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  1. Polly Leigh
    Polly Leigh
    A Silence melted into the land has been enjoyed for many many years as the Wheel weavings as it will to maintain a delicate balance. Wars passed long ago giving peace a chance to flourish and rein the Nobleman into comfortable state of mind. Unit a shift within the Wheel causes its web of threads slowly turning the lives and events, playing then out in a different direction, something has started. The darkness has tainted the Wheel with its inky grip shattering the grip on the peacefulness of the silence.
    But even as the balance is altered the light has made its move, by the sending of the future a warning of what is to come. A chance to survive.

    The darkness’s first strike has been shown to the light’s most devout follower, and the steps necessary to restore balance laid out in detail. But the darkness has no desire to be disturbed from it course and has covered the lights steps in darkness and danger, but the wheel still turns, and the balance is still held… for now.
  2. Lakross Saber
    ~Character profiles~
  3. Lakross Saber
    Name: Ser Lynce BisQual, Battle Lord of Gasconthia

    Age: 26

    Height: 6,5

    Weight: 206 pounds

    Country: Gasconthia

    Weapons: Lynce is able to use a multitude of weapons fit to any situation, but mainly carries the BisQual family blade, a sword forged with the One Power that will never dull and can never break, with Heron brands on each side of the blade, hilt and Sheath. Shaped to resemble a simple double sided long Sword, the Family blade has served his father, and his father’s, father’s before him faithfully Along side the unique shield of the BisQual, who only the direct decedents of the BisQual line use, unique because one side of the Shield is sharpened into a bladed edge as sharp as a Headsman axe.

    Armor: Lynce generally wears two seats of armor, each for a different occasion, one for traveling is a set of light plate armor with studded leather padding for a second level of protection and added comfort, more flexible and far more comfortable to wear when riding a horse or walking around a city, the tempered steel plates are quite flexible yet still strong , though not strong enough to stop a blade with enough force behind it, but a knife, yes.

    The second is specially crafted for the BisQual family heirs and used mainly for large scale battles, or in shows of force to deter enemy forces and is made of two layers, the first of heavy chain mail layered over tanned leather and a set of Heavy Steel Plates covering the majority of his body, along with a steel helm with a moveable visor that limit’s the field of vision yet gives large protection form blows to the head. The left sleeve of mail is more heavily armored as it is the one that holds the bladed shield when in combat.
    Lynce has a third set of armor, but it is rarely worn and only during formal events, or in meetings with royalty, foreign or not. It is shining plate mail of steel, with silver and gold designs worked by master craftsmen and is coupled with a deep blue cape made of velvet with the family symbol worked in gold emblazoned on the back, a Golden Crane.

    Stryder/Loki: No

    Appearance: Lynce is tall, as like the rest of his family line reaching the height of 6,5, has fair skin and deep blue eyes. Has shoulder length brownish-blond hair that is generally tied into a ponytail, leaving the bangs free to frame a face considered handsome by some and average by others, though he has obtained a few scars from his battles, most are hidden by his cloths and armor. Broad shouldered and heavily muscled from the intense battle training he undergoes as part of his family tradition Lynce is like an ox, powerful yet always cautious of his surroundings.

    Accessories: The only accessories Lynce carries with him is a small golden pendant of a Crane that had belonged to his mother, and the BisQual family signet ring.

    Background: The first Born and only child to the main line of the minor noble family of the BisQual, Lynce was the pride of his father and mother, and as soon as he was able Lynce was trained to be the Head of the Minor noble family that they needed, strong as an ox, yet as graceful as a crane they had said the BattleLord’s of the BisQual were, and their training of Lynce bestowed both traits to him. His father was a renown Blade Master and considered one of the greatest general‘s of the land, and his presence alone had ended a few conflicts before they even began. The BisQual family holds great respect for their military presence and their independent nature, yet they are pledged into the service of the Gasconthine Royal line under a pact of peace and friendship that states in exchange for land, certain rights and privileges and provisions, the Forces of the BisQual would be at the disposal of the Gasconthia Queen, the BattleLord serving as an Advisor and General to the Gasconthine Forces. Lynce had finished his training five years early at the age of twenty five and was considered a prodigy by many, already showing great skill as a general, having already put down minor skirmishes with other countries with little loss of troops to both his and the invading forces and even more so as a swordsman and was considered a likely candidate to become a Blade Master like his Father before him. Shortly after his twenty sixth Birthday his Father died in his sleep, a knife threw his heart, though he had taken his murder with him, the killer having his neck broken as his father took his last breath, leaving Lynce to lead the BisQual family, as The BisQual do not allow women to take the Title of BattleLord.

