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PC Profile: Tripp

  1. Spider Ham
    Spider Ham
    After hours of digging I found the original email string on Tripps background...

    Tripp travels to expand his customer base through the sale of tonics and cures! For Ghallanda he is eyes and ears in a vast network gathering information useful to his house. Wars, political news, general intelligence, not a spy network as his house association is no secret. Rather he sends word to the house of opportunities for expansion. New Inns and Taverns in far reaching lands and Ghallanda's emissary. Along the way he may have picked a few pockets to fill a few more.
    Primary motivation is greed. Tripp wants to be rich and get rich quickly. This desire to sit among the wealthy has lead to days upon days of gambling, an addiction that has more than once cost him the clothes off of his back. He steals because he likes it, because hes good at it. Because he owes money to Frankie the nose his Bookie in Fairhaven. NEVER BET ON A HORSE NAMED ROCKY THE GIMP! Oh well, the wine and women were both top notch that night.
    Tripp is looking for the ultimate score. The heist to put him back in the black for good. His job as a tonic salesman puts him in many ideal locations to listen to the word on the street.
    Now Ghallanda has called upon him for a special task...
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