/Year of the Swimming Cats
    • Kymer "The Shade King" (1167 to 1227), 1/2elf bastard son of Alemander II, Usurper-King of Tethyr.

    1219/Year of Prideful Tales
    • The School of Wonder, a mages' academy, is built in the hills northwest of Hillfort Ishla by the mages Myrdon and Salasker.
    • King Maeraedryn of Westgate is formally challenged to a duel by his grandson and acknowledged heir, Iliphael, who has grown sick of his grandfather's cruel teasings and sly torments. After dispatching all his viable rivals to the throne, Maeraedryn had selected Iliphael as his heir, knowing that the noble merchant families would never choose the sickly grandson over the grandfather as king. Instead of simply dispatching Iliphael to the dungeon for his temerity, Maeraedryn accepts his challenge, perceiving the ensuing combat as a chance to further humiliate the long-suffering Iliphael. Iliphael, however, has long prepared for his opportunity to seize the throne, and Westgate's next king dispatches his predecessor through the treacherous use of sorcery, having secretly trained in the Art for many years.
    • King Iliphael's reign is marked by the rapid depletion of Westgate's royal treasury. The sickly, philandering tyrant is obsessed with power and paranoid that he will be replaced in turn. He spends much of Maeraedryn's wealth on procuring or developing personal magic items, including the Jodhpurs of Skydancing, the Stormshower Girdle, and Iliphael's Gauntlet of Wands.

    c. 1220
    • The diviner Melegaunt Tanthul arrives on Toril. He spends the next decades studying the world, wandering from Kara-Tur to Chult.

    1220/Year of the Toppled Tree
    • The Turmish warlord Sjorn Sendreth starts a 20-year campaign against the dwarves of the Alaoreum by attacking Ironfang.

    1221/Year of the Frozen Flower
    • Tunnels are dug beneath Hellgate Keep to connect with the abandoned deep halls of Ammarindar.
    • The Magister Haelvar "Grimskull" is ambushed and killed by the mage Isilger "The Dark Smile" Mountrant. The Dark Smile becomes the new Magister (reigns 1221 to 1274).

    1222/Year of the Horn
    • The Cult of the Dragon attacks the Harpers, who have fallen under the sway of the self-styled Harper King, the lich Thavverdasz. The subsquent arrivals of first Szass Tam and then Elminster result in a significant defeat for the Cult.
    • The Harpstar Wars end with the destruction of Rundorl Moonsklan and the lich Thavverdasz, the Harper King.

    1223/Year of the Trembling Tree
    • The great green wyrm Athauglas is killed by the Company of the Gauntlet.

    1224/Year of the Swollen Stars
    • Storm Silverhand writes To Harp at Twilight.
    • Birth of Vangerdahast Aeiulvana, Court Wizard of Cormyr (1224 to ?).
    • A branch of the Talonmists, a family of sorcerors, first settles in Westbridge.

    1225/Year of the Winged Worm
    • Lashilmbrar is king of Impiltur.
    • A Cult of the Dragon cell forms in and around the city of Elversult. Initially led by human Cultists, the cell is later taken over and run by the first dracolich the cell creates, Cypress the Black.

    1226/Year of the Black Buck1227/Year of the Wall
    • Chapter 26 of "Cormyr: A Novel"
    • Palaghard II (1214 to 1261), King of Cormyr.
    • Palus Frohm, one of Vassa's greatest explorers, begins a twenty-year trek through the Great Glacier, culminating in the writing of Blood and Ice: Survival in the Great Glacier.
    • Haedrak II "The Corsair Prince" (1199 to 1274), 2nd son of Coram IV, King of Tethyr.

    1228/Year of the Tattered Banners1229/Year of the Carrion Crow
    • Manshoon of the Zhentarim is born.
    • Queen Ulae of Aglarond marries Ilion the forester.

    1230/Year of the Long Watch
    • Elf-maidens out for a pleasure outing are never seen again. This becomes the basis for the epic poem The Long Watch.
    • High Mage Orjalun retires as ruler of Silverymoon and appoints his apprentice Sepur as his successor. Orjalun mysteriously vanishes after his confirmation of Sepur as High Mage while walking across the Silverymoon Bridge.

    1231/Year of the Bright Star1232/Year of the Weeping Wives
    • Destruction of Sessrendale by Archendale.
    • High Mage Sepur abandons Silverymoon; Spellsfall sees the death of over two dozen mages vying for power in the city. Silvermayor Theomel Scalson is elected in Eleint.
    • Jander Sunstar is delivered from his curse.

    1233/Year of Many Monsters
    • King Iliphael of Westgate is slain by his fiancee, Shlanarnla Durovree, whom he has kept in chains in his dungeon since their betrothal four years earlier. Shlanarnla strangles Iliphael with her steel fetters when he approaches too closely and then claims the throne of Westgate in accordance with the city's archaic inheritance laws, as her unmourned betrothed had not yet named an heir. As the first and only ruling queen of Westgate, Shlanarnla's brief reign is marked by a spate of assassination attempts against her, which she narrowly survives time and time again.

    1234/Year of the Full Flagon1235/Year of the Black Horde
    • The Black Horde: Waterdeep is besieged for nine months by the largest orc horde in recorded history. The city is spared when Ahghairon and his generals introduce griffons as flying steeds for the army, allowing them past the orcs to gain food and aid outside the walls.
    • Warlord Khallos Shieldsunder steals control of the city from the Silvermayor while the city is under siege by the Black Horde. The northern walls are breached for the first time in 604 years.
    • Alustriel, Storm Silverhand, and an army of elves and Harpers free Silverymoon from orc siege. Alustriel destroys the self-proclaimed High Mage Shaloss Ethenfrost and his apprentices in spellbattle, while Storm and the Harpers are victorious at the Battle of Tumbleskulls.
    • Alustriel is the first High Mage of Silverymoon to ever be unanimously chosen by the people.
    • Amnian armies fighting humanoids this year capture many orcs, bringing them to Purskul where they are forced to work in a series of agricultural and stone-working camps.
    • The Black Horde reaches as far south as Tethyr, causing mass panic in the Plains of Clovis.
  5. Carnis77
    1236/Year of the Struck Gong
    • Queen Shlanarnla of Westgate disappears in a storm while out hunting with her latest consort. Although widely assumed in Westgate to have been assassinated, Shlanarnla chooses to flee the throne and the grim fate it portends with her newfound love. Her fate is not recorded.
    • As Shlanarnla has no known heirs, the crown of Westgate reverts back to the Lorndessar line, and Verovan, great-grandson of King Blaervaer and third cousin of King Iliphael, assumes the throne. King Verovan's reign is marked by his heavy taxes, fueled in part by the need to rebuild the royal treasury and in part by the new monarch's consuming greed, and his penchant for rowing-races.
    • The Harper stronghold known as Moongleam Tower is built near Everlund by Storm Silverhand and other builders and artisans including the dwarven master stoneworker Gwuildeth Throck.

    1237/Year of the Grotto
    • Thesk and Aglarond form an alliance around the marriage of Queen Thara of Aglarond to Elthar of Milvarune. Thara and her sister Ulae are granted a title from Milvarn and become the first rulers of Aglarond to assume the title of Mage-Queen.
    • Marriage of Thara of Aglarond to Elthar of Milvarune.

    1238/Year of the Lone Candle
    • A major trade war occurs between Amnian houses. This dispute over rights to the Zakharan spice trade fuels further conflicts between the Ophal and Ulvax families, and ignites numerous other trade wars in its wake.
    • Khelben the Elder drives Frostrune out of Waterdeep.

    1239/Year of the Bloodied Swordc. 1240
    • The master merchant Beindold of Hlintar is slain by dwarves due to bad business acumen.

    1240/Year of the Bright Sun1241/Year of the Lost Lady
    • Lady Serisa Khiilart, a well-respected Tethyrian noble-woman, is captured and slain by orcs. In her memory, orcs are wiped out throughout the South in a genocidal slaughter. Orcs call this the Year of Pushing Too Far.
    • The dwarves of the Alaoreum collapse a mountain atop their underground city, cutting it off from the surface world.
    • The Pasha of Calimport is assassinated by his rivals.
    • Amnian armies, back from the great war against orcish forces, bring additional orc slaves to the labor camps near Purskul. Many orcs legally gain their freedom in 40 years; they and their half-orc children become Amnian citizens.
    • The great mage Bowgentle dies.

    1242/Year of the Yellow Rose
    • Monastery of the Yellow Rose founded in Damara.
    • The ruins of Keczulla are cleared of trolls and other monsters. Keczulla is resettled as a caravan stop.

    1243/Year of the Blue Dragon
    • Rule of the venerable wyrm Anaglathos in Turmish. Until 1247 DR, this is the Time of the Worm in that nation. (Note: 9520 The Vilhon Reach gives this date as 1242).
    • Nandel Greenward enters Undermountain and becomes Halaster's apprentice.

    1244/Year of the Defiant Keep
    • Mirt the Moneylender sights the Flame of the Spirit in Skullport. Since that date, Tymorans have fruitlessly scoured Undermountain for the missing prayerbook.
    • The human fortress of Illusk holds off an orc horde for most of a year but then falls.
    • After a siege lasting nine years Illusk finally falls to the orcs of the Bloody Tusks tribe. The orcs reside in ruined Illusk, using it as a secure base from which to raid nearby human settlements.

    1245/Year of Pain
    • Loviatar worship gains great popularity - most of the modern temples in the North are founded at this time.
    • The Talonmist family of Westbridge first comes into conflict with the Harpells of Longsaddle when the arrogant Ordrar Talonmist is slain in a spell duel by Darnthal Harpell. Conflict between the two families begins.

    1246/Year of Burning Steel
    • First recorded use of bombards by Lantan.
    • Kerrigan the wizard, a hidden Lord of Waterdeep, attempts to usurp Ahghairon's position and set himself up as sole ruler of Waterdeep by killing the other Lords and Ahghairon. After the deaths of three Lords, Ahghairon slays Kerrigan in Southern Ward.
    • The Simbul is apprentice to Ilione of Aglarond.
    • Andaeren Robyth, a thief with a scaled, taloned left arm, is teleported to Westgate, where he begins a short but colorful career.

    1247/Year of the Purple Basilisk
    • Anaglathos overthrown in Turmish by popular rebellion and slain by adventurers.
    • The Assembly of Stars is created to govern Turmish.
    • Aurgloroasa, the shadow dragon who sank the Winsome Wyrm over a century before, abandons her thoughts of seizing Westgate as her domain after Anaglathos is overthrow in Turmish and slain.
    • The Vault of the Sages is moved into its current location in Silverymoon, and the Heralds buy its former building to create the Map House.
    • The Company of Jade, an all-male band of adventuresome lordlings, stumble into the long- forgotten Auantiver Labyrinth while exploring the ruins of Battlegate Keep near the border of Cormyr and Sembia. They encounter a monstrous purple basilisk that kills all but a handful of the Company.

    1248/Year of the Cockatrice
    • Verovan, last true king of Westgate, dies during a rowing race with a Thayvian galley when he accidentally employs a whip tipped by cockatrice feathers to lash his crew, a whip placed on his ship by the treacherous Red Wizard he had challenged. As Verovan's death comes as he attempts to stem the growing power of the merchant houses and petty lords of Westgate, many speculate that his own citizens betrayed him.
    • Upon Verovan's death, a troop of tanar'ri in possession of a piece of the late king's soul are dispatched by the Abyssal lord with whom the fallen king had dealt to plunder the royal treasury, hidden in an extradimensional pocket formed out of the Abyss. The tanar'ri and the fragment of Verovan's soul are imprisoned along with the king's treasure through the actions of Gen Thalavar, an adventuring paladin and third cousin of Verovan who happened to be in the city at the time and sensed the danger. The treasury key is secretly fashioned into a brooch, and the green feather becomes the trading badge of House Thalavar.
    • Fed up with the excesses of the monarchy, the noble merchant families of Westgate establish the position of Croamarkh, an elected head-of-state whose term of office lasts four years. House Vhammos occupies the former royal palace shortly thereafter and renames the building Castle Vhammos.
    • A company of adventurers led by Endruth Immister, a paladin of Tyr known as the "Unicorn Knight" of Westgate, retrieves the Leaves of Green, a prayer "tome" of Silvanus, and a huge sword whose blade is a leafy spar of living oak, from the Ghost Holds of Battledale. Endruth delivers both items to the druid Raevarl and his Circle (who dwell in the woods southwest of the city that later vanish under the axes of woodcutters).
    • Known as The Year of the Bounty in Waterdeep, a record harvest and mercantile explosion causes a dramatic increase in population. Due to the expanded trade, the merchants form guilds, and a recognized merchant-gentry emerges in the city.
    • Rehorusteb II becomes Pharaoh of Mulhorand.

    1249/Year of the Bold Knight
    • Death of Jholnareer of Milvarune brings an end to the country of Milvarn. Khalreer, his second son, becomes King of milvarune and an Oligarch of Thesk.

    1250/Year of the Riven Skull
    • The Wizard Mhzentul born.
    • Noble villas begin dotting the plateau north of Waterdeep.
    • Ahghairon and other mages of Waterdeep alter the ancient cemetery of the city, eliminating individual graves and creating the tombs of the City of the Dead.

    1251/Year of the Wandering Winds1252/Year of the Empty Goblet
    • Vine-blight destroys grape crop - no wine!
    • The Wine-Blight Insurrection and the Battle of Broken Vats in the Duchy of Ankramir (Tethyr).
    • After two years of growing skirmishes with undead, the Lords of Waterdeep establish walls around the City of the Dead, and her still-current curfews.

    1253/Year of Beckoning Death
    • Plague years in Cormyr, Sembia and the Vast.
    • The dracolich Daurgothoth, "the Creeping Doom", claims the abandoned, subterranean city of Dolblunde as his lair.

    1254/Year of Silent Steel
    • Rising power of thieves' guilds results in many assassinations.
    • In Turmish, the hero Corwin Freas is assassinated.
    • A civil war erupts in Sembia and lasts for three years.

    1255/Year of the Raging Flame
    • Ambitious priests of Bhaal launch the "Crusade of Slaughter", which sweeps bloodily from eastern Amn along the trade-routes to the very walls of Westgate before being broken in late autumn by hastily hired mercenary armies. Raevarl and the druids of his Circle are slaughtered during the fray, and the Leaves of Green are lost once again.
    • In their wake, the Bhaalist crusaders leave the shattered ruins of the royal Amnite city of Torlathan, which lies on the northern bank of the Valashar River some seventy-five miles upstream of its confluence with the River Khalleshyr, fracturing the trade route between Amn and Westgate. Intermittent efforts to rebuild this link falter with the death of Amn's last reigning monarch in 1276, leading to a precipitous decline in Westgate's westbound caravan trade for several decades thereafter.
    • Growth in trade and population forces the walls of Waterdeep to move northward again (to the current paths of Sulmoor and Julthoon Streets).
    • Founding of the Shadow Thieves of Waterdeep.
    • Priamon Frostrune becomes a lich.

    1256/Year of the Dusty Throne
    • Ahghairon dies, and the Guildmasters begin seizing power in Waterdeep. The Council of Guildmasters soon grows to govern the whole city.
    • Khelben the Elder disappears from Waterdeep, though his tower remains occupied by his apprentices.
    • The demi-goddess Siamorphe arises again in Waterdeep.
    • The new Moonstar villa is built north of Waterdeep's walls, atop the ruins of the High House of Stars. The old Moonstar compound soon becomes the Blushing Mermaid festhall.
    • The village of Evershed (southeast of present-day Calling Horns) is destroyed by an orc horde.
    • An orc horde erupts out of the Evermoors and destroys many settlements bordering the north-western fringes of the High Forest, including Evershed and the famed Selunite temple that stands there.

    c. 1257
    • The aarakocra civilization in the Riders to the Sky Mountains is driven to extinction by Chessentan mercenaries hunting for sport.