    Exceptional skills/traits: Lynce is an exceptional Tactical Leader and Powerful Swordsman, and has a nack for picking up on peoples ulterior motives.
  4. Lakross Saber
    Name: Kross van Gilder (Pronounced Kr-oh-ss) AKA Marvolo the Entertainer

    Age: 28

    Height: 5ft 5in

    Weight: 130lbs

    Country: Sulthine

    Minor Nobility: No

    Weapons: Rapier, Staff

    Armor: None

    Stryder/Loki: No

    Appearance: A thin man with a well kept moustache and goatee. He has black hair and hazel eyes. When dressed as Marvolo he uses white face paint and a masque to obscure his face. He also wears a fool’s tricorn hat and waves around a stick adorned with jingling bells. In comparison his regular outfit consists of a simple brown tunic and pants.

    Accessories: Foole’s cap, make up, masques, colourful costume, travelling cloak, Lute, regular clothes.

    The parents of Kross were members of a Sulthine Theatre company. The company made good money as the bustling trade hub always had a healthy population of theatre goers.
    Growing up Kross received a through if informal education at the hands of the actors, play wrights, and poets that ran the theatre.

    Kross eventually grew to be a charming young man and valuable member of the theatre company. His “call to adventure” so to speak came when he caught the attention of a Denecium maiden travelling with a trading caravan. As with most Denecium women she promptly took the lead introducing the then mostly innocent Kross to a romance he had only seen in the plays. She eventually grew bored with him though as it soon became apparent that for all his tall tales Kross knew little about the world beyond Sulthine save what he heard from trade gossip and saw in plays.

    Their separation broke his heart, but it planted in him a desire to see the world. For all the stories about adventure and distant lands he knew none of it could compare to the real thing. So he decided to embark on a journey to travel distant lands and gain valuable life experience.

    Real adventure was indeed unlike any play Kross had ever experienced....but not in the way that he had anticipated. During his first few years on the road quick wits and luck were the only thing that stopped him from becoming casualty to bandits. Kross made his living as a travelling foole, telling jokes and singing bawdy songs at taverns. Unfortunately the best humour is often at somebody else’s expense and Kross regularly found himself accosted by irate minorities or members of certain political groups who did not find him funny in the least.
    It was then that he conceived the persona of Marvolo the Entertainer. A heavily made up, over the top character who could dispense humour with even greater flourish while allowing Kross to travel incognito once the makeup and costume were removed. This helped greatly in reducing the amount of “heat” Kross had to deal with and over the years Marvolo became something of a minor celebrity occasionally being asked to perform for the pleasure of minor nobles.

    However the coin earned from such commissions while substantial was not enough to allow Kross to settle down. He still wants to continue his adventures anyway and so his travels continue.

    In additions to his performing skills Kross has picked up some more...shady talents. He is also well versed in the arts of stage fighting which while impractical when compared to any formal military training is enough to see off any common miscreants that may assault him.

    Exceptional skills/traits: Skilled Storyteller, actor and comedian. Highly dexterous. Good at reading people. Excellent card player, con man. Intellectual.
  5. Lakross Saber
    Name: Sabine Va’Snamal

    Age: 22

    Height: 5’7”

    Weight: None of your business

    Country: Born in Dormier but now resides in Tar Valon

    Minor Nobility: Yes, Knights of the Half Moon

    Weapons: Dagger Whip

    Armor: None

    Loki: Yes

    Appearance: Sabine is a stately woman with a piercing violet gaze peeking out behind thick honey blond hair falling in loose curls framing her heart shaped face combined with full lips that holds an unnatural red shine to them can be very mis leading. Tall at 5’7”, her build was soft giving her the total appearance of innocents, instead of marking her the daughter of a brutal Warlord.

