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Stumped for a name?

  1. TerrasJadeonar
    To pull out of the proverbial Sarlacc Pit when your typing up a post and need a random name right then and there... But your mind is just drawing a blank?

    Well, there is the old trusty and reliable "Name Mage" applet (@ ) if your a Windows user. Kinda limited but does allow for making your own custom fun and easy .nam rule files (they're just notepad text files with a .nam instead of .txt extension - right click and edit / open / always open with: notepad). Totally useless if your on an Apple/Mac or other non-windows platform. Other caveat is the utility can be slow to generate names if the selected rules file has more than 500 lines of letter combinations. On the plus side, it does work on Windows 95 through to Windows 7 64bit.

    Seventh Sanctum Website ( @ ) is another handy and useful resource. Totally web browser based, so as long as you can browse the net, this site can be useful.

    Star Wars Name Generator ( @ ), made by the Holonet's own Dgswenson, many years ago what seems like a galaxy far far away. Used to be open to submissions, but thats long been closed. Still useful for generating a name combination albeit that well kinda runs dry after you've tapped it long enough and the same names start coming up over again. Also, only works if you do have a net connection at the time.

    Now, what if your offline, be it temporary net service outage, or on a laptop thats out of wifi range and no cellphone modem accessory wire, and your still wisely using that downtime to type up a post in advance? If your a Windows user, hopefully you'd at least have Name mage installed. But if you're a Mac user, your probably screwed right?



    Random Name Generator, in Javascript ( @ ). Ok, Mac or Windows, yes you can run it from the website, as its a web page however, if you read or skin through the article, to the "read more>>" , the full article opens up, and end of the article is a file attachment of the .html page that is the javascript name generator. Regardless of operating system (Mac/Win) your using, you can click and save the .html attachment to somewheres on your HD, and run it in your browser without any net connection required.

    This is a fun and handy little webpage name generator. You can choose min and max letters within a name, add any prefix or suffix, how many names to generate at once, and in how many rows across.

    It can produce some gobleygook spews of random letters strung together, but amazingly for the most part, a good percentage of it is actually pronounceable. Running it in your browser is also fairly quick and efficient. And you can save the generator page to a usb flash drive. All the script is contained, no outside calls to a webserver, and its purely a name generation script (looked at the page's source code).

    Just thought I'd mention these handy utils. Try them out, especially the javascript one. Anyone else know of any useful random name generators?
  2. Fingon
    Thanks for those! I'd used the SW Name Generator before; the others are appreciated.
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