    1257/Year of the Killing Wave
    • Deaths of the Gray Sisters. Halacar King of Aglarond.
    • Tidal wave strikes Calimshan.
    • The Chanting Chain, a holy spellbook of Talos, is discovered when a stronghold of Talos-worshippers is sacked. The Talassans prove to be led by a mind flayer.
    • Bowgentle's Book is created at the School of Wonder in Amn.

    1258/Year of the Wilted Flowers
    • Balagos the great red wyrm slays the old red dragon Hulrundrar.
    • Zhentilar lords Harlshoon (father of Manshoon) and Calkontor destroy each other.

    1259/Year of the Vigilant Fistc. 1260
    • Lathander appears to certain of his clergy, commanding them to build a temple in ruined Myth Drannor, and giving them the Dawnstone for their altar. These clergy form a special order, the Seekers of the Dawn, and found the Dawnspire in the ruins.

    1260/Year of the Broken Blade
    • Many peace treaties are signed this year.
    • Halacar of Aglarond leads a disastrous campaign into Thay. The Battle of Lapendrar.
    • Halacar of Aglarond is poisoned; his sister, Llione, tutor to the Simbul, takes the throne as Queen of Aglarond.

    1261/Year of Bright Dreams
    • Manshoon founds the Zhentarim.
    • Azoun III (1241 to 1275), King of Cormyr.
    • The religious order of St. Ramedar is founded in Zazesspur.
    • A tavern in Kurrsh is burned to the ground by incensed Talassians from the Vilhon Reach when they discover the Chanting Chain hanging from the wall there. The Chain is recovered and taken by the Talassian to Shamph, where they are attacked and slain by the local militia. This final battle is know as the Slaughter of the Crazed and the Chanting Chain disappears from it.
    • The Ladies of the Blade, a band of female adventurers, is founded by a group of bored noblewomen of Westgate. Four years later, the company recovers the Key of Faith, a sacred prayer "tome" of Oghma the Lorekeeper, amidst the Ghost Holds of Battledale.

    1262/Year of the Black Wind
    • Killing storm raised by a Calishite mage.
    • The Guildwars and the Misrule of the Lords-Magisters: All but two Guildmasters are slain in Waterdeep during the Guildwars; Lhorar Gilgeggh and Ehlemm Zoar proclaim themselves the Lords Magister.
    • The Shadow Thieves establish their base of operations (the Citadel of the Bloody Hand) inside Mount Waterdeep.
    • The mage Rythtalies, master of the steel dragon Jalanvaloss "Wyrm of Many Spells", disappears.
    • Misrule of the Lords Magister: All but two of the Guildmasters of Waterdeep perish in the "Guildwars" and Lhorar Gildeggh and Ehlemm Zoar proclaim themselves the Two Lords Magister.

    1263/Year of the Tressym
    • As foretold by Alaundo, these creatures become widespread.
    • Chaos fills the streets when a flock of over 100 tressym fly into Silverymoon and roost on the rooftops for a tenday. Alustriel simply shrugs, pointing to Alaundo's prophesies about the widespread tressym this year. While most of the tressym fly away soon, a number stayed and made the city their home.
    • Fzoul Chembryl becomes High Priest of the Dark Shrine in Zhentil Keep. He renames it the Black Altar.

    1264/Year of the Shattered Altar
    • Widespread tomb-robbing and sacrilege.
    • The tombs of two Tethyrian monarchs, Strohm IV and Samyte the Martyr, are looted by Bhaal-worshipers.

    c. 1265
    • The wizard-king of Halruaa moves the capital from Halagard to Halarahh..

    1265/Year of Flowers
    • The steel dragon Jalanvaloss comes to the city of Waterdeep and resides there in disguise.

    1266/Year of the Leaping Frog
    • Tana'ri and power-mad students destroy the School of Wonder, killing nearly every other student and Master within its walls.
    • The Magister Isilger Mountrant gives the secrets of creating blast globes to a mage of the Zhentarim.

    1267/Year of the Groaning Cart
    • A bountiful harvest year.
    • Colderan Morn rules in Daggerdale. He drives the dwarves of Clan Bladebright from the dale.

    1268/Year of the Daystars
    • The Flying Plague, a horde of perytons, harpies, and manticores attacks the southern Moonsea region and destroys the city of Lis.

    1269/Year of the Moat
    • "Darksword" (Realms of Shadow Story IV)
    • The Flame of the Spirit reappears on the body of a brigand in the Rat Hills south of Waterdeep.
    • The sahaugin ambush of a hunting party devastates the undersea realm of Eadraal as the beloved merfolk Prince Aldem and Prince-Consort Kran die to protect Kosul, the king's heir.
    • Thaurog's Keep built on the site of what is now Nesme by the half-orc bandit lord Thaurog.

    c. 1270
    • Zelphar Arunsun is born.

    1270/Year of the Tooth1271/Year of the Shattered Wall
    • On the heels of a hard winter, mages and warriors of the Dragon Cult attack Holyheart House, a temple of Eldath in the Chondalwood. The two dracoliches Goarulskul the Black and Arlauthra Manytalons destroy the temple and kill many Eldathyn.

    1272/Year of the Shrieker
    • Zhentarim wizards and priests of Bane and Myrkul raise an army of undead, orcs and other creatures to assault Silverymoon but are repelled by Alustriel's Spellguard.

    1273/Year of the Wagon
    • Baeron and Shilarn revive Ahghairon's system of rule in Waterdeep. Baeron becomes Lord of Waterdeep. The houses of Zoar and Gildeggh are Outcast (exiled from the city). Magisters ("Black Robes") appointed to keep justice in the city and, by the month of Uktar, the Shadow Thieves' ventures are deterred and they, as a group, are outlawed.
    • Waterdeep's population rises, reaching 100,000 by years end.
    • Magisters founded in Waterdeep.
    • Joadath noted as being Lord of Shadowdale.
    • Shamur Karn is born in Selgaunt.
    • The Lords' Rule revives with Baeron and Shilarn Silmaeril, two long-hidden Lords of Waterdeep, who slay the Lords Magister. Baeron becomes Open Lord of Waterdeep and the houses of Zoar and Gildeggh are outcast and the Shadow Thieves are outlawed.

    1274/Year of the Purple Toad
    • Seven princesses of Tethyr are assassinated in Waterdeep. The killers are drawn and quartered and hung on the gates of Waterdeep. King Haedrak dies after hearing the news. Errilam declared King of Tethyr. Harpers are falsely blamed for this and are not welcome in Tethyr to this day.
    • Errilam (1236 to 1277), 3rd son of Haedrak II, King of Tethyr (dies without issue in 1277).
    • The Magister Ilsilger "The Dark Smile" dies after launching an attack on a dozen archmages that had gathered to overthrow him. Ilsilger and eight of the archmages die in the battle. Thornar Fleetmoor, foremost among the survivors, becomes the new Magister (reigns 1274 to 1278).

    1275/Year of the Blade
    • Zhentil Keep grants Yulash its independence; Zhentarim control of the city remains, however.
    • Rhigaerd II crowned King of Cormyr (at 6 years of age); his uncle Salember ("The Rebel Prince") reigns as Regent in Cormyr until 1286.
    • Pasha Eiruidin Ondaru of Calimshan is killed by his palace wizard, Ongraunnathan the Blind. The mage uses his spells to make the Pasha seem alive, and rules in his name until 1286DR.

    1276/Year of the Crumbling Keep
    • The Citadel of the Raven is rebuilt.
    • Shilarn, a Lord of Waterdeep and Baeron's wife, gives birth to a daughter, Lhestyn.
    • The Lords of Waterdeep allow the city's perimeter to expand out to the borders they hold to the current day. North and Sea Wards are added and ward boundaries are adjusted and established as they remain today.
    • The Lords increase their numbers beyond Ahghairon's self-imposed limits, and establish sixteen Lords of Waterdeep.
    • King Dhanar of the Parhek Dynasty is assassinated, and merchant families squabble over the succession, each with an heir to the throne (legitimate or otherwise) in its control. The merchant families begin a long war over trade and succession.
    • The Men of the Basilisk decide to open their ranks to any promising young noble or merchant lord who can survive the crucible of the extra-dimensional Auantiver Labyrinth and its fearsome basilisk guardian.
    • Lhestyn Silmaeril, daughter of Baeron and Shilarn, is born in Waterdeep.
    • Duergar of Clan Thuldark of Gracklstugh establish an outpost beneath the ruins of Illusk, seeking to probe the underground defences of Mirabar.

    1277/Year of the Beholder
    • King Errilam of Tethyr is accidentally killed while on a hunting trip with elven friends. This incident, and the rumors that grew out of it, sparks centuries of strife and hatred and many cruelties between the royalty of Tethyr and the elves.
    • Alemander III (1262 to 1288), 1st nephew of Errilam, King of Tethyr (begins persecution of the elves).
    • The mage Uldinus Lawkland steals a copy of the Simbul's spell trigger spell.

    1278/Year of Many Bones
    • First recorded mention of the Draconomicon.
    • The Magister Thornar Fleetmoor is killed by a rival, the mage Uldinus Lawkland. Lawkland becomes the new Magister (reigns 1278 to 1280).

    1279/Year of the Snarling Dragon
    • Tulrun leaves Silverymoon and returns to his abode in the Coldwood. Beginning of annual monstrous raids on Tulrun's Tent.
    • A Cult of the Dragon cell near Luskan destroys itself when the dragons and dracolich involved with the cell do battle over treasure hoards.
    • The green dragon Drethroyaster goes on a murderous rampage through Battledale, Featherdale, and Tasseldale. More than 700 lost their lives in these attacks. Some time later, Dretch is attacked and nearly dispatched by the conglomeration of adventuring companies known as the Crossed Swords.

    1280/Year of the Manticore
    • Thay's second invasion attempt overwhelms Mulhorand. Sultim is besieged and nearly falls before reinforcements arrive. Priests of Anhur are made scapegoats.
    • The Old Skull Inn is built in Shadowdale.
    • The Magister Uldinus Lawkland is killed by the mage Ohland Grethgar, a pupil of the Simbul's. Grethgar becomes the new Magister (reigns 1280 to 1282).

    1281/Year of the Cold Soul
    • Berethond Halfelven disappears during combat with a great green wyrm in the forest west of Dragonspear Castle. He is assumed dead, and Draconomicon, the Book of Dragons, which he carried, is believed lost with him.
    • Members of a Malar sect lead a "Wild Hunt" through the streets of Elturel. The cultists collected, caged, and then released monsters that they used in their "worship". The Book of Fangs and Talons is associated with this Wild Hunt.

    1282/Year of Many Mists
    • A lich calling itself Sammaster appears in the Desertmouth Mountains and begins gathering humanoids, undead, and dragons into an army.
    • The Magister Ohland Grethgar is killed in a spell duel in the skies over Orlumbor with the black dragon Starlaurynguldar. The wyrm also died from his wounds, and Azuth offers the office of Magister to the mage Inhil "Hurler-of-Stars" Lauthdryn (reigns 1282 to 1294).

    1283/Year of the Crawling Clouds1284/Year of the Dying Stars1285/Year of the Blacksnake
    • By this time, Skyships Glade in Tethyr is used exclusively by illithid slavers.
    • An adventuring company of paladins, the Company of Twelve, attacks the lich Sammaster's stronghold. Nine are killed, but the lich's physical form is destroyed. Survivors confirm that this indeed was Sammaster First-Speaker.

    1286/Year of the Rock
    • Chapter 28 of "Cormyr: A Novel"
    • Rhigaerd II (1269 to 1335), King of Cormyr.
    • Methlas begins building a new pirate-fleet in the Inner Sea.

    1287/Year of the Smoky Moon
    • A MageFair is held in the Fallen Lands. The Flame of the Spirit appears there in the posession of Udo of Felthaeran.

    1288/Year of the Roaring Horn
    • Last ogre Tharkul falls.
    • Human kingdom of Thar established.
    • Mulmaster sends an expeditionary force to Ironfang Keep; beginning of numerous gnoll attacks in the area.
    • Princess Shaerglynda of Tethyr is killed in Waterdeep. Her killer escapes with her tiara, rings, and necklace, and is never found.
    • Jaszur (1274 to 1295), 1st son (twin) of Alemander, King of Tethyr (slain in Waterdeep, 1295).
    • The gray dwarves of Underspires wage a five-decade-long war with their surface kin.

    1289/Year of the Sighing Serpent
    • The annual attacks on Tulrun's Tent cease, as Tulrun journeys to the lair of Arauthator, spawn of Sneighfanglen and source of the attacks, and proposes a truce.
    • Tulrun of the Tent discovers that the attacks upon him have been orchestrated by the revenge-seeking white dragon Arauthator. He confronts the wyrm and establishes a truce between them.

    c. 1290s
    • "Editorial" & "Song of Chaos" ("Halls of Stormweather" Editorial & Story II) begins.
    • The archmage Archveult "Tattercloak" vanishes in a midair explosion over Raven Bluff's harbor. First appearance of the Tears of the Dragon.
    • The Magister, Lauthdryn "Hurler-of-Stars", is killed by Muaralygrym the Dark. Aralagath Tarsil of Elturel becomes the new Magister.

    1290/Year of the Whelm
    • Dragonspear Castle falls.
    • The famed warrior Elfrin builds and fortifies a small keep along the High Road west of present-day Kheldell and proclaims himself ruler and 'king' of all lands within a days ride of his holding.

    1291/Year of the Hooded Falcon1292/Year of the Wandering Waves1293/Year of the Talking Skull

    1294/Year of the Deep Moon
    • Rilimbrar is king of Impiltur.
    • Methlas, a Cormyrean merchant-turned-pirate, amasses a fleet of ships in the Inner Sea. He is assassinated by his lieutenant, Thevren.
    • Thevren masses a fleet of forty pirate ships and sacks the cities of Selgaunt and Saerloon, but dies shortly after his victory, poisoned by Thilana, his mistress and former lover of Methlas. Thilana successfully leads the pirates of the Inner Sea for years, reviving Immurk's spy networks and sticking to the careful, conservative plans of Methlas.
    • The Magister Inhil Lauthdryn disappears in the wilderlands of the Vast. Azuth offers the office of Magister to Aralagath Tarsil of Arabel (reigned 1294 to 1306).
    • The Mistmaster builds the Citadel of the Mists in the High Forest atop the foundations of an ancient elven fortress.
    • Throgh, son of Thaurog, is slain by human adventurers out of Waterdeep. They are assailed in turn by wyverns who lair thereafter in Thaurog's Keep.

    1295/Year of the Ormserpent
    • Olosar (1274 to 1319), 2nd son (twin) of Alemander III, King of Tethyr.
    • Shyressa, a vampiress, joins the Twisted Rune and begins her ascent to the rank of Senior Runemaster.
    • King Jaszur of Tethyr and his retinue are waylaid and slain by bandits near Sarcrag. The bandits are in turn slain by Waterdhavian armsmen who arrive too late to secure the king.

