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Advise? (Starting a new town)

  1. Soft Serve
    Soft Serve
    Anybody got a good idea on how to begin an adventure without starting a new town?

    From some of the thing sI read at WotC you'd think that each town had exactly one adventure in it. "As your heroes arrive in.." is like the traditional way of beginning one of these, so my question I guess is...
    How would you start a hook if you wanted the GMs to use it in a pre-existing town?
  2. Q-man
    Well with the adventure I put up, you could easily have it occur in an existing town. Since the trigger that starts it is the sudden arrival of the refugees, all you need to do is suddenly have them start showing up in the town and the locals could start mentioning their plight to get the PC's to start checking into it.

    That would be my suggestion all around for adding in that new adventure or quest. The PC's are doing their thing in town, when some morning something is different. If the event isn't conspicuous enough on its own to get the PC's attention, have their current NPC contacts or quest givers bring it up in conversation.

    There was some podcast I was listening to that mentioned the phrase "When the action dies down, have some one kick in the door and start shooting. You can figure out why he's doing it later.", or something to that effect. That's sort of what I'm driving at, have the module create some sudden shocking event that the PC's can't help but give some attention to.

    Another option might be to make it a quest chain. They enter the town and that first adventure happens as you describe it. Once they've completed it they'll probably tell somebody about it in order to get their reward or whatever. At that point the quest NPC could look at them appraisingly and say "You seem to be quite competent, there are a few other matters I can use you assistance with if you're interested" and from their launch into the next adventure.
  3. Soft Serve
    Soft Serve
    "You seem to be quite competent." will now be my catchphrase.

    But some good advice Q-man. Now if only I could post my story... (I tried twice and both times it didn't go through. So I'm just going to post it when I've finished it.)
  4. Q-man
    I wonder if there is some sort of length limitation you're running into? I'm sure there's some maximum to how large a post can be. Try putting it up one section per post or something and see if it'll take that way. Having the whole thing in a single post seemed like a good idea, but editing it that way is a real hassle.
  5. Soft Serve
    Soft Serve
    I'm not getting an error message. It's just when I leave the screen it doesn't show up. I've been having internet trouble these last few days though so that might be a reason why.
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