    Her choice of clothes usually consist of long flowing gowns roomy enough to reveal little of her ample assets with an assortment of skirts divided for riding just for riding. Rare it is that she is found without wearing some kind of jewelry or trinkets.
    Accessories: A small key on a very long golden chain, she always wears it. A golden dagger whip that was made for her by her father’s own hand. A gift for her 20th birthday.

    Background: Sabine starting showing signs of being able to touch The One Power before she was able to walk, her strength grew faster than she did. Her Father, Garvin, a renown WarLord was approached by the Amrylin Council and implored him to allow his only child to come to Tar Valon so she could learn to use the gift the Maker bestowed upon her. It wasn’t a hard choice to make, it seemed for at the age of 7 she was sent on her way with the conditions that her nurse maid, House Advisor and Trainer was given ample time with their own studies of her home land.
    Her father made sure she knew her history and holds a great deal of pride in her heritage; she also has excellent horsemanship skills and great accuracy with a whip.
    The council has watched every step she made and was always testing her, driving her to the brink of exhaustion as she created new weaves for them all to try. Of course mastering the weaves was not easy coming to most. She took some comfort in that but not such. Their forever seeing eyes caused her much discomfort and she long for nothing more than her freedom.

    Exceptional skills/traits:Dancing, gaining the trust of those around her, negotiating and making up new weaves with the One Power.
  6. Lakross Saber
    Name: Aruna Akasuna, Queen of Gasconthia
    Age: 24
    Height: 5’9’
    Weight: 125 pounds
    Country: Gasconthia
    Weapons: All though she has truly never been in many fights, Aruna is skilled in many weapons, her favorite being in close ranged more than others. Her two swords are thin, yet durable and swift, and the poison that seeps into its target is a concoction made by herself, making her the only one that holds its cure. She thinks before sending her men into battle, no matter how long it takes to come up with a plan that’ll let her win, but if the threat comes, she can take care of herself as well.

    Armor: When in battle, her clothes are removed and she is lined with thin black armor that makes it easy for her to move and not weigh her down. It may not look like much, but it has yet to be seen pierced during a battle she has been in. While her swords reside on her back and knives can be found hidden in places you can never tell.

    Appearance: Long, reddish brown hair and sharp, green eyes. Tall, 5’10’ and thin with pale skin. From her ears hang a pair of crystal earrings and a necklace that is always hidden within her clothes. Many Queens would wear dresses, but she prefers a pair of black slacks and a long, silk robe in the colors of silver and black that hangs around her body instead. Rings line her fingers, but only when in the throne room. But when the time calls for it and she is in the middle on an important meeting or Ceremony she will grin a bear the dress.

    Accessories: Her crystal earrings were given to her by her mother on her 12 birthday, and those are the only ones that she wears, refusing to take them off unless to clean them. The necklace hidden under her armor is a ring that was given to her by a lost lover that died in battle. She never lets any one see it, and keeps her love a secret from everyone.