    1296/Year of the Black Hound
    • Adventurers stumble onto a hidden temple of Malar in the settlement of Easting. The adventurers discover the Book of Fangs and Talons. However, when the adventurers try to carry the book off they are attacked by a great horde of beasts summoned by the priest of Malar whose temple it was. The book was taken back, and its holder slain and devoured by the monsters.
    • The priesthood of Milil recovers Wythyndle's Round Book in a bazaar in Calimport, and take it on a tour of Sorlyn temples amidst great rejoicing.

    1297/Year of the Singing Skull
    • "Homeland" begins. First recorded mention of Drizzt Do'Urden.
    • Massacre on Watcher's Knoll of Tyrists by Joadath.
    • The dwarves of Ironfang in the Alaoreum Mountains of Turmish re-emerge into the surface world.
    • Yenandra "The Pirate Queen" begins her reign in Dambrath.
    • The nobles of Yulash begin a bitter quarrel for the lordship of the city.

    1298/Year of the Pointed Bone
    • Lhestyn, as the "Masked Lady", infiltrates Shadow Thieves Guild of Waterdeep and exposes it. Within the span of a bloody week, the Shadow Thieves are either dead or fled from the city due to the Watch and the Lord's agents (like Lhestyn).
    • Priests of Malar hold an open enclave to plan their dispositions in the lands of the Sword Coast. The enclave lasts for a tenday where the Book of Fangs and Talons is featured in many rituals.

    1299/Year of the Claw
    • Shadow Thieves settle in Athkatla after their ejection from Waterdeep in the previous year.
    • The shadow dragon Aurgloroasa clashes with and kills the adult black dragon Arngalor, whose lair was in the Heart of the Mine at the headwaters of the River Arkhen. Aurgloroasa was disguised as a blue dragon so she has never been linked to the deed.

    1300/Year of the Starfall
    • "Liar's Game" (Realms of Shadow Story V)
    • Thieves' guild destroyed in Waterdeep. The noble house Bladesimmer (crafters of unique/exotic armor) played a role in its destruction.
    • Joadath of Shadowdale dies. Aumry and Sylune become Lord and Lady of Shadowdale.
    • Lhestyn weds Zelphar Arunsun, a powerful mage from Neverwinter (and acknowledged youngest son of Khelben the Elder).

    1301/Year of the Trumpet
    • First recorded resurgence of the Cult of Tiamat in Unther.
    • By this time, the exiled Shadow Thieves have grown so powerful in Amn that the government is forced to acknowledge their presence and power.
    • Sponsored by merchant interests in Waterdeep and Neverwinter, the mercenary general Gulgathas recruits an army of hireswords in Port Llast, and leads them north to retake Illusk from the orcs of the Bloody Tusks tribe.

    1302/Year of the Broken Helm
    • Khelben "Ravencloak" Arunsun the Younger born to Lhestyn & Zelphar in Waterdeep.
    • Gharri of Gond is born.
    • Durnan and Mirt the Merciless return from Undermountain and retire as rich men.
    • Illusk is finally retaken from the orcs who are all slain or flee north into the Spine of the World. The isolated duergar of Clan Thuldark living under ruined Illusk retreat into the Underdark. A council of merchants led by Urbaloss of Neverwinter assumes control and undertakes the swift rebuilding of Illusk's walls and port facilities. The rename the city Luskan to dissociate themselves from the city's less than savory past.

    1303/Year of the Evening Sun
    • Fall of the human kingdom of Thar.
    • The venerable green dragon Claugiyliamatar makes her lair in the Deeping Cave, somewhere in the Kryptgarden Forest.
    • The Shadow Thieves begin construction on the training complex that will come to be known as the Assassin's Run.

    1304/Year of the Stag
    • In early summer, Maeran Faerlin, a rising merchant of Westgate, employs a trio of mages known as the Hunting Hands, a band of archers, and Alion Narithryn, a minor priest of the Morninglord, to hunt down Aglistralarraghautha, a large female black dragon whose brood of hatchlings had been laying waste to the Reddansyr area and who had destroyed the merchant's warehouse in an isolated compound near Teziir. Of the merchant and his hired adventurers, only Alion survives the battle, but Aglistralarraghautha and five hatchlings are destroyed thanks to the dragonbane prayer found within the Tome of the Morning, a prayer tome of Lathander.
    • The drow, weredragon Nurvureem is first recorded as inhabiting the region between Triboar and the High Forest.

    1305/Year of the Creeping Fang
    • Laershala of the Emerald Eyes strangles Thilana the Pirate Queen while in port at Tantras, and claims the Dragonisle and leadership of the Inner Sea pirates. As her tactics are more brutal and less planned, Laershala slowly loses control of the pirates.
    • The Cult of the Dragon locates the shadow dracolich Aurgloroasa and approaches her for the first time.
    • The ancient Netherese city of Nhallen is found by adventurers, sunk in the Inner Sea off the coast of the Altumbel.
    • The chitine slaves of Yathchol are emancipated from their drow masters.
    • The last time Durkin, an ancient dwarf guarding the Vale of Lost Voices for the elves, washes.
    • The small realm of Elfrin is attacked and destroyed by the green dragon Claugiyliamatar after its king and namesake dies of fever.

    1306/Year of Thunder
    • Moonsea War. Mulmaster vanquished by an alliance of the other Moonsea cities.
    • Hulberg is destroyed by Mulmaster. Sulasspryn suffers heavy damage.
    • Vangerdahast of Cormyr founds War Wizards.
    • A dragon invasion, known as the Dragon Run, sweeps out of the Moonsea North. Phlan is destroyed.
    • Durnan establishes the Yawning Portal over the ruins of Halaster's Hold, controlling the access to the dungeons beneath the city.
    • The last heir to the throne of Amn, the self-styled Exile Prince Rohav, dies of poison at the hands of his vizier, Arlen Bormul.
    • The Magister Aralagath Tarsil is accidentally killed by the mage Orten Imdrar. Imdrar becomes the new Magister (reigns 1306 to 1317).
  6. Carnis77
    1307/Year of the Mace
    • Azoun IV of Cormyr is born.
    • Sulasspryn collapses into a huge sinkhole, destroying the city.
    • Akanax marches on and almost totally destroys Maerduuth.
    • Thamalon Uskevren, of House Uskevren of Sembia, born on Mirtul 4.
    • Algraetha 'the Enchantress' slaughters the resident wyverns of Thaurog's Keep and rebuilds the settlement.

    1308/Year of the Catacombs
    • Dungeon exploring comes into vogue.
    • Construction begins on Lhestyn's (later Piergeiron's) Palace. It is complete by early winter.
    • Baeron, Open Lord of Waterdeep, dies of fever, and Shilarn, his wife, immolates herself on his funeral pyre. Their daughter Lhestyn becomes Open Lord of Waterdeep and constructs the Palace of Waterdeep (know Piergeiron's Palace).

    1309/Year of the Sunset Winds1310/Year of the Storms
    • A vast pirate fleet from the Nelanther attacks and conquers Luskan in this year. The leaders of the pirate fleet, Taerl, Baram, Kurth, Suljack and Rethnor, declare themselves the new rulers of the city and each adopt the title of High Captain.
    • The name Nesme comes into common usage for the former site of Thaurog's Keep after Algraetha bestows it upon her holding in memory of her dead half-elven lover.

    1311/Year of the Fist
    • Birth of Filfaeril Selazir, wife of King Azoun of Cormyr (Mirtul 4, 1311 to ?).
    • Zelphar Arunsun dies at the hands of evil sorcery, though the source remains undetermined to this day. Lhestyn secretly names Piergeiron, a paladin and officer of the city guard, a Lord and her eventual successor as Open Lord of Waterdeep.
    • Rezim becomes vizier of Mulhorand and begins to persecute the church of Anhur. Chessentan mercenaries replace Anhur worshippers as guards of Skuld.
    • The mage Arklem Greeth comes to Luskan and bypasses the ancient magical wards placed around the Host Tower of the Arcane by Laeral Silverhand. He forms the Brotherhood of the Arcane in the waning days of this year with the aid of the "Old Ones", powerful liches who are remnants of the legendary Grand Cabal of Illusk. Arklem names himself Archmage Arcane of the Brotherhood.
    • Tanta Hagara, a shapeshifting annis from Hellgate Keep seizes the chieftainship of the Blue Bear Uthgardt tribe.

    1312/Year of the Griffon
    • Darkhold seized by the Black Network.
    • The independent city of Teziir is refounded on a high bluff overlooking the Lake of Dragons, located to the west of Westgate its main rival in the merchant trade. Previous cities on this site have been attacked, sacked, and burned more than a few times throughout history.
    • A Chessentan merchant secretly backed by the Lawless, a sect of Shar, offers the Helm of Helm, a prayer "tome" dedicated to the God of Guardians, for sale in Westgate. Each night, battles erupt in the streets of Westgate between the Lawless (backed by someone of great authority in the city), the South Shore Serpents, the Wild Blades Adventurers of Teziir, and agents of Thay.
    • Durnan founds the Red Sashes as his own personal agents in Waterdeep, creating a precaution against such blatant disregards for the watch as grow common in Dock Ward (such as the death of Zelphar Arunsun).

    1313/Year of the Shattered Oak
    • The Blue Bear Uthgardt tribe is shattered by internal warring and split in twain. Founding of the Tree Ghost Uthgardt tribe.

    1314/Year of the Shadowtop
    • The tree of this name flourishes in this year.
    • Rhigaerd II, king of Cormyr, defeats the border raiders.
    • The Pirate Queen Laershala dies in combat with a Cormyrean Freesail; the pirates of the Inner Sea break up into squabbling factions.
    • Death of Lhestyn. Piergeiron becomes the Unmasked (Open) Lord of Waterdeep.

    c. 1315
    • The Company of the Howling Wolf kills the archmage Iniarv.

    1315/Year of Spilled Blood
    • Nanathlor Greysword, a native of Nimbral, becomes the Green Regent and attempts to overthrow the rule of Pasuuk Rensha and free Loudwater. Beginning of the War of the Returned Regent.

    1316/Year of the Gulagoar
    • The Zhentarim take control of Teshendale. Refugees pour into Daggerdale and Dagger Falls including Zhent agents who incite a rebellion against the Morn family and install Malyk, a Zhentarim agent as ruler.
    • The arch-mages Orcrommor the Mighty and Asblan the Bold destroy each other in an aerial battle over the city of Ordulin.
    • The dwindling Spulzeer family establishes the Spulzeer Inn, which later becomes the foundation for the village of Trailstone on the Tethir Road. The family split in late Nightal 1315.

    1317/Year of the Wandering Wyrm
    • Great Plague of the Inner Sea (also called the Dragon Plague). Chessenta is decimated, Unther suffers, but Mulhorand is largely unaffected. The Vilhon manages to restrict its spread and is relatively unscathed.
    • Death of the sorcerer-king Nesker. The first High Blade takes power in Mulmaster.
    • Targuth Athkarr becomes Huhrong of Rashemen.
    • The Magister Orten Imdrar dies in spellbattle with the Water Witch, Elminster, and the mage Qilder Yarven. Yarven becomes the new Magister (reigns 1317 to 1318; a month in each year).
    • Nanathlor Greysword becomes ruler of Loudwater after defeating Pasuuk Rensha and his followers at the battle of Tanglefork.

    1318/Year of the Tired Treant
    • The Chanting Chain is written of in Ormath where Lalagos Indivvur, a priest of Talos, conducts a holy ritual to pull spells from it.
    • The Magister Qilder Yarven is killed in a spellduel with the mage Maldiglas "The Magnificent" Turntower. Turntower becomes the new Magister (reigns 1318 to 1322).

    1319/Year of the Fallen Throne
    • The kingship of Sossal ends in bloodshed.
    • Alemander IV, 1st nephew of Olosar, King of Tethyr (slain in the 10 Black Days of Eleint, 1347). End of the Tethyr Dynasty.

    1320/Year of the Watching Cold
    • Plague in the Inner Sea.
    • Ilione of Aglarond dies of the plague; The Simbul becomes Queen of Aglarond.
    • Akonhorus II becomes ruler of Mulhorand. Resurgence of Cult of Set in Mulhorand due to birth of Seti.
    • The Thayvians withdraw from Escalant in the wake of the Great Plague.
    • The indiscretions of the merfolk Prince Vhaemas lead to the illegitimate birth of Vhaemas the Bastard, as he is called by his mother and her clan, Kamaar of Thuridru.
    • The Magister Maldiglas the Magnificent creates a series of magical refuges throughout the North.

    1321/Year of Chains
    • The Harpers reorganized. Twilight Hall founded in Berdusk.
    • King Zaor of Evermeet is assassinated. Queen Amlaruil becomes sole ruler of the Elves ("Elfshadow").
    • By this time, the Shadow Thieves have taken control of much of the criminal activity within Amn, and have spread to nearby cities.

    1322/Year of Lurking Death
    • Monstrous attacks at a 50-year high.
    • The blue dragon Alasklerbanbostos, now a dracolich called the Great Bone Wyrm, spends the summer terrorizing and raiding Chessentra and Unther.
    • The shadow dragon Aurgloroasa undergoes the transformation to dracolich.
    • Khelben the Elder, disguising himself as Khelben the Younger, "claims" the long-vacant Arunsun Tower as his own, renaming it after his new title of "the Blackstaff".
    • The Magister Maldiglas Turntower devoures his own lifeforce constructing his magical refuges. Azuth offers the office of Magister to the mage Phelarnden Ghemelt of Tharsult (reigns four months, 1322).
    • The Chessentan archmage Maxiladanarr Torstren becomes Magister (reigns 1322 to 1328). He begins a breeding program to create sorcerous families, known as the Incipient Clans.

    1323/Year of Dreamwebs
    • Great Plague declared over.
    • Thayvian wizards attempt to control others through dreams; they are discovered and destroyed.

    1324/Year of the Grimoire
    • Chapter 30 of "Cormyr: A Novel"
    • Many old magical tomes were discovered in this year sparking a renewed interest in magic.
    • Luthcheq invades Mordulkin, to take advantage of heavy losses in the plague years. Luth-cheq loses the war and the losses are blamed on wizard-spies in the service of Mordulkin. Luthcheq begins its persecution of wizards.
    • The white dragon Arauthator slays the venerable red dragon Rathalylaug high above the rooftops of Neverwinter.
    • The wizard Tulrun of the Tent falls prey to a curse of Netherese origins during the course of one of his many exploratory expeditions and is transformed into a tiefling.

    c. 1325
    • Harper's Hold is built deep into the slopes of Mt. Waterdeep.

    1325/Year of the Great Harvest

    1326/Year of the Striking Hawk
    • The wizard Meltharond Thone, master of the venerable white dragon Arveiaturace, dies.

    1327/Year of the Blue Flame
    • The mad wizard Yarash moves into the pyramid on Sorcerer's Isle.
    • Tholaunt, an incarnation of Anhur, is slain by Valerios, the Tharchion of Pyrados.
    • The steel dragon Jalanvaloss destroys the black dragon Nabalnyth, who has taken up residence in the Rat Hills, south of Waterdeep.

    1328/Year of the Adder
    • "Homeland" ends.
    • The Magister Maxiladanarr Torstren is killed in an avalanche. Azuth offers the office of Magister to Imrul Athelzedar (reigns 1328 to 1354).
    • The wizard Ulthorn is slain in a spell duel with the Archmage Ahrabose in Waterdeep, but not before ensuring the death of his slayer by bringing the Tower of Yintros down upon them both with a great shout.

