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Dunstrand Rising

  1. templeorder
    This is the epic story of the three campaigns in the steel realms. Many players have meandered through it, and there have been a core group that comes and goes, but due to the commitments to the maintenance of such an epic storyline, and the lower player turn out lately, i've put it on hold. Looking for at least 1 new player to start up the campaign again. I'm using it to world build and play test some stuff. Its the one campaign i really enjoy running because of its epic scale... but lately i've had to contrive a lot to get it all to work. Well, its wrapping up in its current phase and i'm contemplating how to close the loops on all the plot threads so i can return to a less epic, more focussed game... i guess. Am i wrong to cave in the player pressures or should i just keep looking for appreciative players? Only time will tell. I've not run such an epic game since about 1996... In the campaign the mages and state religion of Gwinn have sponsored a war in the north.. but some other power is also at work. Years of warfare, drought, and political maneuverings have left the north tired. Many powers lurking in the shadows are starting to come out, yet no one can tie it all together. In the middle of it all is thrust an unwitting band from the backwaters of the Duchy of Dunstrand, sworn bannermen of the Earl of Bar-Innis, who swears fealty to the Duke. Burried in the Pine Tribe attacks, marauding Orrish, gods, undead, and mysteries of the Dwindor Swamp lies the answer which can restore peace - howz that for epic?
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