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In the beginning

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  1. Demelza
    Within the great cavern, the survivors congregate, connected as one with their new leader. The insights into the nature of their reality, of themselves and their enemies are distributed entirely. Ideas bounce around the group, crossing between individuals as if they were synapses in a brain. They focus on offense, in light of their recent losses, the god indicates the value of their deceased cores. The think tank processes this, then their chieftains commence testing.

    Results are slow to come, weak telekinesis, unstable constructions. The god teaches them alternative techniques, soon small portions of rock are being convinced that they aren't rock and so... they aren't.

    Satisfied with their progress, the heatless little star instructs them to retrieve the cores of their dead. Once the majority of the community is busied it returns to the aggressor creatures it spared. Little flares of thought provide each of them nourishment within their otherwise sealed prisons, specimens must be preserved after all. It hovers eyelessly watching them for a period before mentally summoning one of the more exceptional priests. With a few more bursts of colour a bloated acid spewing creature is broken down into component parts floating in the air as if it were an exploded diagram, each part is refined and reduced. A neurological reworking is applied. Intuitive optimisation for what comes next.

    The priest shuffles into the room, it's expressionless face unblinkingly questioning what is requested. A series of conceptual images are transmitted in response, conveying a goal, a means and an idea. For a moment it stands confused, further clearer images are implanted. The acid spewing creature floats closer, reassembled and lobotomised. The imagery presented unravels in the priests mind like a psionic blueprint, but it is incomplete. It realises it needs to rape the vile creature presented before it.
    With a moment of hesitation, intrigue and resolve overcome the priest then it starts to probe the nature of the thoughts that cause the beast to be. Once complete the mineral man hurries off, already knowing that it must plant it's seed somewhere fertile and secure.

    The god remains static, gently pulsing. It could already see the thoughts of the seed and how they would grow. Soon it's people would have new tools. A psionic core born to starve, with a muscular stomach connected to a rigid peristaltic muscle tube with a flared opening at the end. A seperate sack stores a simple meat powerplant based on the original creature. More importantly the seeds of invention had been planted.

    Turning it's attentions back to the prison, the god prepares to entomb a great many creatures into what will someday become an impressive library. Soon it would leave and collect many specimens. But first there were still a few parting preparations to be made.

    The most talented priest and chieftain meet with the God in it's library, orders are disseminated to fortify, breed, train and invent. The deity falls victim to it's own curiousity and additionally requests that the healer allow itself to be used for an experiment towards the betterment of it's people. The proposal is one of breeding, with samples from the leader and the deity itself. Finally a stockpile of food and material is transmuted to provide during this growth period. Then the god departs to explore as quickly as it is able.
  2. InMediaRes
    Already since the faltering conception of the dream much has occurred. Manipulative intent and paranoid thoughts slipping from newfound minds to form beings beyond their control. Though in some places the world is a place of gentle wonder, in others terrible malicious creatures have sprung to life, fully formed from depths of the god's minds.

    Isolated in their own suspicion, the deities are largely unaware as to the extent of their creations. Time uncounted has already passed, and things have started down a path they will never again be able to tread.

    A shining star has hidden itself, and darkness manifested stalks the earth and sky. Far above the land, unseen by those who care not to seek it, a fortress looms. All the while, a mind is filled with wonder at the beauty and diversity that fills this reality, unaware of the terrible powers that are beginning to lurk in the shadows beyond it's gaze.
  3. Afflux_001
    (seeing that no one has posted how long a day is, does anyone have a complaint of 14 hours of light, and 10 hours of darkness, so 24 total?)
    The god soon leaves its new races to its own doings. Shortly after the god leaving them they start to kill openly, attacking and destroying anything they come across, plant, animal or insect. They keep their numbers small never exceeding 100 and replacing those that die from who ever they attack. They make quick but deadly attacks killing a few before retreating.