    1329/Year of the Lost Helm
    • Morkoth agents, at the behest of Great Arcane Aodk, kidnap the merfolk Queen Wylla, Princess Deira and Princess Aeda, and magically change them into monstrous forms that mindlessly attack Voalidru. Their deaths are avenged with the attacks on Olleth later that year and the death of Aodk and his Arcounts.
    • The Calishite mining and refining colony of Berranzo is founded on Gundarlun by a consortium of merchants led by the wizard Hochmiraz.

    1330/Year of the Marching Moon
    • Prince Rythan of Tethyr slays Jhaniloth Puiral of the Twisted Rune.
    • The steel dragon Zundaerazylym begins to recruit a shadowy group known as the Soft Claws to gain materials for her alchemical projects, keep watch on orc populations and gather information on the deeds and whereabouts of dragons throughout the Sword Coast North.

    1331/Year of the Leaping Dolphin (NOTE: "The Wyvern's Spur" gives this year as Year of Temples)
    • Numerous high-ranking mages among all the Guilds Arcane of Calimport, Almraiven, Volothamp, Memnon, and Keltar mysteriously abandon their homes and positions to depart on some mysterious mission within the Marching Mountains.
    • Birth of Zaranda Star, later Queen of Tethyr.

    1332/Year of the Sword and Stars
    • Florin Falconhand is born.
    • The Wyrmstrike of Dunbridges (Border Kingdoms).
    • Azoun IV and his wife, Filfaeril Selzair "The Dragon Queen", have a son. The boy is called Foril.
    • Numerous goblin and hobgoblin tribes are reported on the move among the western Marching Mountains, though reports have numerous mages at the heads of these hordes - the same mages who went missing in Calimshan late last year under some mysterious calling.
    • The Calishites of the mining colony of Berranzo are all found to be either dead or afflicted with madness by local Northmen. The area is thought cursed and avoided by all.

    1333/Year of the Striking Falcon
    • The Great Amnian Trade War. Founding of the Council of Six and the unification of Amn by Thayze Selemchant.
    • Islif Lurelake is born.
    • Myrmeen Lhal is born.
    • Tale of the "Azure Bonds" (Mirtul to Kythorn), "The Wyvern's Spur" (Flamerule to Ches 1334).
    • Lord Iorltar of Zhentil Keep names Manshoon his successor as first lord.
    • Gamalon Idogyr and his family leave Tethyr for the Rock of Bral.
    • The realm of Mulsparkh rises along the northern bank of the River Memnon near the end of this year, founded by Calishite mercinaries and monsters at the secret instigation of the Twisted Rune.
    • The Overwizard Glagorn and other wizards of the Arcane Brotherhood attack the mage Llomnauvel "Firehands" Oloadhin of Port Llast. Llomnauvel ensures his and their destruction when he works a mighty magic that hurls down his abode and burns away the lives of all within it.

    c. 1334
    • Last known appearance of the mage Nchaser.
    • Prince Foril, infant son of Azoun and Filfaeril of Cormyr (Mirtul 1, 1332 to Uktar 11, 1334), assassinated.

    1334/Year of the Blazing Brand
    • "So High a Price" (Realms of Infamy Story I; Mirtul)
    • Hyarmon Hussilthar becomes Huhrong of Rashemen.
    • Tethyrian mounted troops including Crown Prince Rythan, brother of King Alemander IV, are defeated at the Battle of Nightflames by the army of Mulsparkh; the realm of Mulsparkh is swiftly crushed soon after by the Calishite legions. The Sword of Starlight, a Tethyrian sword of state and a powerful magical item, is secreted away by Yuzas Nur yn Yusuf el Tiagar, a military officer with greater ambitions than abilities.
    • Foril, son of Azoun IV, dies at two years old.
    • Tanalesta, daughter of Azoun IV and Filfaeril, born.
    • Manshoon and Fzoul, with the help of their beholder allies, become the new lords of Zhentil Keep.
    • The faithful of Loviatar undertake an extensive search in Westgate for the Lash of Loviatar, following rumors of its sighting in the city. Their efforts succeed in making the Church of Pain many enemies, but no trace of the prayer "tome" is ever found.
    • The wizard Nchaser serves as advisor to the High Captains of Luskan as they attempt to combat the growing power and influence of the Arcane Brotherhood.

    1335/Year of the Snow Winds (NOTE: The Waterdeep Boxed Set gives the name of this year as Year of the Shaking Serpent)
    • "The Family Business" (Realms of Valor Story VIII)
    • Alusair Nacacia, second daughter of Azoun IV, is born.
    • Prince Haedrak Errilam Alemander Olosar Lhorik (Lhaeo) is born in a room atop the High Palace of Silverymoon.
    • The Evereska Charter claims the Greycloak Hills for the elves.
    • Rhigaerd II, king of Cormyr, dies in the waning days of this year.
    • A spell-duel in Ordulin between Thindol of the Zhentarim and the awakened lich Bhalgustrin ends with the death of Thindol.
    • The "Bleak Winter" in the North.
    • Erevis Cale is born, probably in Westgate.

    1336/Year of the Highmantle (Note: "Realms of Valor" [in "Elminster at the Magefair"] gives the name of this year as Year of the Dark Dragon)
    • Azoun IV takes the throne of Cormyr, 29 winters old.
    • The Fastness of Green Shadows, a temple of Eldath, is destroyed in a vicious raid by ambitious wizards of the Brotherhood of the Arcane.
    • Blackturrets is torn down and construction of Stormweather Towers is completed.
    • Algraetha "the Enchantress" is slain by a group of adventurers out of Luskan leaving Nesme a temporarily lawless frontier hold.

    1337/Year of the Wandering Maiden
    • Charles Oliver O'Kane becomes mayor of Raven's Bluff.
    • The nobles of Yulash abolish the lordship and instead rule by council.
    • The adventuring band known as The Nine led by Laeral Silverhand, acquire the Crown of Horns. Laeral dons the headpiece and descends into madness. The band fragments into three warring factions and their lair, known as the Stronghold of the Nine and located along the banks of the Unicorn Run, becomes a battleground.

    1338/Year of the Wanderer
    • "Exile" begins.
    • The Wandering Wyvern built in Sevenecho.
    • Queen Sambryl takes the throne of Impiltur.
    • The gnoll invasions of Mulmaster end.
    • The Murann Spice War occurs between Ophal and Ulvax holdings and is suppressed.
    • An insane doppleganger who has assumed the identity of Abadda Moonglamaer, a Prince of Phalorm, is challenged and slain by Distyl of Nesme at the court of High Lady Alustriel in Silverymoon.

    1339/Year of the Weeping Moon
    • Aumry slain; Jyordhan becomes Lord of Shadowdale.
    • Sharra Frohm, the great-great-great granddaughter of Palus Frohm, decides to continue her grandfather's work. Traveling alone, she enters the Great Glacier and is never heard from again.
    • The Sell-Sword Rebellion: Rival groups of mercenaries battle each other in the streets of Port Ghaast. The ensuing destruction leads to the mercenaries being quartered outside the city walls.
    • Sundeth Gossyl, cleric of Tymora, is killed in combat with a Wyvern on the battlements of the Citadel of the Raven. She is later entombed in a tower in the keep called "Sundeth's Tower".
    • Volludan, a former priest of Mask, is named guildmaster of the Shadowmasters of Telflamm.

    1340/Year of the Lion
    • "Exile" ends.
    • "Pool of Radiance": A band of adventurers destroys the Pool of Radiance in Phlan and frees the ruins from the monster curse.
    • "Sojourn" begins.
    • Battle of the River Rising in Featherdale between Sembian and Cult of the Dragon forces; death of the wizard Mhzentul.
    • The shadow dracolich Aurgloroasa takes Mhzentul's library and arcane researches for her own use.
    • Danilo Thann is born to Cassandra and Rhammas Thann.

    1341/Year of the Gate
    • Illistyl Elventree is born.
    • The undersea realm of Sylkiir celebrates as the High Mages Taranath Reefglamor and Yrlimn Tidark announce the first acceptance of students for High Magic study in over 200 years. Their current student Pharom Ildacer of Naramyr becomes a tutor and a High Mage.
    • By this time, the Shadow Thieves have their hands in half the organized crime in the Sword Coast, from the High Moor to Athkatla.
    • The Moonlight Men mercenary band instigates a daring daylight raid on the treasure-vaults of the High Captains of Luskan, escaping by sea in several stolen sailing ships.

    1342/Year of the Behir
    • Marune, a chief agent of the Shadow Thieves, sells his house and holdings in Luskan and Mirabar, and disappears.
    • Three Red Wizards of Thay attempted to infiltrate the Cult of the Dragons attendants to the dracolich Khalahmongre. Attempts to control Khalahmongre result in the deaths of the three Red Wizards as well as most of the Cultists. Khalahmongre emerges from the conflict unscathed.
    • The blade Ellendrin identified by the sage Othiiyr Velthrann of Tsurlagol. The blade and its owner, the thief Gort of Tsurlagol, disappear shortly thereafter.
    • The wizard Irritym Wonderstar of Waterdeep is slain by thieves seeking to plunder his house of magic. His apprentice Baelam hunts down and slays his tutor's murderers and then spends the next several months learning what he can of his master's Art before leaving Waterdeep to wander the Sword Coast lands. Over the next decade he returns often to Waterdeep where he claims Irritym's tower as his own.

    1343/Year of the Boot
    • Silverymoon and Everlund are saved from an orc horde by the Moonlight Men mercenaries. The Moonlight Men slew over 4,000 orcs at Turnstone Pass before they fell. Only the famed bard Mintipur Moonsilver and five of his comrades survive.
    • Chondathian and Sespechian logging sorties are repelled by a combined force of elves and druids.
    • Shamur reappears in Selgaunt.

    1344/Year of Moonfall
    • Retreat of the elves from Cormanthor begins.
    • Chondathian and Sespechian logging sorties in the Chondathwood are repelled by a combined force of elves and druids.
    • The last King of Emmerock, Belder the Sly, perishes of a bloating plague while visiting the port cities of the Lake of Steam.
    • The Flame of the Spirit is seen in Skullport by Mirt the Moneylender, but its posessor evades his grasp.
    • Thamalon Uskevren and Shamur Karn are married in Selgaunt.
    • The last moon elves of Ardeep abandon their forest home as they heed the call of the Retreat.

    1345/Year of the Saddle
    • "Darkwalker on Moonshae"
    • Plague in Amn.
    • Jyordhan is slain by Khelben Arunsun of Waterdeep.
    • Time of No Lords (until 1348 DR) in Shadowdale.
    • A mysterious explosion levels the temple of Waukeen in Thentia.
    • Later known as "The Night of the Templefall", fires consume the Spires of the Morning (Waterdeep's oldest temple) and the House of Heroes in early winter. Both temples are rebuilt within the next year.
    • Also during the night of the Templefall, worshipers of Shar lead an aborted arson attempt against Selune's temple. The Selunites respond by destroying a temple of Shar located beneath Shadows Alley.
    • The Coast Plague infests Murann, Athkatla, Purskul, and Crimmor, killing 20% of the people. The plague spreads by caravan, infecting folk in Beregost and Zazesspur.
    • Thamalon Uskevren II (also known as Tamlin) is born in Selgaunt.

    1346/Year of the Bloodbird
    • "Black Wizards", "Darkwell"
    • There is a great frost early in this year.
    • Cult of Tiamat summons the Dark Lady.
    • Bhaal banished from the Moonshae Islands; Tristan Kendrick becomes High King of the Moonshaes.
    • The Friendly Arm is built.
    • The Naval Battle of Lisen Sands.
    • Selfaril becomes High Blade of Mulmaster.
    • The Knights of Myth Drannor receive their first charter from King Azoun of Cormyr.
    • Jaulothan Marlyx and two beholders appear in the center of the city of Arrabar and blast most of the city into ruins before the mage is torn apart by a tanar'ri summoned by deseperate local mages. Jaulothan had the Black Book of Beshaba during this time but it was lost in the confusion after this incident.
    • Rumors of The Book of Fangs and Talons being carried through the forests of the North by chanting Malarites surface.
    • Rumors of some 80,000 drow living in the Forest of Mir leads to panic in Calimport, although most sensibly laugh at the unfounded rumor and at the panic it causes Tethyr and many Calishite holdings.
    • Of seven students chosen by the High Mages of Selu'Maraar, three are marked for great destinies. The youths Keryth Adofaer, Talor Vurtalis, and Jhanta Merlistar excel at the basics of High Magic. They privately learn more about High magic in an unorthodox manner - Taranath unveils three selu'kiira and places then upon their brows, sending the students into comas while the gems force feed the knowledge of millennia into their brains. All High Mages and students remain behind closed doors on their estate on the outskirts of Sylkiir.

    1347/Year of the Bright Blade
    • "Sojourn" ends, Drizzt Do'Urden comes to Icewind Dale.
    • Zhengyi the Witch-King rises in Vaasa.
    • Alemander IV dies in Tethyr.
    • "Ten Black Days of Eleint" - Tethyrian civil war begins. The population of Tethyr at this time is given at 4,200,000.
    • Tyranthraxus takes up residence in Valjevo Castle, Phlan.
    • Zhentil Keep forces, allied with an orc horde, destroy Hulberg for the final time.
    • Mysterious fires destroy the old temple in Everdusk Hall. Not even magic can stop the destruction. (The North)
    • Soorenar attacks and destroys Akanax.
    • Maxan Maxer, companion of Storm Silverhand, is killed.
    • Strange spellstorms wrack southern Thay and the North Coast.
    • The twins Larajin and Leifander are born in the Tangled Trees.
    • The riots of the Five Fires Rising are quelled by the city authorities of Neverwinter, as agitators from Luskan seek to destabilize the city.

    1348/Year of the Spur
    • "Rite of Blood" (Realms of the Underdarks Story IV; Liriel story)
    • Zazessovertan is fully re-garrisoned by Tethyr.
    • Khelben gives the Pendant of Ashaba to the Knights of Myth Drannor.
    • Doust Sulwood is chosen to be Lord of Shadowdale.
    • The Halruaan necromancer Random spreads the spell Read Southern Magic across Halruaa.
    • Selfaril becomes High Blade of Mulmaster, by killing his predecessor.
    • The Battle of Six Smoking Shields: The forces of Dunbridges repel an attack by the army of Thuntar (Border Kingdoms).
    • Lord Chardath Spulzeer awakens his ancestor, the lich-lord Kartak Spellseer.
    • Fall of the Kingdom of Tethyr.
    • Erevis Cale is recruited by the Night Masks.
    • Kalahar Twohands becomes the Green Regent and defeats a Talosian cult that has unleashed a storm tempest on Orlbar and Llorkh, devastating both settlements.

    1349/Year of the Bridle
    • Thazienne Uskevren is born in Selgaunt.
    • The temple-farm of Goldenfields is established by Tolgar Anuvien and the priesthood of Chauntea.
    • The Unseen are formed in the subterranean city of Ch'Chitl and begin to infiltrate Waterdeep and the surrounding region.


