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South East Wisconsin RPG Chapter

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  1. Dragon2605
    I am happy to say that I finally managed to get a group together. Everything is going well so far. I'm looking forward to the next session which happens to be tomorrow .
  2. spiralarchitect
    I know it's been ages but I'm glad to read that you got a group. My roommate and I started playing with an established one he knew through work and it's been awesome. I've always been able to delve back into DMing and can run 3rd Ed DnD games if anyone is looking.
  3. MBenjamin
    Hey all, anyone know of any groups going that have open spots in Milwaukee/Metro Milwaukee area. Thanks.
  4. RMajere
    I'm happy to announce that I have 1 spot open in my game, and we're in need of a cleric. Let me know if you're interested and we'll go from there...
  5. dutchyjin
    well back up gamers are allways nice
  6. howandwhy99
    Most of the gamers I know in the SE are from the Meetup boards. There are 2 in the area, but are mostly for FLGS play. AIG and Game Universe mainly.
  7. sabremouse
    Hello all,

    I am new to this website. I have been looking for a game in the Racine area, though would be willing to commute to Milwaukee. Open to playing pretty much any system. I can GM in a pinch but prefer to play. Let me know if there are any openings out there, Thanks.
  8. bigbillfromwaukesha
    I am an experienced gamer who finds myself without a gaming group. I live in Waukesha, and have transportation limitations. If you know of a gaming group please private message or preferably email me from my profile.
  9. GlassPyrex
    I am a new gamer. I live in the Beaver Dam area, willing to travel. Looking for a group.
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