    After watching his race turn destructive the god changes his form to a small fox. Following his former race, healing the land and anyone he comes across, and destroying any dead of his former race. Buts his race moves faster than him and the damage slowly begins to spread.
  4. Fuzzy alchemist
    Fuzzy alchemist
    The fabricators were coming along quite nicely as the information between them was shared once they got out into the field they had begun working out the concepts behind chemistry and within only a short while they had started to organize them based on their traits and found that they fell into a pattern forming a version for their own equivalent of our periodic table using the elements of this world. Minds upon minds considering the idea made it all that more real. They were even working on why it existed working on the basis of atomic theory. Many googolplex of minds would communicate with each other and working together or separately would advance the concepts and share what each generation before had thought as their thoughts always existed in the group as long as they were shared.

    The egg layers fared less well. Being constantly inside the hive they could not communicate like the collectors and the fabricators. They quickly gave up on attempting to control the numbers of each type that were created as they could not compensate fast enough to deal with the others attempting to fix the same shortage or over abundance that they were. Instead the egg layers instead began focusing on the eugenics program that their benefactor had been devoting its time to and began to stop producing the lines that proved unsuccessful and mixing traits from those that had been successful in the previous generation. They also produced genetic duplicates from the previous generation so that they could compare and would be assured that the hive would have reliable ones in case the mixings turned out horribly.

    The workers were in about the same boat as the egg layers. They spent most of their time in the hive and could not communicate like the collectors and fabricators. Instead they spent their time practicing defending the hive and designing it to be more secure. They also became artists. While everyone else was having to work so hard to learn their field the workers had time and were encouraged to be creative. The more new ways they learned to think the better off they would be as they could out think any opponent that came at them and come up with more new ideas for how to build it.

    The divine benefactor of the hive continued its work making more extreme and frequent mutations to attempt further leaps now that the eugenics were being handled by something else. The egg layers actually dedicated eggs to the program writing them off as losses but secure in the hope that some gain would be made. The workers would come to it for suggestions on how to improve while it rested and recovered from its work. With each advance their benefactor made in teaching them or improving them in some other way they grew to appreciate it all the more and sought to keep its favor and the gifts that it bestowed. Each generation passed down the memory of what the benefactor had done for them to the next indoctrinating them and making them value it as a great asset of the hive.
  5. jtguy
    Kawn accompanied me into the valley one afternoon and I observed some tree dwelling creatures. A group of 6 creatures were capturing prey. Four went ahead and chased two smaller creatures through treetops, and two were waiting several trees down to block the prey. The smaller treehoppers were caught and devoured in short order.
    I turned my attention to a clearing that contained close to a hundred of the soft, brown vegetable-eating creatures that had intrigued me. A feeling of covetousness overwhelmed me and I felt a burning inside, almost a calling. The scene from the trees stuck in my mind and I retreated with Kawn to our mountainside palace.
    Over many days and nights I had labored to form the perfect dwelling--high ceilings supported by ornate columns of smoothed stones. The walls and floors contain multiple colors that gently flow and mix with the base tones of grey and white and brown. I recline and am enveloped in dreams and turning thoughts.

    In the morning I bring twenty five boulders to the desert clearing below the palace. The morph and change to my mind's eye. I go through several sketches before settling on a clear form--bipeds, several meters tall, but hunched to run on all fours. There midsections and limbs are armored with the strongest stones from my area. The same stones have formed sharp talons on the ends of their limbs, sharp enough to cut through wood from the valley.
    Pleased, I stand back and gaze upon my fearsome pack, eager to see what they are capable of.
  6. Demelza
    Deciding on a spiral search pattern of the surface, the cognitive singularity starts with the forest of it's own people. Each time it finds a new organism it consumes the thoughts that created it, storing them within itself for later regurgitation. A tree, a bush, a female pack hunter, a male, the canopy grazers, the tree climbers. They all disappear utterly. Once feeling the exertion the god returns to it's library and releases the thoughts, it checks in on it's people then heads back out.