    1350/Year of the Morningstar
    • "Pools of Darkness": Phlan disappears from the shores of the Moonsea, but is returned by the same adventurers who destroyed the Pool of Radiance ten years earlier.
    • Cult of Set gains control of Sampranasz; Seti forms the Fangs of Set.
    • The treasury and armory of King Osbrun of Chessagol are looted, apparently by magic.
    • Elminster retires to Shadowdale.
    • The Knights of Myth Drannor destroy a Zhentarim stronghold, the Flaming Tower. Manshoon forms alliance with Beholders (Ruins of ZK)
    • Manshoon forms an alliance with beholders.
    • The Knights of Myth Drannor slay the beholder Xantriph in the Temple in the Sky. Xantriph was an important ally to the Zhentarim.
    • The mage Detho, son of Navro, disappears, most likely into the depths of Undermountain.
    • Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun slays the two remaining wizards of the mage cabal known as the Brothers Six, after they attempt to extert control over trade entering and leaving the harbors of Waterdeep and Baldur's Gate.
  7. Carnis77
    1351/Year of the Crown
    • "The Crystal Shard" begins. Regis steals Pasha Pook's magical ruby, flees Calimport to Ten Towns. Akar Kessel begins working with the Silver Shard on Kelvin's Cairn.
    • Larloch's (Warlock's) Crypt discovered.
    • Plague in Baldur's Gate.
    • The green dragon Dretchroyaster is nearly killed by the Merry Marauders adventuring company.
    • A Cult of the Dragon cell, led by the mage Larkonlan, approaches Dretchroyaster and offers to make him a dracolich, ensuring the green dragon of immortality.
    • The Company of Eight, a band of Tethyrian adventurers, bring down the despot Duke Nivedann Illehhune.
    • Talbot Uskevren is born in Selgaunt.
    • A group of thieves gathers secretly in Waterdeep to attack and slay the wizard Baelam "the Bold". He slays them all for their troubles and then quits the city to roam the Realms after giving the last of his master Irritym's magic to Khelben Arunsun.

    1352/Year of the Dragon
    • Prologue of "Ironhelm"
    • Chapter 32 of "Cormyr: A Novel"
    • Gondegal the Lost King of Arabel attempts to build his own kingdom.
    • Barbarians of the Ride destroy a huge Zhentarim force en route to Glister.
    • The Tethyrian fortress of Zazessovertan is officially dedicated and renamed to the Cloister of St. Ramedar.
    • Pasha Balik begins his rule in Zazzesspur with the hidden aid if the Knights of the Shield.
    • The green dragon Dretchroyaster moves his lair from tunnels south of Myth Drannor to a crystalline plant near the ruined City of Song.
    • The Magister Imrul Athelzedar approaches Noumea Drathchuld, a librarian in Silverymoon's Vault of Sages, and takes her as his apprentice (and future sucessor).
    • The daring thief Asilther Graelor steals almost the entire hoard of the black dragon Shammagar from his lair in the mountains north of Waterdeep. After fruitlessly searching for Asilther for the better part of a season, Shammagar relocates his lair and remaining treasure to an unnamed island in the Trackless Sea.

    1353/Year of the Arch
    • "A Virtue by Reflection" ("Realms of Valor" Story VI)
    • "The Nether Scroll" begins.
    • Randal Morn kills the Zhent ruler Malyk, and frees much of Daggerdale (but not Dagger Falls) from the Zhents.
    • Doust Sulwood retires to Arabel
    • Mourngrym Amcathra becomes Lord of Shadowdale.
    • The main buildings of Helm's Stead are fortified; the monastery is renamed Helm's Hold.
    • The Company of Eight begins to fight against the schemes of Ernest Gallowglass and his predatory son in Tethyr.
    • The Carrion Count of Tannar, Lantan of Pelmarin, is slain by the bard Tamshan.
    • Volludan, guildmaster of the Shadowmasters of Telflamm, is killed and the stolen Red Book of War is lost as the ship he was travelling on sinks north of Cape Dragonfang.
    • The Night Masks, a band of thieves, assassins and enforcers who operate largely by night, are established in Westgate by a doppleganger mage known as "the Faceless" and a handful of merchants, who take to calling themselves the Night Masters. The guild, whose symbol is a domino mask, quickly comes to control most of the illegal doings in town, although the Shore Patrol, a loose confederation of street gangs, thieves, thugs, and outcasts of all sorts, resists assimilation.
    • The Faceless and the Night Masters of Westgate are protected from scrying by a device stolen from the temple of Leira. It consists of a tree rack and twelve white porcelain masks painted with black domino masks about the eye slits that, once recharged on the tree rack, protect anyone wearing them for at least an hour for up to four days from magical detection and divination.
    • The settlement of Llorkh in the Delimbyr Vale comes under the sway of the Zhentarim after Geildarr Ithym is installed as leader following the untimely demise of the previous lord, Phintarn Redblade.

    1354/Year of the Bow
    • Prologue of "Rising Tide": The malenti priestess Laaqueel frees Iakhovas from his prison under the Shining Sea.
    • Prosperous harvest in the Realms.
    • Mulmaster's "New Fleet" destroyed in battle with the navy of Zhentil Keep.
    • Maalthiir becomes ruler of Hillsfar.
    • House of the Lady (Tymora) established in Shadowdale.
    • Dunkelzhan of Candlekeep writes The Origin Myths -- A Treatise.
    • The Night of Fire: The Four Mages of Felshroun defend the Free Barony against a Red Wizard attack (Border Kingdoms).
    • Balagos the great red wyrm attacks and devours the sage Thoravus of Athkatla.
    • The Company of Eight, a Tethyrian adventuring company, saves the gold dragon Garlokantha. The dragon and the adventurers become firm allies.
    • The Magister Imrul Athelzedar is attacked and killed by Eron Imgrym of Shiertalar. Imrul's apprentice Noumea becomes Magister (reigns 1354 to 1370).
    • The High Captains of Luskan come fully under the sway of the Arcane Brotherhood, cementing its secret rule over the city.

    1355/Year of the Harp
    • "Elminster at the Magefair" ("Realms of Valor" Story II)
    • Zhentil Keep takes control of the Citadel of the Raven due to a clever act of treachery.
    • Retreat of the elves from Cormanthor reaches its peak.
    • Yulash falls in civil war
    • The Red Plumes of Hillsfar and Zhentil Keep move troops to Yulash. Both parties want outright control of the city.
    • Shaerl Rowanmantle sent by Vangerdahast to Shadowdale.
    • Shaerl and Mourngrym wed.
    • Great fires rage across the Shining Plains.
    • The Knights of Myth Drannor and their allies repulse a Zhentarim attack against Shadowdale.
    • The mage Whisper is slain by Doust Sulwood and his companions beneath the Haunted Halls of Eveningstar.
    • Doust Sulwood comes from the west to Shadowdale with the Pendant of Ashaba, and claims the high seat.
    • Eilistraee's faithful establish the Promenade of the Dark Maiden, a temple complex in Undermountain.
    • Helm "Dwarf-friend" becomes ruler of Sundabar.
    • Amril Zoar, scion of the exiled Waterdhavian family of the same name, slays two secret Lords of Waterdeep, Lady Tamaeril Bladesemmer and Resengar the Whitebeard, and badly wounds Open Lord Peirgeiron. After being apprehended, he is spared execution by the intercession of Storm Silverhand of the Harpers.

    1356/Year of the Worm
    • "The Crystal Shard" ends Drizzt Do'Urden and Wulfgar kill Icingdeath (Eleasias). Battle of Icewind Dale (Eleasias).
    • "Streams of Silver"
    • "The Halfling's Gem" begins
    • "The Lord of Lowhill" ("Realms of Valor" Story I)
    • Siege of Dragonspear Castle.
    • Selfaril of Mulmaster and the Tharchioness of the Tarch of Eltabbar in Thay, known as the First Princess of Thay outside the Thay, exchange betrothal gifts.
    • Lashan of Scardale proclaims himself king of the dales in Flamerule, and set a full scale invasion against the other dales in motion. But his empire is short-lived and his army is destroyed late the same year by the combined forces of Cormyr, Sembia, Zhentil Keep and the Dales. Scardale now houses garrisons from all forces, working to keep the peace.
    • Cormyr seizes Tilverton.
    • Founding of the Iron Throne.
    • The Statues That Walk begin animating in Mulhorand.
    • Lyran the Pretender attacks Shadowdale.
    • The temple of Bane in Voonlar is sacked by Shadowdale forces. 400 prisoners, including drow and Zhentarim, are taken (Ruins of ZK, FR7 Hall of Heroes).
    • The most recent flight of dragons occurs, causing much havoc across Faerūn. Though the Cult of the Dragon claims responsibility, the true cause of such events remains a mystery.
    • As part of the Flight of Dragons that afflicts the Moonsea and eastern Heartlands, Westgate is attacked by a young adult male black dragon named Xuntlarmerphyn, the last surviving hatchling of Aglistralarraghautha. Many ships in Westgate's harbor are sunk before the wyrm is slain by the concerted attacks of the city's wizards, priests, and warriors.
    • The ghost dragon Ghaulantatra, a white dragon in life, finally slays the eye tyrant that murdered her.
    • Sembia bans the elven races from Sembian soil.
    • In Eleasias, king Azoun IV's daughter Alusair Nacacia runs away. Her reason is unknown but she is spotted in Tilverton but not found.
    • Death of Sylune of Shadowdale.
    • An attacking wave of dragons is diverted from Silverymoon, but the city has an official ride in mourning anyway, because the sister of Lady Alustriel, Sylune, died in combat with a dragon in Shadowdale.
    • Two known Red Wizards are crushed while standing on the docks in Alaghon. The druids of the Enclave are suspected.
    • Dabron Sashenstar charts a passage through the Novularond Peaks to Sossal. He also discovers the tower of the long-dead mage Caddelyn.
    • The deep tunnels under Hellgate Keep now connect with the Nameless Dungeon to the southwest under the High Forest.
    • The High Captain Suljack of Luskan addresses the Merchant's League in Baldur's Gate.
    • The Knights of Myth Drannor close the underground passage to the Drow realm under the Tower of Ashaba. Thus ending the trade between Zhentil Keep and the dark elves.
    • Hordes of adventuring bands start expeditions to the fables ruins of Myth Drannor.
    • The Palace of Skulls reappears in Llyrath Forest (Moonshaes)
    • Gharri of Gond, out of Tilverton, is killed in a magical battle with Zhentarim wizards near Serpentsbridge in Daggerdale.
    • Fiends out of Dragonspear Castle and a strange magical mist that blankets the region around it, cause chaos throughout the trade routes of the Sword Coast North until the devils are finally defeated by the combined forces of Waterdeep and Baldur's Gate.
    • Akar Kessel and his army are defeated by the combined forces of the Ten Towns, the dwarves of Clan Battlehammer and the barbarians of the Icewind Dale led by Wulfgar, son of Beornegar.
    • Bruenor Battlehammer and the Company of the Hall re-discover Mithral Hall and slay the shadow dragon known as Shimmergloom.

    1357/Year of the Prince
    • "The Halfling's Gem" ends.
    • "Crypt of the Shadowking": The Harpers Caledan Caledorian and Mari Al'Maren destroy the Shadow King in the crypts beneath Irieabor, after the Shadow King kills the Zhentarim ruler Ravendas. The Zhentarim lose control of the City of a Thousand Spires.
    • "Crown of Fire"
    • "Dark Mirror" ("Realms of Valor" Story XI)
    • "The Legacy"
    • "Starless Night"
    • "Azure Bonds": On the 6th of Kythorn, the avatar of Moander, the Jawed God, appears over the city of Westgate battling Mistinarperadnacles Hai Draco, a female red dragon allied with Alias of the Magic Arm, a saurial paladin named Dragonbait, a halfling bard named Olive Ruskettle, and a mage from Turmish named Akabar Bel Akash. Both Moander and the red wyrm are destroyed in a great conflagration over the city, and their shattered forms rain down over the northwestern end of the city, destroying parts of the city wall, the Dhostar warehouses, and the slum area known as the Shore. Two days later, an earthquake centered on the Hill of Fangs west of the city rocks Westgate shortly after dawn. The tremor is the result of a great battle between Alias and her friends on one hand and those who had created the swordswoman with the magic arm on the other hand, including a guild of assassins known as the Fire Knives, the sorceress Cassana of Westgate, and the lich Zrie Prakis, all of whom are destroyed.
    • "Spellfire": Shandril Shessair kills a dracolich of the Dragon Cult and does heavy damage to Zhentil Keep and the Citadel of the Raven with Spellfire.
    • During the months of Flamerule, Eleasias, and Eleint, the Night Masks battle the Shore Patrol for control of Westgate's criminal underworld. Adventurers, hired by the city's merchant nobility as bounty hunters, deliver a sharp check to the ambitions of the Night Masks. Their efforts thwart a plot by the ruling Pentad of Night Masters to transform Westgate into a theocracy of Mask, the Shadowlord.
    • Lady Alustriel forges an alliance with Bruenor Battlehammer of Mithril Hall and helps defend the dwarf halls against the Baenre drow clan.
    • Aumark Lithyl unifies Ruathym.
    • King Virdin of Damara killed in battle with Zhengyi the Witch-King.
    • Manshoon and Fzoul Chembryl are taken ill but are healed.
    • The Pharoah Akonhorus of Mulhorand is assassinated by the Cult of Set, leaving Horustep III (age 11) on the throne of Mulhorand.
    • Slave riots in Messemprar.
    • Gauntylgrym is re-discovered by the Company of the Gryphon.
    • Zhentil Keep wins a naval battle against Mulmaser and Melvaunt. (Ruins of ZK)
    • Civil War in Melvaunt.
    • The bard Ivryn Olindarr writes the comedic play Three Black Horses.
    • Malarkin Norlbertusz of Ordulin writes the play Much Ado in Sembia.
    • The Salamander War: The Tharchion of Lapendrar, allied with the Zulkirs of Enchantment and Conjuration, open a Gate to the Elemental Plane of Fire, and begin a campaign against the North Coast Cities.
    • A second Thayan army of zombies invades Rashemen but is turned back.
    • Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun travels to the stronghold of the band known as The Nine in the High Forest and frees the leader - Laerel Silverhand, one of the 7 Sisters - from the Crown of Horns and its curse and therefore also from Myrkuls influence. Laeral returns with him to Waterdeep for more healing, and after that, they are inseparable and she is referred to as Lady Arunsun (City of Splendors).
    • A tribe of kobolds takes up residence in the Maiden's Tomb Tor, unnoticed by Waterdeep.
    • The dwarves of the Ironeater Clan reclaim the ruined halls of Illefarn.
    • Geildarr becomes lord of Llorkh after the murder of Phintarn 'Redblade', the previous lord. Dwarves start disappearing in Llorkh.
    • The Tome of the Unicorn is stolen from Ruathym's Green Rooms royal library.
    • Shairksah, an evil merchant and mage, is banished from Amn for threatening to kill other merchants with magical creatures he controls or conjures from his home in Murann.
    • During the Festival of the Assumption, Gilgeam destroys a giant dragon turtle in Unthalass Harbor.
    • Haverstrom Lhal, husband of Myrmeen Lhal of Arabel, dies.
    • Cormyrean troops invade Tilverton, under some protests from the citizens.
    • The forces of Luskan attack Ruathym, successfully plundering much of the island and sinking that realm's ships. They establish a presence there and subjugate the local population and shipping.
    • The thief Asilther Graelor seizes a Luskan ship heavily-laden with treasure from Ruathym and pilots it to the abode of the black dragon Shammagar on an unnamed island in the Trackless Sea, thereby in part repaying her debt to him.
    • Bruenor Battlehammer and dwarves of Clan Battlehammer reclaim Mithral Hall from the duergar of Clan Bukbukken with the aid of dwarves from Citadel Adbar. Bruenor Battlehammer is crowned Eighth King of Mithral Hall.
    • A tribe of kobolds led by their chieftain Kuthil takes up residence in the caverns beneath Maiden's Tomb Tor.

