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  1. Hobo Who Saved Christmas
    Hobo Who Saved Christmas
    Hey guys, I'm feeling a lot better. Game for Thursday is on, and right now I'm working on some stuff for weapon customization, a little along the lines of Kotor II but making it more realistic. Once some I have enough of it done, I'll upload it to the page I have set up with the custom equipment and like. Also, I hope to soon do the rules for custom droids and ship customization (that will be last since you guys will not have the money for that in a while). I'll tell you guys in-game when I have it done, but it will be up on the site when it is.

    Also, to make stuff easier on me, I'm going to definitively rule that power packs and the like can't normally be recharge. So in game, keep a tally of what your guns are down to, and rolling a 1 will not automatically make your gun run dry. So, there's that update. Otherwise, just hang on with me 'cause I'm going to be modding this system a nice little amount. Hopefully, it will make the game more enjoyable. If it doesn't, we'll change it back.

    Note: I added several weapons that aren't in the book but are seen in Star Wars (ex. missile launcher and lightfoil). If there is anything else (weapons, armor, upgrades, whatever) from Star Wars that you'd like to see in the game that isn't there can probably be added. Just go ahead and suggest it to me. Some things aren't made yet as far as I know (ex. FC-1 flechette launcher), but I'm sure there are some from this period I've missed.

    Anyway, have a merry Christmas and may the Force by with you.
  2. Kozsey
    Glad to hear your feeling better. And feel free to take your time with droid and starship customization, believe we are in debt enoug for now. And the non-rechargable power packs seems like an interesting idea.
  3. jagreek
    Hi I'm Jared G, I'm Hobo's friend IRL he asked if i was interested in playing and i was like "yeah sure sounds fun" so i rolled up a character and i'm joining tonight.
  4. Hobo Who Saved Christmas
    Hobo Who Saved Christmas
    We are going to try Mumble, a free chat client that is similar to Ventrilo. If we like Mumble, we may switch permenantly for my game (Big One will have to make the call on his). This is the download client.

    Try setting it up with the voice configuration. It is supposed to set everyone to the same volume or so if you do. Anyway, when you do get in, add a new sever. Sever name is whatever you want. Address is The port is 64738. The password is the one we always use (hint, like in maptools and the D&D channel).
  5. Hobo Who Saved Christmas
    Hobo Who Saved Christmas
    This Thursday's game is canceled on account of my crotchetiness due to dental pain.
  6. Hobo Who Saved Christmas
    Hobo Who Saved Christmas
  7. TheOneBigOne
    Terror/Recon droid 034TH battle log/status report
    3,994 BBY arrival on Kashyyyk,

    Primary target for destruction: Czerka control tower and slave detention center.

    Method of destruction: fire and improvised chemical explosive device.

    Casualty estimate: 4-8 by fire and smoke inhalation, 12-24 by explosives and resultant collapse of structures.

    Possible witnesses: 20-40 Wookie slaves.

    De-brief: After the initial fire drew more targets to the structure attempting to extinguish the flames the improvised explosive was detonated to cause structural collapse and increase casualty count. While leaving ground zero further Czerka employees were engaged and slain by blaster fire and assistance of Jedi. (Jedi were spotted as a legitimate source of off world travel) Joined Jedi aboard Dynamic-class transport.

    Departure from Kashyyyk

    3,994 BBY arrival on Onderon, City of Iziz

    Primary target for destruction: Merchant district entrance to Sky Ramp.

    Method of Destruction: Improvised explosive device.

    Casualty estimate: 50-100 by explosives and resultant collapse of structures.

    Possible witnesses: 3-9 persons at ground zero (estimated survival rate 5-10%)

    De-brief: Upon departure of the Dynamic-class transport all explosive devices were detonated all departing ships were recalled to port for inspection of craft and submitted to boarding parties. Threat level rating was high and departed the ship on repulsorlift drive mid flight.

    Secondary target for destruction: Fuel truck located at Onderon main Air Defense tower at primary spaceport of Iziz.

    Method of Destruction: Micro explosives placed strategically on highly explosive starship re-fueling truck.

    Casualty estimate: 13-26 by explosives and resultant fireball and collapse of structures.

    Possible witnesses: 0 (Full stealth mission completed)

    De-brief: Resultant of the chaos during the explosions of fuel and collapse of the air defense tower the coverage of turrets surrounding the spaceport was effectively disabled. The Dynamic-class ship lifted off to rendezvous with 034TH mid flight. Upon boarding the ship encountered an 11 members of Onderon military boarding party already in battle with Jedi and crew. Reduced atmospherics and pressure level to incapacitate all biological life forms aboard ship and engaged remaining boarding party. Casualty rate of boarding party 100%.

    Departure From Onderon

    3,994 BBY arrival on Trandosha

    Primary target for destruction: None.

    De-brief: Starship Dynamic-class hyperdrive was damaged stop made to obtain parts and repair ship no targets of importance found.

    Departure from Trandosha

    3,994 BBY arrival on Taris

    High Profile Target Assassination: Jack Burick of Burick shipping and hauling.

    Method of assassination: Radio detonated explosives placed aboard Ithitor-class Super-transport ship engines causing ship to crash into
    office building containing Jack Burick

    Casualty estimate: 2,000-15,000 due to initial crash/explosion and resultant collapse of superstructure and surrounding towers.

    Possible witnesses: 1-3 Burick employees

    De-brief: Jack Burick confirmed dead in rubble.
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