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Barbarians of Lemuria Character Creation

  1. jpatterson
    1. Characteristics:
    Divide 4 points between Str, Agl, Mind and Appeal.
    You can't exceed 3 to start and you may place 0 (average) as a value.
    You can put -1 in something to have an extra point to put in something else.

    2. Combat Abilities:
    Divide 4 points between Brawl (unarmed), Melee (armed), Ranged and Defense (avoid being hit).
    You may have 0, average, in a Combat Ability.
    You can't exceed 3 to start and you may place 0 (average) as a value.

    3. Careers:
    Divide 4 points between 4 Careers you choose from the list below.
    You can't exceed 3 to start and you may place 0 (average) as a value.
    Serving Wench/Courtesan
    Sky Pilot/Airman

    4. Birthplace:
    Axos Mountains - Barbarian, Hunter?, Warrior?
    Boons: Disease Immunity, Hard to Kill, Quick Recovery, Rock Tracker, Sling
    Flaws: Country Bumpkin, Distrust of Sorcery, Illiterate, Landlubber, Taciturn
    Haklaton Boons: Artistic, Beast Friend, Haklaton Agility, Keen Eyesight, Night Sight, Gliding (Haklaton automatically have this), Climbing (this too)
    Haklaton Flaws: Combat Paralysis, Delicate

    Beshaar Desert - Barbarian, Tracker?, Warrior?
    Boons: Beastfriend, Keen Eyesight, Sand Tracker, Beshaari War Cry
    Flaws: Country Bumpkin, Delicate, Feels the Cold, Landlubber, Taciturn

    Empty Lands -

    Fire Coast/Kalukan - Slave and Soldier
    Boons: Fearsome Looks, Hard to Kill, Poison Immunity, Strength Feat, Thick Skin
    Flaws: All Thumbs, Lumbering, Illiterate, Unsettling

    Halakh - Assassin, Thief
    Boons: Blind Combat, Escape Artist, Fighting Knife, Poison Immunity, Rock Tracker, Sneaky, Quick Recovery
    Flaws: Craving (Addiction), Landlubber, Untrustworthy

    Klaar/Cerulean - Barbarian, Merchant? No Alch/Phys/Scr/Sorc
    Boons: Beast Friend, Cerulean Strength, Fearsome Looks, Giant Weapons, Plains Tracker, Strength Feat, Thick Skin
    Flaws: All Thumbs, Lumbering, Illiterate

    Lysor - Healer, Noble, Merchant
    Boons: Attractive, Disease Immunity, Great Wealth, Learned
    Flaws: City Dweller, Combat Paralysis, Delicate, Morgazzon's Curse,

    Malakut - Thief, Soldier
    Boons: Blind Combat, Fighting-Spear, Sneaky, Thieves Tools
    Flaws: Delicate, Untrustworthy, Landlubber

    Oomis - Merchant, Noble
    Boons: Detect Deception, Giant-Friend, Great Wealth, Hard to Kill, Swamp Tracker
    Flaws: Morgazzon's Curse, Greed, Poor Hearing

    Parsool - Mariner, Thief
    Boons: Born Sailor, Carouser, Parsool War Cry, Pirate Killer, Swamp Tracker
    Flaws: City Dweller, Drunkard, Illiterate, Missing Eye or Ear, Missing Limb

    Port of Sea Lords - Seaman, Pirate
    Boons: Born Sailor, Carouser, Escape Artist, Quick Recovery
    Flaws: Drunkard, Illiterate, Missing Eye or Ear, Missing Limb, Untrustworthy

    Qo and Qush Jungles/Grooth - Barbarian?
    Boons: Fearsome Looks, Hard to Kill, Keen Hearing, Keen Scent, Strength Feat

    Sataria - Noble, Merchant, Scholar, Sky Pilot possible, no Beggar
    Boons: Artistic, Etiquette, Learned, Great Wealth, Marked by the Gods
    Flaws: All Thumbs, Fear of Fire, Illiterate, Poor Eyesight, Ugly and Brutish

    Shamballah - Hunter
    Boons: Country Bumpkin, Beast Friend, Jungle Tracker, Keen Eyesight, Keen Hearing, Keen Scent
    Flaws: Distrust of Sorcery, Feels the Cold, Illiterate, Landlubber