    1333 CR
    326 NR
    0 PR/Year of Shadows
    • "Shadows of the Avatar Trilogy" ("Shadows of Doom", "Cloak of Shadows", "All Shadows Fled")
    • The Time of Troubles; gods walk the Realms. - The "Avatar Trilogy" ("Shadowdale", "Tantras" and "Waterdeep"). (Months : Kythorn through Marpenoth). Destruction of Bane, Bhaal, Myrkul, Waukeen, and perhaps other gods (Leira). Ascendancy of Cyric and Midnight.
      • Dead magic and wild magic areas appear in the Realms.
      • Anhur claims the portfolio of Ramman, after the latter is killed by Hoar. He also battles the avatar of Sekolah in the Alambar, in the "Battle of Summer Storms".
      • Auril stalks the Great Glacier.
      • Azuth is present at the Pool of Yeven, on the River Ashaba.
      • Bane travels to Zhentil Keep, Castle Kilgrave, Scardale, and Tantras (where he is killed).
      • Beshaba fights with Tymora in the North.
      • Bhaal is present at the Haunted Halls of Eveningstar, and Boarskyr Bridge (where he is killed).
      • Clangeddin Silverbeard appeared on the isle of Ruathym.
      • Deep Duerra's avatar appears to duergar under the mountains of Turmish and leads them on a campaign of conquest.
      • Deneir graces Twilight Hall in Berdusk with his presence.
      • Eldath appears in the Misty Forest.
      • Garagos rampages through Westgate's harbor before wading out into the Sea of Fallen Stars, leaving a blood-red harbor in his wake. In the aftermath of the Reaver's rampage, trade in Westgate is sharply impacted by the magical chaos that accompanies the Fall of the Gods.
      • Geb leads his followers to the Ship of the Gods, where they build a temple to him.
      • Gond Wonderbringer falls to Lantan in the form of a gnome. He gives the Lantanese the secrets of smoke powder and guns.
      • Gwaeron Windstrom pursues Malar throughout the North.
      • Helm spends the Troubles guarding the Nexus of the Planes.
      • Hoar possessed King Hippartes of Akanax and attacked Unther. He was driven from the field by Anhur.
      • Ilmater roams the Bloodstone Lands.
      • Labelas Enorath appeared on the isle of Ruathym.
      • Lliira appears in both Shadowdale and Cormanthor.
      • Lolth appeared to her faithful in Menzoberranzan.
      • Malar stalks the Gulthmere and is challenged by Nobanion. He is driven north and west towards the Sword Coast.
      • Mielikki stays in her stronghold, the Tall Trees, within the High Forest.
      • Milil appears in Athkatla.
      • Myrkul dies in Waterdeep.
      • Mystra is known to have visited Castle Kilgrave.
      • Oghma calls on his patriarch in Procampur.
      • Ramman is killed by Hoar, but passes his portfolio on the Anhur.
      • The Red Knight is rumored to have slaughtered a huge host of monsters in the Forest of Tethir.
      • Selune is in Waterdeep, foiling Shar's plots.
      • Selvetarm rampages through the drow city of Eryndlyn, attacking the faithful of Ghaunadar and Vhaeraun.
      • Shar spends the Troubles in Waterdeep, pretending to be Selune (hoping to draw her out in order to kill her).
      • Sharess was in Calimport, where she was saved from Shar by Sune.
      • Shiallia spent the Troubles repairing much of the damages caused by Malar's northern rampages.
      • Siamorphe manifests in Waterdeep and protected North and Sea Wards from much of the damages caused by Myrkul's Legions.
      • Silvanus is rumored to have roamed the Winterwood and the Chondalwood, and to have visited Ilighon.
      • Ssethh kills Vaerae and absorbs his portfolio; the snake-god also appears in Chult.
      • Sune is known to have been in Teziir, in the avatar of a beautiful woman with silky scarlet hair and fiery red-brown eyes.
      • Talona meets with the wizard Aballister and leads him to Castle Trinity, in the northern Snowflake Mountains.
      • Talos was in Tsurlagol.
      • Tempus appears on battlefields in Battledale and Mistledale.
      • Torm was in Tantras, where he punished an unfaithful cleric and killed Bane.
      • Tymora held worship in her church in Arabel.
      • Ulutiu spent the Troubles slumbering under the Great Glacier.
      • Umberlee was active in the Sea of Fallen Stars and around the Pirate Isles, causing havoc and driving away many pirate worshippers.
      • Xvim spent the Troubles imprisoned beneath Zhentil Keep.

    • Ao's voice is heard by many in Waterdeep, and his temple is established on the ruins in the market.
    • Rise of the mortals Cyric and Midnight to godhood.
    • Mulhorand launches a fleet of ships to capture the Alaor from Thay; more than half the fleet sinks from storms and sahuagin attacks. Mulhorand spends the rest of the year defending its port cities against sea devil attacks.
    • The Summer Storms War claims the lives of many sahaugin of the Alamber as well as over thirty ships and 2,000 people of Mulhorand as the god-king's forces clash with the sea devils. The visitations of Sekolah, Anhur, Umberlee, and other lesser water powers cause many disruptions. The mythal barrier around Myth Nantar crackles and surges but holds against attempts to break the barrier.
    • The demi-power Malyk appears in the Underdark following Mystra's destruction.
    • Following the Godswar, the priesthood of Waukeen loses its' hold over the city of Nesme.
    • Shortly after the Time of Troubles, the temple of Leira in Westgate is looted and burned. A magical mesh chain helm of disguise covered with platinum coins struck with the glyph of the Lady of Mists goes missing, stolen by the Night Masks.
    • The Shadow Thieves of Amn lose the entire membership of the Shade Council and two-thirds of their assassin members thanks to the machinations of the gods. In response, they undergo a sweeping reorganization.
    • "Wyvern's Spur" (Ches; pre-Time o Troubles): Flattery Wyvernspur is hunted and destroyed.
    • "Song of the Saurials": Moander returns to the Forgotten Vale and takes control of the settlement of Saurials, but is driven back into the Planes by Alias, Dragonbait, and others along with the "Nameless Bard" Finder Wyvernspur. Finder destroys Moander and becomes a demi-power himself.
    • The Luskanite presence in Ruathym is forced out by the combined diplomatic and military pressure brought to bear by the Lords' Alliance.
    • Mourngrym and Shaerl have a son, Scotti.
    • Gilgeam kills Tiamat. Tiamat's deific essence is split into three pieces, one of which inhabits the red dragon Tchazzar.
    • "Siege of Darkness": The drow of Menzoberranzan raid Mithril Hall.
    • Arvoreen's Marchers forms in Tethyr to patrol and protect the Purple Marches.
    • The Wandering Seed of the Goddess Wilaundaun Braer, Patriarch of Chauntea, disappears somewhere in the Fallen Lands or south of Weathercote Wood. The Glarathra vanishes with him.
    • The beholder crime-lord Xanathar is slain by adventurers, at the command of the Lords of Waterdeep. The Eye of Undermountain seems to have had a hand in this.
    • The Calishite mage Shond Tharovin unleashes the demilich Shoon VII on Zallanora Argentresses, a young female elf mage, and the spirits of the undead Qysar and the young elf switch bodies.
    • "A Slow Day in Skullport" (Realms of the Underdark Story III; month of Eleasias)
    • Collapse of the Ebondeath Sect in the Mere of Dead Men due to the destruction of Myrkul.
    • High Lady Alustriel cements an alliance with King Bruenor Battlehammer of Mithral Hall by aiding the dwarves in their war against the drow of Menzoberranzan.
    • The city of Luskan and its various affiliated island realms of the Trackless Sea form the Captain's Confederation.
  8. Carnis77
    1359/Year of the Serpent
    • "Horselords"
    • "Dragonwall" begins.
    • "The Night Parade"
    • Zhengyi (The Witch King) is destroyed.
    • Damara united by Gareth Dragonsbane.
    • Tuigan horde united beneath its Khahan. Yamun Khahan invades Kara-Tur.
    • Hubadai (son of Yamun) invades Semphar. The Caliph flees to Iliphanar. After a short siege the city falls, and the Caliph, the Emir of Iliphanar, and their advisors are burned alive inside the palace.
    • Battle of Shar's Pass: On Uktar 15, the Tuigans under Batu Min Ho battle the Red Wizards to a standstill. The Griffon Legion is almost completely destroyed.
    • A new type of dragon, the "cinnamon dragon", is discovered in Turmish.
    • The Risen Cult of Bane surfaces in the Moonshaes.
    • The dwarves of Tethyamar are said to have returned to the mountains to reclaim their lands.
    • The Men of the Red Kestrel find dwarves frozen into the Great Glacier.
    • The Order of the Silver Chalice, the only fighting order dedicated to the goddess Siamorphe, is founded in Tethyr.
    • Trails are broken for a new route linking Esmeltaran with the now-prosperous city of Keczulla.
    • Mt. Ugruth in Turmish rumbles threateningly for several months before subsiding.
    • Rumors of The Book of Fangs and Talons being carried through the forests of the North by chanting Malarites surface.
    • Fleeing the rebellion in Unther after Gilgeam's death, priests of the fallen god-king re-occupy the Citadel of Black Ash
    • The Eye of Undermountain becomes the second Xanathar, assuming the identity of its now- dead rival.
    • Ixitxachitl temporarily conquer some areas of northeastern Hmur Plateau (beneath the Fangrocks), but are ousted from their redoubts within the year.
    • A War King of the duergar, Olorn Ridaugar, appears to be massing the dark dwarves under Turmish.
    • The long-lost Throne of Shanatar is said to have been found in a lagoon on an island in the Race.
    • Erevis Cale arrives in Selgaunt from Westgate.
    • Mirt the Moneylender of Waterdeep takes to the seas and hunts down and destroys a ship of Luskan, The Black Basilisk, crewed by ambitious younger mages and apprentices of the Arcane Brotherhood. This vessel has been hunting down pirates and transforming them into servile undead, forming an ever-growing "Dead Fleet". With the defeat of The Black Basilisk, the "Dead Fleet" is scattered and safety returns to the waters off the Sword Coast.

    1360/Year of the Turret
    • "Curse of the Shadowmage"
    • "King's Tear" ("Realms of Valor" Story VII)
    • "Crusade"
    • "The Parched Sea": Through the efforts of a Harper hero named Lander (who is killed) and the witch Ruha, the Harpers manage to put a good dent into Zhentarim caravan operations in the Anauroch desert.
    • "The Curse of Tegea" ("Realms of Valor" Story X)
    • Tuigan horde invades Faerūn. Citadel Rashemar in Rashemen is destroyed. (Spellbound)
    • Crusade of The Alliance against the Tuigan. King Azoun IV kills Yamun Khahan in the 2nd Battle of the Golden Way in Thesk.
    • Many mercinaries depart Tethyr to participate in the Crusade against the Tuigan.
    • Elminster addresses the Lord's Alliance.
    • The famed bard Mintipur Moonsilver writes the Ballad of a Tyrant.
    • The long-lost Wyrmskull Throne of Shanatar is discovered by pirates in the Bay of Skulls in the sheltering lee of Hook Isle.
    • The Calishite mage Ondeeme razes the realm of Phaeradur in the Border Kingdoms, establishing his own self-titled holding.
    • The red wyrm Klauth is ambushed by two white dragons, Aerihykloarara and Ruuthundrarar, and the blue wyrm Irdrithkryn. He slays all three of his assailants in a spectacular aerial battle which rages from the Iceflow to the Fell Pass.

    1361/Year of the Maidens
    • "Elfshadow": The Harper Assassin plagues the North. Danilo Thann and Arilyn Moonblade discover that the assassin is really the gold elf Kymil Nimesin.
    • "Daughter of the Drow"
    • "The Direct Approach" (Realms of Magic Story XVIV; 4 days between Liriel Book I & II)
    • "Tangled Webs"
    • The "Cleric Quintet" ("Canticle", "In Sylvan Shadows", "Night Masks", "Fallen Fortress", "The Chaos Curse") begins
    • The Revelation of the True World of Maztica. The "Maztica Trilogy" ("Ironhelm", "Viperhand", "Feathered Dragon") begins.
    • Danilo Thann becomes a Harper.
    • The Edificant Library is destroyed during the Trinity Conflicts.
    • A group of vampire-hunting adventurers, the Foes of the Fang, forms in Waterdeep.
    • The Banedeath - holy war in Zhentil Keep. Orthodox Banite worship driven underground in that city.
    • The Black Lord's Cloak in Mourktar is swelled with refugee Baneites.
    • Thydrim Yvarrg becomes Huhrong of Rashemen.
    • Four Cult of the Dragon archmages arrive outside of Silverymoon and unleash spells to draw Alustriel out. She and Taern "Thunderspell" Hornblades dispatch two of them easily, but Taern and the other Spellguard members are soon kept busy with a dracolich unleashed on the southern walls of the city. Alustriel defeats another Cult mage, but only the timely arrival of Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun and Laeral Silverhand saved Alustriel's life against the final archmage.
    • The forces of Waterdeep attack the kobolds of Maiden's Tomb Tor and drive them deep within the mountain.
    • The Drow of the Underdark find a new passage to the surface in the eastern Dragonspine Mountains, after being locked out of Shadowdale in 1356 DR. They begin trading with Zhentil Keep again.
    • Word reaches Tethyr and Calimshan of the Amnite discovery of the western lands of Maztica.
    • The pirate-captain Teldar rises to take Immurk's Seat as king of the Inner Sea pirates.
    • Victor Dhostar, son Croamarkh Luer Dhostar and one of the Night Masters of Westgate, becomes "the Faceless" after secretly killing his predecessor and seizing the helm of disguise previously looted from the temple of Leira. Victor begins rebuilding the Night Masks, eventually subsuming the Shore Patrol confederation into his organization.
    • Zhentarim infiltrate Anauroch.
    • Thamalon Uskevren hires Erevis Cale as his butler.
    • The plotting of the Kraken Society sees Ruathym pitted against the sea elves of the surrounding region and Luskan. Pressure from the Lord's Alliance sees Luskan give up its conquest while the Society's plot is foiled by Liriel Baenre and her companion Fyodor.
    • Rumors of the Harper Assassin travel throughout Waterdeep and pilgrims and soldiers of the Church of Helm announce the discovery of Maztica.
    • The dragon Lhammaruntosz forms the Scaly Eye merchant shipping line which operates along the coastal regions of the Sword Coast and the North.
    • The kobolds beneath Maiden's Tomb Tor are discovered and then attacked by the Waterdeep Guard and various mercenary groups, causing them to flee into deeper caverns which are then sealed.

    1362/Year of the Helm
    • The "Cleric Quintet" ends
    • The "Maztica Trilogy" ends
    • "The Sapphire Crescent" starts.
    • "The Ring of Winter": The Harper Artus Cimber finds and wins the long-lost Ring of Winter in the Jungles of Chult and returns to the mainland with it.
    • "The Bargain" ("Realms of Valor" IV)
    • "Patronage" ("Realms of Valor" Story V)
    • "Grandfather's Toys" ("Realms of Valor" Story IX)
    • "Red Magic"
    • The Knights of the Black Gauntlet seize power in the city-state of Mintar on the Lake of Steam.
    • King Bruenor Battlehammer abdicates his throne in favor of Gandalug Battlehammer, First King of Mithral Hall, saved from the clutches of House Baenre of Menzoberranzan four years previously. Gandalug is now both First and Ninth King of Mithral Hall.