    Travelling further afield, up the mountains claiming samples of all manner of beasts and monsters. Into the oceans, where jellies and shell fish, from the tiny to the gargantuan, hold dominion.
    Beyond the seas and to the lush green valleys, forests and meadows, where the brown herbivores dwell. Their local predators, the hunters, the plants and even new stones or dirt specimens of each were taken.
    Upon spiralling further a silent void of destruction is discovered. Blackened earth interspersed with overgrown vegetation is all that remains where the Dra'khar have passed and left a devastated ecosystem. It isn't long until one of their number is also unravelled for transport.

    Finally the desert looms on the horizon with peaks of stone in the distance. There doesn't seem to be much there at first, but after a while varieties of the greenland wild life made of stone and sand are encountered. Discreetly claiming yet more specimens, the god finishes it's inital sweep having been retrieving samples and noting landscapes for a few days, saving the polar regions and moons for later.

    Upon the last return trip it passes a majestic mountain palace, seeming incongruous with the lifeforms so far catalogued, the god is compelled to investigate. Approaching from above (they never look up), it sits statically watching, attempting to discern the inhabitants. A powerful entity, too dangerous for the library, stands on a parapet over a pack of rock creatures.
    Projecting a simple message, an attempt at communication is made: "Look up."
  7. Afflux_001
    Annoyed with the Dra’Khar senseless destruction the small fox attacks them plotting to be rid of the race. But something unexpected happens; they split up forming their own separate group. Now instead of one horde rampaging the planet there are five. Surprised by this the god follows one of the groups, having not taught them to split up he is confused and follows them to see what else they have learned. After following the one group for only two hours their numbers reach over 100 but instead of killing each other they split up again into smaller groups.
    Saddened by the plague he unleashed on this planet the god cries tears of pure darkness. From these tears a new life sprouts. A plant similar to a vine it is thick as the largest trees. Its color is black, and is covered in billions of small red thorns. The vines surround the god in a cocoon and then begin to spread outwards. A land previously destroyed by the Dra’Khar is now covered in these vines.
    Larger in numbers the Dra’Khar spread out wards across the planet like a plague, the mountains, desert, sea, even the Polar Regions. The Dra’Khar searches the planet killing anything in their path. Anything with larger number or that they can’t kill with brute force, they use quick attacks picking of a few of the easier targets, before retreating and looking for their next target.
    (The vines will be explained in more detail in the other section)
  8. Fuzzy alchemist
    Fuzzy alchemist
    The creatures of the hive had hit a dead end. They had consumed what of the satellites they could use without elemental transmutation and they did not feel like killing those below to get more materials. So, the question of what they did now came to them. Until now they had simply been studying and growing simply because growing was what they were programmed to do to survive. Now with the numbers in their current state, the massive amounts of defense training, and their location it did not seem that being killed off was going to happen anytime soon. They began discussing it amongst themselves and eventually, with a little nudge from their benefactor, decided to investigate the planet and learn there.

    Most of the workers and all of the egg layers remained in the hive reshaping it to close off all the entrances except 2 on opposite ends. The workers continued their war games and the egg layers continued their eugenics program. A detachment fabricators were left to make stuff for the hive and continue their studies there and expand into math and engineering so that they could better launch reinforcements when needed.

    The collectors and the rest of the fabricators began descending on the the planet or waiting just out side of the nest for launch. They were under orders to obtain information on anything that might assist the hive and begin laying the groundwork for diplomatic contact if they found intelligent or semi intelligent life. They were never to appear a threat and most importantly never to give up information that might put the hive at risk including too many details about themselves requiring self termination if it is the most practical method.

    Their benefactor had also chosen to come with them setting up a temple that would act as a point of easier communication between the hive and those on the planet. It chose the south pole. A previously uninhabited frozen waste of hard dense stone. Its flat landscape would make it impossible for any approach to hide and they could use the materials to construct new tunnel complexes and the tower. It was far too cold, the ground far too hard, there was no water or other things normally essential for life for hundreds of miles. It had been completely lifeless when the Dra'Khar infested it making it hard for them to grow their numbers but they now lived there and would have to be dealt with. An army of workers, collectors, and fabricators were under the direct command of the benefactor for the mission to set up the temple and it would go about clearing the area of other inhabitants using the best information gathering and attack patterns that it could think of calling in reinforcements as needed from the hive.