    Background: As a child, Aruna hated being locked in the castle and studying to be a ruler. She’d rather play outside in the village with the other children. So daily, she would sneak out in peasant clothes and play around the village with them until she was found by the guards. The other children found her as royalty at first and were afraid and nervous of her, but that soon wore out and they enjoyed having her around.
    That was how she met Rhuarc, He was a boy that was brought with his parents from the land Dormier to live a normal life. He was a few years older than her, who had dreams of becoming a General of the Castle’s Army, despite him being looked down upon for being from Domier. As the years continued, feelings erupted between the Princess and the man, who now became a member of the army. But in the previous war, just after he had asked Aruna to marry him, he was killed. She had yet to announce her parents that she was to marry, so kept it a secret after he was gone.
    Her parents died shortly after that due to a sickness that spread through the city, leaving Aruna to pick up where they left off at the age of 17.
    Aruna’s feelings for Rhuarc are still there, resulting in her refusal for any other marriages to anyone man.
    Exceptional skills/traits: Her ears are sharp, making her able to catch a sound that most others couldn’t hear. She can be at one side of the room and here a conversation happening at the other side.
  7. Lakross Saber
    Name: Kashi Towzen
    Age: Unknown, looks in middle twenties
    Height: 6’3’
    Country: Dormier
    Weapons: He’s good when it comes to hand in hand, but what good can a weaponless man do against ten with swords? So he keeps a sword and a hatchet close and handy on him. That, and mysterious things seem to happen when he’s in danger…like enemy pants catching on fire.
    Armor: His armor, when worn instead of being in the bag on his back, is just some chain mail and a helmet. He doesn’t really see a need for something that he doesn’t use all the time, especially when he has to carry it, and not a horse.
    Appearance: Tall and thin, his height reaches 6’3’ with short red hair and green eyes. Dresses in tan breeches and a red shirt accompanied by a jacket and a cloak incase it got cold at night. His skin is tanned from being in the sun and he’s always wearing a smile, fake or not.
    Accessories: The only thing he wears, besides weapons and clothes, is a bracelet. He’s had it since he can remember and has yet to take it off. The Bracelet is golden with the picture of a dragon carved into it. He doesn’t know what it means, but he likes it.
    Background: Kashi doesn’t really remember anything before he woke up in Dormier a six years ago in the middle of a burnt village. When he found a group of men to ask for help he was taken and thrown into a dungeon before being sold as a slave. The men tried to take the Bracelet around his wrist but they couldn’t get it off.
    He became friends with another man, named Gai that seemed to be close to his age. Realizing that he didn’t have a name, the man gave him own. Kashi Towzen, naming him his brother. The two would compete friendly with each other as they exchanged dreams (Gai doing the exchanging) of getting from this place and starting an adventure on his own. Gai swore that he would get the two of them out of the Slave house one day, and they would travel all over the place. But as Kashi dreamed of that day, it was taken from him during a raid in the slave house. Many of them died against the bandits, Gai being amongst them. Kashi grabbed some weapons, a sword and a hatchet, and took revenge.
    After burying Gai, Kashi has been roaming around, looking for the adventure that he promised Gai that he would fulfill for the both of them.
    Exceptional skills/traits: He’s extremely fast in everything he does; reading, writing, running, thinking. Give him a problem and he can quickly think up an answer.
  8. Lakross Saber
    Name: Mariella
    Age: unknown. Looks in her mid 20’s.

    Height: 5’6’
    Country: Tar Valon, but was born in Gasconthia
    Weapons: A wooden staff and a hidden dagger. Just in case.
    Armor: none
    Stider/Loki: Yes
    Appearance: Mariella, a young woman with soft, honey-blond ringlets and sharp, blue eyes, this woman dresses in silk robes of bright blue, followed by cloaks of a darker shade, and embroidered with white flowers in gold and silver.
    Accessories: A sharp, silver necklace is seen around her neck, leaving the bright, smoky diamond to rest upon her throat.
    Background: Mariella has been in Tar Valon since she was a child, leaving her to be one of the Loki that can control her powers without…disrupt. Her parents weren’t really in her life after they left her in Tar Valon, and so her mother was the woman that took her in and began to teach her all about her powers; Lady Buriet, another Loki.
    After a few years, so came into contact with her Guardian, Zera, and the two have been together since. Lady Buriet had told Mariella that something dangerous was arising in the land of Gasconthia, so packing up her things, she and Zera have begun to travel to Gasconthia to see what was going on, in hopes of stopping anything…dangerous.
    Exceptional skills/traits: She is a very silent woman, taking in everything before making a decision. She seems to be able to tell if someone is lying.

