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  1. Dalkiel
    The bane of all good game groups, the abruptly changing and uncooperative schedule. How to deal with it, or at least work around it.
  2. LordNightwinter
    Skype, Google+, Maptool, etc.
  3. Dalkiel
    Not quite where I was going, but a good set of alternatives. I was speaking specifically about the issues of getting all the players to the table, real or virtual, at the same time. Which, speaking personally, is something I've had a lot of experience (and frustration at times) with over the years.
  4. LordNightwinter
    Well one way to deal with that is have an 'alternate' game going. I've had instances where one or two players can't show for some reason. In that case come up with something else to keep the players that did show busy. I've run Gamma World or Shadowrun as an alternate. From time to time we'll pull out Hero Quest or something similar. Sometimes Arkham Horror. It just depends on the flavor of the night. No need for rescheduling in that case.
  5. jpatterson
    I used GoogleDocs and made a document editable by the public, and gave my players the link, and let them put checkmarks in the boxes for the days and times they'd be available, and then counted up the days and times that most people would be available, and decided on the game schedule that coincided with most everybody's available times. It actually seemed to work most of the time.
  6. Dalkiel
    A creative solution, to be sure, Jpat. I like it. :-)
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