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DnD DM lfp

  1. spiralarchitect
    Hi there, hadn't visited this page in awhile and thought I'd let people know that I'm available to DM Tuesday evenings and Sundays this fall. The caveat is that I'm currently playing in a GURPS campaign that meets Wednesdays as of now because it's the only night that works for most people but we may be switching to Sundays come October. If that occurs then I'd be free Tuesdays or Wednesdays to DM 3rd or 3.5 edition DnD. A couple of people from my group might be joining but the reason I'm on here is because most of them (it's a big group of 7) don't want to play two campaigns.

    I live in Riverwest and do not own a car but do have a huge gaming table in my apartment and people are more than welcome to play here. I'd like to have a group of 4-6 and with that said I have at least 1 other friend who definitely wants to play whenever it starts.

    Cheers and good gaming!
  2. HimuraKenshinX
    I could definitely be up for this, though I'd be curious if I couldn't convince you to run a 4th edition D&D campaign instead. XP Myself and likely a friend could possibly attend, depending on the dates of scheduling.(Sunday more likely than Tuesday, I think)
  3. weirdboy1
    I too would be very interested in it, especially if it was 4th edition on Sunday nights. I personally have a very hectic schedule and find that a 1x monthly or 2x monthly schedule would work better, but I would try to be flexible. Finally, I do have a car, but really don't know where Riverwest is (I'm sure a quick google search would fix that). I have been looking for a group for a while, so please hit me up, as I'm very interested.
  4. spiralarchitect
    Hello to both,

    I first want to say that I find 4th Ed too simplified for my tastes as a DM and I will never own the books.I also don't like what they've done to my favorite campaign setting the Forgotten Realms.
    If anything I will be buying Pathfinder from Paizo which spiritually is '3.7' as the designer (who lives right here in Milwaukee) co-wrote the 3 and 3.5 rules as well as many of the source books. If you could be specific as to why you like 4th ed better, i.e. race/class limitations or something then we could probably work something like that into the game. I have the bare bones of a campaign and was planning on being ready by month's end.

    Please let me know if you're still interested in a 3rd/3.5 Ed game.
  5. HimuraKenshinX
    I actually like some of the simplifications that have been made, along with the addition of the ability to actually make a "tank" in the sense that you can at least somewhat control whom the monsters are hitting (since they'll have a penalty for hitting other targets if your mark is on them). Aside from reading about that, I don't really have much specific reason beyond never getting to try it out.
  6. weirdboy1
    I'll be honest, I've been listening to the PVP/Penny Arcade podcasts on the Wizards website & the system just sounds fun. Takes a lot of the complexity out and just seems to feel like a system that is easy to pick up, but still has depth to it. I've played Star Wars and found that while some of the options were really cool, the groups I've played in always got bogged down in details, 4th edition seems to cut down on that. That said I wouldn't be opposed to a 3.5 or something else, as I'm largely just looking for a group of some form. I just want a group where I can have fun, roleplay, solve puzzles & become a combat beast.
  7. GlassPyrex
    I am interested in a game of what ever as long as you are willing to teach it...
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