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Ancient Blood

  1. templeorder
    Again, this is a discussion to document and present... but i'm always looking for ideas. Ancient Blood is one of three campaigns running in the Steel Realms. It takes place in the Riverdans - the ancient territories of the Duchy of Dunstrand that once were proud and powerful before the course of the Nanford River changed and left them a devastated land, impoverished and relegated to a backwater. Things are changing in Dusntrand though, and many powers are watching. One of those powers, the infamous Salamanders Guild, has sent a party to track down the fate of each of the ancient river lord families. For some reason, this information is important to them and they are paying handsomely. But there is a lot of opposition, from the families themselves and especially the count of East River Run to the north - part of the Twin River alliance that has taken control of all trade through Dusntrand since the Nanford River settled over a thousand years ago. I'm looking for ideas for how to best handle research and investigation. I have a lot of planned scenarios, but would love to figure out how to focus on reasoning, investigation and research...
  2. templeorder
    oh yea, heres the skimpy notes so far:
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