    The creatures of the hive learn everything about the world and the creatures that live there through observation and the occasional chemical testing by the fabricators. They learn of the nature of the planet and report it back to the hive and to the other groups so that all of them were aware and better knew what they were looking at.

    Seeing the interesting creatures that the glowing ball had made they attempt to lay the ground work for diplomatic contact. They observe to learn about them and make gestures to be helpful. For instance if they needed heat and their fire was going out they might gather firewood and drop it off. Or seeing one being attacked they might swarm the attacker and hold it back long enough for the creature them to escape. Or seeing them starving and having learned the composition of their mineral water begin using the fabricators to make the minerals needed and dump them into places where the creatures would find them. They have no language to begin comunicating so this seems to best way to prove that they were helpful not harmful.

    ((OOC: I have left the specifics of the war blank so that InMediaRes who knows my warfare and can infer the warfare of the Dra'Khar can decide how good a fight they put up and if I need to nuke the whole area to insure victory. I have also left the area on just how stealthy they are, with the exception of the ones making contact, so that InMediaRes can deterimine how likely it is that any of you have seen them doing what they are doing. I also feel that it is important to point out that if they felt someone attempting to take them apart they would self terminate and the others evacuate the area in case you do not wait for me to determine the reaction of my creatures like I am with yours.))
  9. InMediaRes
    Much time has passed since the inception of the dream, generations have passed. Beasts have developed into sentience, and caste. Already there are legends of older times, when things were different. For some, these are legends of better times.

    The Dra'Khar have spread outward across the planet, but no longer are they the beings that sprang from the touch of a god. Still, their touch is infectious, but no more the pure reproduction it once was. Further generations of the beasts still yield darkness, but the infected beasts don't lose their entire form. They become a sort of chimera, some with wings, some without. Some take on the claws, fangs, faces, or fur...each is unique.
    They continue to keep within packs of 100, but their sentience has devolved. Mindless, destructive beasts now, they roam the world, sometimes warring viciously against other life, sometimes against each other. A dark madness occasionally sweeps across a pack, and they turn to destroying each other.

    The mental singularity has explored much of the world, making small contact with one of the creatures at the south pole, both sides remain hopeful but leery. Continuing on, it eventually comes to the forested continent in the northern hemisphere. A vast jungle swells with verdant sorrow, in places the growth is so heavy and labyrinthine that it blocks out the light completely.
    Far in the west, in the crystalline lands, the project of growing new beings is coming along slowly. Each discovery, however, is momentous. New sentience continues to spring from stone. Meanwhile, the flickering orb hovers above a desert palace...

    Not far away from the desert palace, two groups of mindless mutated Dra'khar both close in on the orb of light they see flickering in the sky...

    In the south, the mind at the center of the hive learns of the intrusion of his territory. Stories of horrible winged chimeras reach his ears, though all that have approached have been destroyed, though at the loss of some of his workers. Clearly there are things in the distance which are growing. For now, the hive is safe, though more must be learned of what grows beyond his knowledge.
  10. jtguy
    After forming the initial pack of 25 stone warriors, I am pleased with my handwork and immediately set about creating an additional 25. In the midst of my work I feel a message from another being telling me to "look up". I do and am astonished that there is another being similar to myself. I broadcast a message of "I thought there was no one else. What do you want?".
    But I am distracted by the clamoring of distant creatures. They do not sound friendly and I realize that I must prepare to defend my newly formed home. I form twenty-five foot earthen walls to block the two passes that empty the valley into the desert past the mountain ranges. I send two packs of warriors to station behind each wall as I move to investigate the source of the noise, accompanied by Kawn.
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