    Tyrus - Sailor, Soldier, no Sorc
    Boons: Jungle Tracker, Magic Resistance, Nose for Magic, Try Longbow, Tyrus War Cry
    Flaws: Distrust of Sorcery, Illiterate

    Ureeb - Thief, Mercenary
    Boons: Blind Combat, Escape Artist, Special Item
    Flaws: City Dweller, Illiterate, Taciturn

    Valgard - Barbarian, Warrior
    Boons: Keen Scent, Marked by the Gods, Snow Tracker, Quick Recovery, Valgardian Blade, War Cry
    Flaws: Country Bumpkin, Distrust of Sorcery, Feels the Heat, Illiterate, Landlubber, Taciturn

    Zalut - Magician, Priest, Alchemist, Slave
    Boons: Learned, Magic Resistance, Magic of Sorcerer-Kings, Night Sight, Poison Immune, Power of Void
    Flaws: Combat Paralysis, Delicate, Cravings (Addiction), Morgazzon's Curse, Poor Recovery, Unsettling, Untrustworthy

    5. Race:
    Race of Man - no adjustments unless indicated by Birthplace
    Cerulean: blue giants, +1 Str, Agl penalty pg75
    Grooth: carnivorous man-apes pg76
    Haklaton: winged mountain people pg 76
    Kalukan: headless eunuchs with single eye in center of chests
    Morgaluth: sickly vampires
    Slorth: woman headed snakes with needle-teethed sleep-bite

    6. Boons and Flaws:
    Choose 1 Boon by Birthplace. You can choose a second Boon but must also take a Flaw.
    No more than 2 Boons can be taken to start.

    7. LifeBlood:
    This is your Hit Points - if you put 1 in your Str, then your LB is (10+1) = 11.
    LB starts at 10+ Str Characteristic.

    8. Hero Points:
    These are spent during the game to change rolls and otherwise get more favorable results.
    You start with 5 HP.

    9. Armor:
    Armour type Protection Penalties
    Very Light d3-1 (1) No penalty
    Light d6-2 (2) Max. defence 3
    Medium d6-1 (3) Max. defence 3 Agility -1
    Heavy d6 (4) Max. defence 2 Agility -1
    Very heavy d6+1 (5) Max. defence 1 Agility -2
    Shield +1 Cannot use 2-handed weapons

    10. Weapons:
    Weapon Damage Notes Great/Two-Handed
    Axe d6 Can be thrown d6+2
    Bow d6 Range 60’ d6+2
    Club d6-1 Can be thrown d6+1
    Crossbow d6+1 2 rounds to load, range 80’ d6+3
    Dagger d3 Can be thrown Easy to conceal
    Fist d2 d3 with brass knuckles
    Flail d6+1 -1 to hit d6+3
    Knife (Kir) d6-2 Can be thrown
    Mace d6 Can be thrown but at –1 to hit d6+2
    Sling d6-2 Range 30’ d6
    Spear (Khastok) d6 Can be thrown d6+2
    Staff d6-1 2-handed d6+1
    Sword d6 Popular for adventurers d6+2
    11. Other Gear:
    As desired, approved by GM

    My BoL Character:
    Kel, Male, Beshaari Desert-Dweller, Race of Man, Wandering Hero
    Attributes: Str 1, Agl 1, Mind 1, Appeal 1
    Combat Abilities: Brawl 0, Melee 1, Ranged 1, Defense 2
    Careers: Barbarian 1, Hunter 2, Peasant 0, Healer 1
    Boons: Beastfriend, Keen Eyesight +1d
    Flaws: Landlubber -1d sea
    LifeBlood (LB): 12
    HeroPoints (HP): 5
    Languages (S/R/W): Besharri, Lemurian
    Armor: Light d6-2 - battle harness, loincloth, boots, bracers, bronze crownband
    Weapons: fist/wrestle d2+, 2h hand-carved family baobab staff d6+1, thrown janium caber d6-2, sling d6-2
    Gear: water bladder, wooden tankard, blanket and bedroll,
    Other: Aruk the sandrunner (riding ostrich) P84?
    Gods: Hurm (All), Zalkyr (Sun), Dyr (Storms), Chiomalla (Crops/Harvest), Quathhoomar (Travel)
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