    1363/Year of the Wyvern
    • The Way Inn destroyed by hordes from Dragonspear Castle (The North, FRQ2 Hordes of Dragonspear). The Battle of Daggerford.
    • The Battle of Daggerford.
    • The Council Schism of Amn results in the deaths of the Meisarch, Namarch, and Pommarch of the Council of Six, who are soon replaced.
    • Vurgrom the "Mighty" challenges Teldar, drives him into exile in Thesk, then takes control of the pirates, claiming Immurk's seat as king of the Inner Sea pirates.
    • Tazi meets Steorf.

    c. 1364
    • The Sembian Cult of the Dragon steps up its activities against the Zhentarim, attacking caravans and attempting to usurp control of various trade routes.

    1364/Year of the Wave
    • "Passage to Dawn"
    • "Elfsong"
    • "The Veiled Dragon"
    • "Silver Shadows"
    • "The Silent Blade"
    • The Shieldmeet festival falls on this year.
    • The Way Inn is rebuilt.
    • Baron Thuragar Foesmasher becomes ruler of newly-independent Sespech.
    • Droughts, increased monster activity, and political unrest plague Waterdeep for months leading up to Midsummer. A green dragon and an apparently mad bard disrupt the Shieldmeet ceremonies at the Field of Triumph, nearly upsetting the Lord's Rule.
    • Danilo Thann becomes a Lord of Waterdeep.
    • Alzegund the Trader, a Red Wizard agent, is found murdered. He is replaced by the wizardess Naglatha.
    • The Flaming Fist, a mercenary company out of Baldur's Gate, establishes Fort Flame just off the Bay of Balduran on the continent of Maztica. A second Amnian colony, Qoral, is established farther inland.
    • The green dragon Dretchroyaster undergoes the Cult of the Dragon's transformation and becomes a dracolich.
    • Iltharagh, a topaz dragon, undergoes the process to become a dracolich.
    • The vampiress Shyressa is driven from Castle Nethmarch, and her slave vampires are either flushed out or destroyed by a trio of vampire hunters. Shortly thereafter, their employer, Nails of the Lady Dlatha Faenar, a priestess of Beshaba, takes residence and renames the keep the Spires Against the Stars.
    • An agent of the Knights of the Shield assassinates Pasha Balik of Zazzesspur in his bed.
    • A green dragon, Grimnoshtdrano "the Riddling Dragon", and the bard and ex-Harper Iriador "Garnet" Wintermist disrupt Shieldmeet in Waterdeep, nearly upsetting the Lords' Rule.
    • The topaz dragon Iltharagh, who lairs near the mouth of the Iceflow north of Luskan, becomes a dracolich.
    • The venerable steel dragon Zundaerazylym tears apart Aerlenden "Shadowtalons" Mardilaer, a wizard of the Arcane Brotherhood over the Sea of Swords off the coast of Neverwinter.

    1365/Year of the Sword
    • "Stormlight"
    • "The Druidhome Trilogy" ("Prophet of Moonshae", "The Coral Kingdom", "The Druid Queen").
    • "The Spine of the World" begins
    • Alicia Kendrick becomes High Queen of the Moonshaes. Piergeiron of Waterdeep attends the coronation, and rumors that the Paladinson is taken with Alicia, but not she with him, spread furiously through Waterdeep.
    • Limited trade is established between Waterdeep and the lands of Maztica and Zakhara. The high-risk ventures (as many as 60% of the ships are lost at sea) are jointly managed by the priesthood of Helm and various noble families.
    • New Waterdeep is established on the Gulf of Kultaka, Maztica.
    • The Sembian Cult of the Dragon cell convinces Malygris, a blue dragon of Anauroch, to become a dracolich. This dracolich then attacks, kills, and replaces the ruler of the Great Desert's loose society of blue dragons.
    • The blue dracolich Alasklerbanbastos controls a large cell of the Cult of the Dragon in Chessenta along with a flight of chromatic dragons.
    • Death of Grintharke and many of the greater tanar'ri of Hellgate Keep. Beginning of the rule of the Triumvirate over the Keep.
    • The red dracolich Gotha, created by Talos and sent to the Moonshae Isles to serve the God of Destruction purposes, is killed by the Princess Alicia Kendrick, who was briefly the earthly avatar of the goddess the Earthmother.
    • Arklem Greeth hands day to day authority over the Arcane Brotherhood to his chief assistant Queltar Thaeloon, the "Wizard of Green Fire".

    1366/Year of the Staff
    • "King Pinch"
    • "The Soldiers of Ice"
    • "War in Tethyr, Pt. I"
    • "The Spine of the World" ends
    • "Servant of the Shard"
    • "The Twilight Giants Trilogy" ("The Ogre's Pact", "The Giant Among Us", "The Titan of Twilight")
    • First Princess of Thay marries Selfaril of Mulmaster.
    • The famed Knights of the Sword Coast retire in Waterdeep.
    • Lord Chess becomes ruler of Zhentil Keep.
    • Fall of Amassyra the Tricoil; rule of Hellgate Keep now falls to Ssaam of the Five Hands and Mulvassyss the Sceptered.
    • A Red Wizard in Turmish dies when his residence is repeatedly struck by lightning bolts during a freak summer storm. The druids of the Emerald Enclave are suspected in the attack.
    • Zaranda Star purchases County Morninggold from the Order of the Silver Chalice.
    • Sponsored primarily by the Council of Six and Lord Pulth Tanislove of Keczulla, the Gem Road between Keczulla and Esmelatarn is completed.
    • Enrathman Hokump, Lord High Commander of the Citadel of Black Ash in Unther, converts to the worship of Set.
    • Manshoon relocates the resources of the Zhentarim to the Citadel of the Raven.
    • A quartet of illithids openly slay Baron Alahar Khaumfros of Yartar, the Kraken Society's leading agent in the Dessarin Valley.

    1367/Year of the Shield
    • "The Shadow Stone": Aeron Morieth becomes the Stormwalker of the Maerchwood.
    • "War in Tethyr, Pt. II" [This period runs from Mirtul 1367 to Tarsakh 1368.]
    • "Prologue" & "Epilogue" (Realms of Magic Story I & Frame Story)
    • "Murder in Cormyr"
    • "At the Publishing House" & "Back at the Publishing House" (Realms of the Underdark Story I & Frame story)
    • "Murder in Halruaa"
    • "Once Around the Realms"
    • "Thieves' Reward" (Realms of Magic Story XIII)
    • "Thieves' Honor" (Realms of Infamy Story XIV)
    • "That Curious Sword" (Realms of Shadow Story VI)
    • In Mirabar, an enterprising wizardess named Shoundra manages to set herself up as Sceptrana (ruler) of the city.
    • Trolltide turns deadly in Waterdeep as people begin polymorphing into trolls.
    • After strange events in the Rat Hills send a cloud of smoke over Waterdeep, many Waterdhavians contract a mild plague.
    • Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun reveals himself publicly as a Lord of Waterdeep, then resigns and presents his masked successor (Danilo Thann).
    • Garrik Oakspear flees from the Xanathar deep into Undermountain, where Muiral delivers him to Halaster.
    • A major earthquake destroys much of Eltabbar.
    • The Harpell family of Longsaddle completes construction of its magic road from Longsaddle to Nesme.
    • The orc horde of King Greniere marches on the Citadel of Many Arrows. Greniere's orcs war with the orc horde of King Obould. Both sides are routed by the dwarven forces of King Emerus Warcrown and his Silverymoon allies. The dwarves take over the citadel and restore its ancient name of Citadel Felbarr.
    • Two nights of emerald green snow in Nightal fall upon Silverymoon and the area within two days' ride of the city. The snow disappears quickly, but leads to fantastic plant growth and fruit production.
    • The Time of the Beast. Some wise men prophecy that the beasts who once ruled the land will soon return to claim it.
    • Radoc and his mongrelman army attack Hellgate Keep and both sides suffer grave losses. Ssaarn the marilith is slain by her co-leader, giving Mulvassyss the Many-Sceptered sole control over Hellgate Keep.
    • The Days of Terror in Zazesspur.
    • A plague strikes the city of Procampur.
    • Bold Faerūnian pirates descend beneath the waves of the Inner Sea to the Hmur Plateau, seeking treasure. Plunderering a dragon turtle's cave amid the plateau cliffs, they pay for their invasion with their lives, although some pirates do escape with magical treasures.
    • A mongrelman army led by Radoc attacks Hellgate Keep out of the High Forest and both sides suffer grave losses. Ssaarn the marilith is slain and Mulvassyss rules Hellgate Keep.
    • A great conflagration in the Rat Hills, south of Waterdeep, causes the Unseen to move its base wholly within the City of Splendors.
    • The Eye conquers the Xanathar Thieves Guild in Waterdeep.
    • The wizard Shoundra establishes herself as Sceptrana of Mirabar, and rules the city in union with the Council of Sparkling Stones and Marchion Elastul Raurym.

    1368/Year of the Banner
    • "The Grinning Ghost of Taverton Hall" (Realms of Mystery Story XIV; month of Eleasias)
    • "The Mage in the Iron Mask"
    • "Masquerades": Alias of Westgate and Dragonbait return to Westgate in the month of Mirtul on a visit to Mintassan the Sage and are hired by the Croamarkh to curtail the activities of the Night Masks. Victor Dhostar, son of Croamarkh Luer Dhostar and head of the Night Masks, secretly murders his father, framing him as "the Faceless", and then unleashes iron golems on the merchant nobility at the annual Regatta Masquerade ball. Victor is then elected Interim Croamarkh by the newly elevated heads of the heads of the merchant houses, who are unaware of his perfidy. The two adventurers and a handful of Harper allies eventually unmask the Faceless and severely disrupt the operations of the Night Masks. Victor is slain shortly after proclaiming himself king of Westgate, and the late King Verovan's treasure is briefly found before being lost for good. Durgar the Just of Tyr, a priest, judge, and head of the city watch of Westgate, is elected interim Croamarkh.
    • "Baldur's Gate": Sarevok, spawn of the dead god Bhaal, plots with the Iron Throne to start a war between Amn and Baldur's Gate. Scar of the Flaming Fists and Grand Duke Eltan of Baldur's Gate are slain. Another spawn of Bhaal, Abdel Adrian, confronts Sarevok and slays him.
    • "Thornhold" ends.
    • "The Simbul's Gift"
    • "Finder's Bane"
    • "Tymora's Luck"
    • "Faces of Deception"
    • "The Nether Scroll"
    • "The Prince of Lies"
    • "Dream Spheres"
    • "Speaking with the Dead" (Realms of Mystery Story I)
    • "A Walk in the Snow" (Realms of Mystery Story II)
    • "The Rose Window" (Realms of Mystery Story III)
    • "The Club Rules" (Realms of Mystery Story IV)
    • "Thieves' Justice" (Realms of Mystery Story V)
    • "Ekhar Lorrent: Gnome Detective" (Realms of Mystery Story VI)
    • "The Devil and Tertius Wands" (Realms of Mystery Story VII)
    • "H" (Realms of Mystery Story VIII)
    • "Strange Bedfellows" (Realms of Mystery Story IX)
    • "Whence the Song of Steel" (Realms of Mystery Story X)
    • "An Unusual Suspect" (Realms of Mystery Story XI)
    • "Darkly, Through a Glass of Ale" (Realms of Mystery Story XII)
    • "Lynaelle" (Realms of Mystery Story XIII)
    • "The Lost Library of Cormanthyr" ends: Baylee Arnvold discovers the Lost Library of Cormanthyr.
    • A Shieldmeet falls on this year.
    • The Second Banedeath: Cyric unleashes his Inquisition on Zhentil Keep, Yulash, Darkhold, Teshwave, and the Citadel of the Raven to cleanse all Zhent holdings of non-Cyricist priests. Only in Darkhold does this prove wholly effective, since pockets of Xvimlar survive throughout all other Zhentish strongholds.
    • Death of Lord Chess in Waterdeep.
    • Cyric kills Leira and takes her portfolio. Kelemvor deposes Cyric as Lord of the Dead.
    • Destruction of Zhentil Keep by an army of dragons, giants, and ogres.
    • Something begins driving the trolls out of the Evermoors.
    • The Font of Knowledge (Temple of Oghma) finishes construction in Waterdeep.
    • Zhentarim-sponsored adventurers kill Elrem, shaman leader of the Great Worm Uthgardt tribe, stealing much of his treasure.
    • The Blue Bear Uthgardt tribe, led by the annis Tanta Hagara, conquers Hellgate Keep. Hagara becomes the new ruler of the Keep.
    • The Grandfather Tree is rediscovered near the Lost Peaks of the High Forest.
    • The Elemental Gods (Akadi, Grumbar, Istishia, Kossuth, and Shaundakul) draw followers in Faerun.
    • Garagos the Reaver appears in Chondath to crush the marilith Glackzana and re-establish his worship.
    • Velsharoon becomes a demi-power with the sponsorship of Talos.
    • Trolls flee in numbers from the Evermoors causing chaos along the trade roads near Nesme.
    • The Tree Ghost Uthgardt tribe re-discover the site of their ancient ancestor mound Grandfather Tree.
    • The settlement of Orlbar in the Delimbyr Vale comes under the sway of the Zhentarim.

