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How to do Spoiler Tags

  1. Soft Serve
    Soft Serve
    I figure this will come in handy when we ever need to publish something that is GM specific.

    Spoiler Tags!

    Which can be done by typing {hide} Spoiler Tags! {/hide}

    Where the {}'s are actually []'s.
  2. Q-man
    You had mentioned these in your comments on that draft I put up. I'm not sure where we'd want to use them. I was thinking that the stuff we wrote was already intend for just the GM. Sort of like if you go down to your FLGS and buy an adventure, the other players normally wouldn't also read the book.

    Is this more of a formatting thing, so that comments for the DM don't interrupt the flow of the narrative? Sort of like hide the text so they can read a synopsis, but later can expand these sections to get additional details.
  3. Soft Serve
    Soft Serve
    I figure anyone will be able to read these. A player might go through and read it and say to his/herself that it looked like fun and try to get their GM to run it. But if that happens the player would already know all the secrets and ins and outs of the adventure, maybe more so than the GM who's running.

    I'm not saying we absolutely need to use them, but they're useful for GM notes, stat blocks, and basically anything that could interrupt the flow and progress of the story.
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