    Name: Zera Mandragoran
    Age: 27
    Height: 5’8’
    Country: Tar Valon, but is a Malkier by birth
    Weapons: A heron-marked blade and a shield with the design of Seven Towers on the inside of it. The only things her parents left her.
    Armor: The armor is what she is normally seen in, consisting of red and gold; something that she has earned in both honor and skill, despite being a woman. The armor is not large or too heavy, leaving her able to resort to swift reflexes.
    Strider/Loki: Neither. A Guardian
    Appearance: Zera has a face of stone and chilling blue eyes for a woman, making her rather avoided, and wanted, by men. Other than her armor, she is rarely seen in anything else, but you mayhap have a chance to see her in the clothes you would normally see on a man, though she makes them appears as wondrous as a gown. Her hair is black and of medium length, and though she spends days training in the sun unlike other women, her skin is as pale as milk. Over anything and everything else that she wears, her cloak is always there, a shifting color cloak that seems to disappear at times, as well as her.
    Accessories: Though it is rarely seen, Zera holds a locket beneath her clothes and armor with the faces of her parents. She despises them for leaving her alone, but refuses to throw it away.
    Background: Not knowing too much of who she is, Zera grew up on the streets of what is now Tar Valon since she was six. The only things she had were the locket around her next, a heron-marked blade, and the shield with the Seven Towers with a note from who she supposed was her parents. Seen as a lowlife living on the streets, Zera had to steal to survive, and beaten she was when caught. She could have sold the locket, the shield, and the sword to earn money, but something held her back, refusing to even let her think about it.
    It wasn’t until she was 14 when she grew deathly sick during an extremely cold winter. Weak from hunger and disease, she collapsed in an alleyway, cold and alone. She had felt herself slipping away and she felt that the dark figure that now loomed over her before she passed out was the Angel of Death come to finally take her away.
    When she awoke that next morning in a large, warm, comfortable bed, she was surprised. Even more surprised by the young child beside her, sleeping in a chair. Since that day, Zera has sworn to protect Mariella from anyone and anything, resulting into her now thorough skills with the heron blade. Zera is one of the few female Knights in Tar Valon that is the Guardian of a Loki, and one of the very few that does not fear them and treats them as regular beings.
    Exceptional skills/traits: The only skill that she truly thinks is worthy enough to mention would be her slick battle skills. Her favorite tactic is silent killing, loving to end trouble before it gets too...out of hand.
  9. Lakross Saber
    Name: Norik

    Age: 30

    Height: 6,4

    Weight: 230

    Country: Unknown, but raised by the Seafolk

    Minor Nobility: The Mermen of the Aryth

    Weapons: Norik has three weapons, the first is a Dagger made of strange silverish metal, engraved with a serpent on the hilt. A doubled edged sword, with a five and a half hands blade made of the same material as the dagger and the serpent engraved on the handle. The last is a strange cylinder made from the Silverish material as well, a switch on the side, like a small imprint of a thumb, when touched blades made of the same metal spring out, and their full ability is unknown.

    Armor: Norik’s Armor is known, by only a few, by the name of Bacalisk Mail, a strange set of armor, more resembling a set of strange clothes made from a type of strange metal, that seems to be partly liquid yet as strong as any plate mail available.

    Stryder/Loki: Yes, but is still awakening

    Appearance: Long red hair, cut above his shoulders, usually tied into a tight pony tail with sky blue eyes that are set into a above average face. He has a good build, and with a sailors tan that draws out his eyes even more, with an assortment of scars and tattoo’s as customary of the Sea folk with a set of two piercing in each ear, with small metal hoops made from a strange Silverish metal.

    Accessories: No other accessories.

    Background: Norik’s first memories were of the rolling motion that the seas give the ships as they travel across the open seas. A man, who Norik referred to as his father raised him up from a man who couldn’t walk straight on a ship to one who could easily prepare a ship to sail by himself, if given the time. He had a happy life upon his so called father’s ship and even became a captain of his own ship, for a time. Through a series of torrid events Norik became involved with a cult like group known simply as ‘The Order of Bacalisk’ And this group brought the once great captain Norik from a feared Pirate captain of the Mermen if the Aryth to what he is now. A Man trapped on the land.

    Exceptional skills/traits: Norik is a master craftsman, a blacksmith. Give him an idea and he can make it out of metal, or any other material. A Master sailor, a top class Captain and one with the Sea, as well as a great political player.
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