    1369/Year of the Gauntlet
    • "Star of Cursrah" ends.
    • "The Shadow Stone" ends.
    • "Cormyr: A Novel" ends.
    • "Rising Tide": The "Threat From the Sea" plagues the Sword Coast, resulting in attacks on Waterdeep, Baldur's Gate, Calimport, and other random ports on the Trackless Sea. Sahuagin raids on Inner Sea cities are limited to the latter half of the year, and are minor, with only Bezantur being as viciously harassed as the Sword Coast cities.
    • "Under Fallen Stars"
    • "The Sea Devil's Eye" begins
    • "Silverfall: Stories of the Seven Sisters"
    • "The Glass Prison"
    • "Crucible: Trial of Cyric the Mad"
    • "Hard Choices" (Realms of the Deep Story I)
    • "Fire is Fire" (Realms of the Deep Story II)
    • "Messenger to Serōs" (Realms of the Deep Story III)
    • "The Place Where Guards Snore at their Posts" (Realms of the Deep Story IV)
    • "Lost Cause" (Realms of the Deep Story V)
    • "Forged in Fire" (Realms of the Deep Story VI)
    • "One who Swims with Sekolah" (Realms of the Deep Story VII)
    • "The Crystal Reef" (Realms of the Deep Story VIII)
    • "The Patrol" (Realms of the Deep Story IX)
    • "The Star of Tethyr" (Realms of the Deep Story X)
    • "Persana's Blade" (Realms of the Deep Story XI)
    • "And the Dark Tide Rises" (Realms of the Deep Story XII)
    • For almost a year, trade between the Sword Coast and Maztica comes to a virtual standstill.
    • Iyachtu Xvim rises as a demi-power and then a lesser power. Fzoul Chembryl founds Xvim's new church and leads it as High Tyrannar from an underground temple beneath Zhentil Keep.
    • Khelben Blackstaff and Fzoul meet in secret in Voonlar, where Khelben provides information about Lord Orgauth of Zhentil Keep and Fzoul vows to limit Xvimlar activity to the east of the Thunder Peaks for the next 10,000 days.
    • Fzoul and the beholder Manxam assault their rivals in Mulmaster. The High Imperceptor of Cyric is killed along with a number of faithful, and the long-hidden High Imperceptor of Bane is captured and brought back to the Keep for torture.
    • Tanta Hagara sends raiding parties out of Hellgate Keep.
    • Alustriel of Silverymoon and the Mistmaster of the Citadel of Mists attack Hellgate Keep with heavy magic.
    • Led by the Mistmaster, the Harpers destroy Hellgate Keep through use of an artifact known as the Gatekeeper's Crystal. Tanta Hagara and the Blue Bear Uthgardt tribe are also destroyed.
    • Two Harpers on a suicide mission carry a piece of the Gatekeeper's Crystal artifact into Hellgate Keep. The Mistmaster causes the artifact to destroy the Keep and its' denizens.
    • Turlang and his treants herd trees from the High Forest to the ruins of the Keep and to Hellgate Pass, blocking the Pass and keeping Hellgate Keep from being used again.
    • People in the Nesme area discover that a black dragon and fog and cloud giants are among the creatures driving the trolls from the Evermoors. Strangely, some giants are friendly, others hostile. (North)
    • The Harpell family completes the magic bridge over the River Surbrin at Nesme.
    • The northern nation of Luruar is founded by the dwarves and men of Citadel Adbar, Citadel Felbarr, Deadsnows, Everlund, Jalanthar, Mithril Hall, Quaervarr, Silverymoon, and Sundabar.
    • Taern "Thunderspell" Hornblade becomes ruler of Silverymoon.
    • Randal Morn and his riders reconquer Dagger Falls from the Zhentarim.
    • Errilam Krimmevor, his father, uncle, and two cousins are imprisoned in the Cloister of St. Ramedar.
    • The Storm Seige of Myratma. The Jhannivvar Pretender is killed, ending the war for Tethyr.
    • Zaranda (1331 to ?), Wife of Haedrak III, Queen of Tethyr (peoples choice as monarch).
    • The Interregnum Tribunals are convened in Mosstone at the Archdruid's Grove.
    • The Loyal Order of Innocents is formed by the royal decree of Queen Zaranda of Tethyr at Harvestcourt.
    • Seven ships of the Vemmil clan of Amn return from a mission to Zakhara, but four are attacked and looted by the Sea Reavers in late Eleint. The remainder arrive at Murann amid much ceremony. On Highharvestide, a huge, manlike juggernaut created from ship parts is Gated into the Sea of Swords at highsun and attacks the pirates' port of Skaug.
    • Some Tethyrian exiles and former Amnian families return to Amn, accused of war crimes or continued malfeasance against the regime in Tethyr.
    • Rakesk and the alhoon Ralayan the Ocultacle kidnap Halaster Blackcloak from his seat of power in Undermountain. Halaster's Highharvestide results in the destruction of the village of Geniste and other chaos across Faerun, until his rescue by a group of adventurers.
    • Arcturia, one of Halaster's apprentices, is slain in Undermountain by giants in the Room of the Grim Statue.
    • The arch-mage Shradin is shouted to death by the Skulls of Skullport.
    • Drow expand into the Third Level of Undermountain.
    • Piergeiron Paladinson destroys the dracolich Kistarianth the Red on the slopes of Mount Waterdeep during Halastar's Harvestide. The transformed red dragon was slain in life by Piergeiron's father, Athar the Shining Knight.
    • During Halaster's Harvestide, a crimson death mist and a trio of vampiric mists enter the House of the Moon (Selune's temple in Waterdeep) through the Sojourner's Portal. The gate is re-directed into the Temple of Old Night in Calimport, but not before the vampiric mist escapes into the sewers.
    • Duke Bhereu of Cormyr is killed during a hunting party by a poison-breathing automaton.
    • An attempted assassination of King Azoun IV of Cormyr is foiled, and many treacherous nobles are exiled from Cormyr. Some disgraced members of House Bleth and House Cormaeril emigrate to Westgate, quickly establishing themselves as important members of Westgate's merchant nobility thanks to the disarray amongst the city's older houses stemming from the events of the year before. House Cormaeril claims the holdings of the Dhostar family, as a niece of the recently deceased family patriarch had married into that Cormyrean family. House Bleth begins constructing its own castle west of town, in keeping with the relatively recent construction of Castle Dhostar (renamed Castle Cormaeril) west of the city walls.
    • Many fishing boats based along the Dragon Coast come under attack by devil rays, suggesting that something is stirring things up beneath the waves.
    • Fire engulfs the Emerald Ward and Grand Ward of Calimport.
    • The Ship of the Gods volcano in the Alambar erupts, and priests of Geb in the Golden Forge temple within fail to prevent the eruption but mitigate the damage to Mulhorand by venting lava across the sea bed. This causes a tidal wave that swamps the Alaor and Bezantur, and stirs up the sahuagin of the Alambar.
    • Soon after the Ship of the Gods erupts, a great subsea explosion shakes rooftops in Airspur and Delthuntle, and the resulting waves cause some damage to their ports.
    • Mulhorand invades and occupies the wrecked shipyards and ports of the Alaor.
    • Vague reports begin to filter into ports around the Inner Sea of mass suicides by the inhabitants of the Whamite Isles. Ships sent to investigate fail to return.
    • In Uktar, a great whirlpool pulls many ships in the Inner Sea down into the depths. This anomalous current destroys more than a third of the pirate fleets.
    • The Hand of Bane is found and destroyed.
    • Six adventurers set their minds upon the Grand reunifaction of the old elven kingdom that is home to the dalesmen. Their plan is first to set up a base of operation, with a town formed around it. Next is to help Randal Morn in anyway possible, such that he will be indebted to them. Only three of the orginal 6 remains, but the survivors find new people willing to help them in their goal. The goals also means eliminating the remaining Zhentil forces in the area and Zhentil Keep itself. The three remaining founders are now with titles; the half-elf King Lastat, the dwarf Archduke Bierock of the Tethyamar and the surrounding mountains and the elf Baron Lathane of Teshwave.
    • The goddess Mielikki orders a radical reorganization of her priesthood.
    • Demons from Hellgate keep assault Silverymoon, Sundabar and the Citadel of the Mists.
    • Waterdeep is assailed from the depths of the harbor and surrounding sea by a host of sea creatures led by the monstrous wereshark Iakhovas which invades the City of Splendors. Waterdeep's defenders beat back the attack, but at the cost of many lives and much destruction in Dock and Sea Wards.
    • Alustriel steps down as High Lady of Silverymoon appointing Taern "Thunderspell" Hornblade as High Mage of the city. Alustriel begins her efforts to form an alliance of northern settlements which is initially labelled Luruar.
    • Halaster's Harvestide: The wizard Halaster is kidnapped for a time by the Twisted Rune and much of the North and the Realms endure great disruption as farflung portals go awry.
    • The dwarves of Mirabar destroy the Kreeth goblin tribe in the Crags with the unlooked for aid of the crystal dragon Saryndalaghlothtor. They form the House of the Axe in alliance with this wyrm.
    • Loudwater is assailed by a Malarite-led lycanthrope army which is beaten back with much loss and the death of the Green Regent Galaer Grasswave.

    1370/Year of the Tankard
    • "The Magehound"
    • "The Sea Devil's Eye" ends
    • "City of Ravens"
    • "Beyond the High Road"
    • Riatavin and Trailstone secede from Amn to Tethyr.
    • The Knights of the Black Gauntlet of Mintar attack and capture the Tethyrian city of Kzelter.
    • The Harpers discover Khelben's dealings with Fzoul. A Tribunal is called and, on Tarsakh 22, Khelben renounces his allegiance to the Harpers, turning in his pin.
    • The Tel'Teukiira (The Moonstars) are founded by Khelben to further his goals. Many high-ranking ex-Harpers join, including Laeral Silverhand, Mintipur Moonsilver, and Myrmeen Lhal.
    • Fzoul shatters the Scepter of the Sorcerer Kings in combat with the banelich Faram Khaldan, scattering its five pieces across the planes.
    • The Manshoon Wars begin. Fzoul and Orgauth strike at Manshoon and Sememmon. Manshoon is killed and Sememmon flees to Darkhold, severing the gates that link it with Zhentil Keep. Several of Manshoon's clones activate, destroying each other and much of the Citadel of the Raven. Fzoul and Orgauth take control of the Citadel.
    • A long-lost stasis clone of Manshoon awakens in the catacombs of Westgate as the Manshoon Wars begin. Prior to his awakening, this Manshoon clone had been abducted and drained by the Night King, a powerful vampire. As a vampire, the Manshoon clone hunts down and kills his creator, becoming the next Night King in turn. The Manshoon clone then sets about rebuilding the Night Masks to serve his ends, leading to rumors in Westgate that "the Faceless" has returned.
    • Almost all humanoids inhabiting the western lowlands of Tethyr are driven out or killed.
    • Queen Zaranda and King Haedrak III of Tethyr have triplets; Sybille, Coram, and Cyriana.
    • Waterdeep's Font of Knowledge (Oghma temple) and the New Olamn Bards College gain popularity.
    • The treants of Tall Trees led by Turlang the Thoughtful seal off Hellgate Keep from Silverymoon and begin reforesting the upper Delimbiyr.
    • The Company of the Jaded Heart disappears into the ruins of Hellgate Keep.
    • By the Feast of the Moon, the new outer walls and High Palace of Silverymoon are completed.
    • The ogre magi-led forces of the Sythillisian Empire emerge from the Small Teeth. They attack eastern Amn, overrunning Imnescar and Trademeet, and reach all the way to the coast. The city of Murann is besieged by the humanoids.
    • The Cult of the Dragon finally locates the shadowy dracolich known as the Dire Dragon. Though the Dire Dragon is not affiliated with the Cult in any way, the dracolich does allow the Cultists to leave after they gifted him with rather generous offerings.
    • In Kythorn, numerous crypts and graves throughout Calimport are found desecrated or destroyed.
    • The High Captains of Luskan arrive in Calimport for a month-long series of meetings (topics unknown) with the syl-pasha and his aides.
    • Waukeen is freed from her imprisonment by the Abyssal Lord Graz'zt and is restored to the Faerūnian pantheon.
    • The crystal dragon Saryndalaghlothtor "Lady Gemcloak" battles with and drives off an unknown red wyrm in the skies over Mirabar.
    • In Unther, the the folk of Shussel mysteriously vanish, leaving the former fishing and mining city a ghost town.
    • Trade between the sea folk of the Sea of Fallen Stars and ports along the Inner Sea increases sharply in the aftermath of the great undersea war. The merchants of Westgate quickly realize that the long-standing presence of koalinth tribes in the waters offshore put their city at a severe trading disadvantage in comparison with Starmantle.
    • On the twenty-third day of Marpenoth, Azuth declares the office of Magister vacant. On the twenty-fourth, the wizardess Talatha Vaerovree of Innarlith accepts the office (reigns 1370 to ?).
    • Mintar attacks and captures the Tethyrian city of Kzelter.
    • The Sythillisian Empire attacks eastern Amn and reaches all the way to the coast. The city of Murann is besieged by the humanoids.
    • The month of Nightal -- the "now" of The Halls of Stormweather, and the Sembia novel series begins.
    • The lich known as "Pox" and her dracolich steed Saurglyce arrive from parts north and settle in the hills around Yartar.
    • The crystal dragon Saryndalaghlothtor destroys an unknown red dragon that emerges from a great, fiery portal above the rooftops of Mirabar.
    • Gandalug Battlehammer, the First and Ninth King of Mithral Hall dies of old age in the waning days of this year. Emissaries are despatched to Icewind Dale to inform Bruenor Battlehammer.

    1371/Year of the Unstrung Harp
    • "Evermeet": Evermeet, Island of Elves, is assaulted. The twin spires of the Towers of the Sun and Moon are destroyed. Elvish High Magic is lost. The Tree of Souls is planted, and a new elven homeland is born.
    • "Death of the Dragon"
    • "Night School" (Halls of Stormweather Story III)
    • "The Price" (Halls of Stormweather Story IV)
    • "Thirty Days" (Halls of Stormweather Story V)
    • "Resurrection" (Halls of Stormweather Story VI)
    • "Skin Deep" (Halls of Stormweather Story VII)
    • "Shadow's Witness"
    • "The Summoning" starts.
    • "Black Wolf" starts in the month Hammer.
    • The frontier town of Tilverton is formally absorbed into the nation of Cormyr.
    • The Confederacy of Luruar, also known as The Silver Marches, is declared a new country.
    • A titanic red dragon leads an army of orcs and goblins and despoils much of Cormyr. The dragon and King Azoun IV slay each other in battle.
    • The infant Azoun V, son of Princess Tanalasta, becomes King of Cormyr, with his aunt Alusair acting as Regent.
    • Bruenor Battlehammer is informed of the death of Gandalug and begins the long trek to Mithral Hall to reclaim his throne.
    • The alliance known as the League of the Silver Marches is established and Alustriel Silverhand is named as its leader.
    • The orc chieftain Obould "Many Arrows" joins with a group of frost giants led by Gerti Orelsdottr to bring war to the fledgling Silver Marches, beginning with the destruction of the small settlement of Shallows, north of the Fell Pass.
    • The wizards Eldeluc and Valkebar slay the "Wizard of Green Fire" and usurp Arklem Greeth's position as leader of the Arcane Brotherhood. He is forced to flee to Mirabar.
    • The settlement of Newfort is established by ex-Zhent soldiers.
    • A group led by Melegaunt of Shade succeed in destroying the demi-lich Wulgreth of Netheril and vanquishing the lich Wulgreth of Ascalhorn. They steal the Karsestone from Karse and flee that dark, ruined city.

    1372/Year of Wild Magic
    • "Pool of Twilight": Kern Desanea, son of Tarn and Shal (Heroes of Phlan), recovers the Warhammer of Tyr. For assisting with Kern's quest, the legendary undead Paladin Miltiades is restored to life by Tyr.
    • "The Summoning" ends: The city of Shade appears over the Anauroch desert, as the archwizards of Netheril return to Faerun.
    • "The Siege"
    • "The Sorcerer"
    • "The Shattered Mask"
    • "Black Wolf" ends in the month Myrtul.
    • "Heirs of Prophecy" starts in the month Kythorn.
    • "Sands of the Soul" starts in the month Marpenoth.
    • "A Little Knowledge" (Realms of Shadow Story VII)
    • "Astride the Wind" (Realms of Shadow Story VIII)
    • "The Fallen Lands" (Realms of Shadow Story IX)
    • "When Shadows come seeking a Thron" (Realms of Shadow Story X)
    • "King Shadow" (Realms of Shadow Story XI)
    • "The Shifting Sands" (Realms of Shadow Story XII)
    • On Midwinter night, the god Bane returns to Faerun, bursting forth from the skin of his son, Iyachtu Xvim. With his divinity restored Bane quickly gains the portfolio of fear, restoring him to a Greater Power.
    • Tilverton suffers an attack of unknown origin in Mirtul. All that is left of the town is a dark, concave space filled with shadows and flitting regions of deeper darkness.
    • Arklem Greeth attains lichdom and regains the leadership of the Arcane Brotherhood with the aid of the erinyes Nyphithys.
    • The Lady's Hand Monastery, dedicated to Loviatar and located in the Nether Mountains, is attacked and sacked by blue dragons of the Morueme clan and their hobgoblin servitors.
    • The return of the city of Shade above the sands of Anauroch leads to widespread climatic changes throughout the North.
    • Waterdeep send military aid to embattled Evereska which is under threat from the phaerimm and their thrall armies.

    1373/Year of Rogue Dragons

    1374/Year of Lightning Storms1375/Year of Risen Elfkin
    • Warcrown Hall is slated to be completed in dwarven Felbarr.

    1376/Year of the Bent Blade
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