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  1. Demelza
    Making this for people to post supplemental materials, whatever they may be.
  2. Demelza
    [long but reasonably comprehensive]

    Research Notes: Subject 2
    Subject Outline: Sentient mineral based thought construct
    Assessment Outcome: Potentially valuable resource
    Action: Direct development


    The subject species demonstrates a clear unity between body and mind, to the extent that some physiological responses or activities are psychological in nature. As such this makes categorisation problematic as often anatomical functions are so closely integrated with psychological ones as to be indistinguishable. Nevertheless, I shall proceed from the standpoint that they are comparable to other organisms so far sighted.


    The composition of a typical shell is a bipedal humanoid of short stature with a bulbous head. They have two solid eyes in their heads, small narrow mouths and no noses.
    They have a number of core organic subsystems, each shall be addressed in turn, but they are loosely defined as: psionic core, solvent glands, digestive tract, and reservoirs. In addition they have a reproductive gland situated in the groin.

    Their two eyes are well developed and have a broad operating band.
    Portions of the skull form hearing organs on the surface of the skin to cover a wide range of frequencies. The largest of these surfaces is sensitive to the most dangerous frequencies and acts as warning system to avoid exposure to potentially damaging sounds. They have no sense of smell and only a limited sense of taste. Tactile sensation is also somewhat dulled in comparison to other creatures. They also possess limited psionic awareness of their surroundings, in some individuals this is demonstrably more keenly developed.


    Possessing muscluature of molecular scale armatures based mineral chemistry and electrical induction, they are not the fastest moving creatures encountered. Compared to natural predators this deficit is offset through exploitation of tools with their opposable digits.

    Psionic Core

    This high density semiconducting crystalline lattice is arguably the most important and sophisticated organ, it is split into two parts both situated in the creatures head and functions as both brain and heart.
    The deep core controls autonomic functions and has subconcious awareness of internal processes. It is responsible for selectively motivating bodily fluids as required, this is accomplished through purely psionic means.
    The outer core is responsible for higher functions, the subconcious regions of it maintain contact with others of the species within the immediate vicinity.
    The whole structure resonates with thought, acting as an amplifier and granting minor psionic abilities. External capabilities are rare however.

    Digestive Tract
    The typical diet of these organisms are fruit and meat of the forest along with concentrated mineral waters. Their digestive tract functions in tandem with the other major organs to filter and segregate building materials and fuels, anything undigestible or useless to them is excreted as semi-solid waste.

    Solvent Glands and Reservoirs
    These glands create a variety of specific solvents for the disolution of crystalline structures. The primary purpose of these is to assist in the transport of material through the generation of saturated solutions.
    The reservoirs are a series of organs of varying composition, some contain solvents, water or water products, most however contain solid stores of material that are dissolved and transported as required.

    Energy Conversion
    Energy is converted and applied primarily electrically. Less intensive energy demands are met through galvanic and voltaic effects within some of the reservoir structures.
    For burst demand, the water they ingest is split and burned locally as required. This passes down a chain of reactions including volume changes (especially useful in muscles), along with thermal and kinetic transfers until finally the majority of energy is electrical. All energy generated is consumed immediately, excess in muscular applications is sinked to the psionic core which readily accepts it, having a stimulant effect.

    The reproductive gland can generate the seed of a new psionic core, this will be discussed more in the psychological assessment. It should be noted here however that they are not genetic replicators, and so do not age beyond weathering.

    Resistant to several forms of trauma, these bodies react in several unique ways to injury. Blunt trauma can be quite damaging to them, sufficiently energetic impacts can crack or shatter their skeletons, cores or solvent reservoirs. Piercing is generally completely ineffective upon them, as they rarely bleed fluids for long before crystallisation occurs, and slashing injuries are only likely to cause fluid loss and muscular damage. They have a very wide comfortable thermal range, and are particularly resistant to concentrated light. However they are vulnerable to solvents, particularly strong acids, intense electrical activity, and sound within certain frequency ranges. Headwounds are of particular concern as these are most likely to damage important psionic structures.


    As with all things it is their own thoughts which keep them existing. They are further unique amongst entities discovered so far in that their collective subconscious makes them more real than most of the simpler solitary beastial forms. This is anticipated to be demonstrated amongst other communities encountered as well; a positive feedback situation induced by perception.
    Since culture is integral to psychological development this shall be addressed here too.

    Driving Forces
    They appear to be content surviving for the time being, though throughout the course of this investigation that seems to be something of a losing battle in the extreme hostility of their natural habitat.

    Social values
    Whilst individual in nature, they remarkably come to group decisions and never have any dissention once a decision has been made. This has led to a culture where self sacrifice is expected if it benefits the community on the whole, and it is considered a great honour. Though they do not carelessly throw themselves away.

    Social Stratification
    As a tribal society, the total population is distributed amongst separate tribal groups. These groups have a communal meeting ground and often trade ideas and members there.
    Within each tribe there are 4 main roles and a number of periphery specialists.
    First there are the leadership caste, usually a hunter with unusual psionic prowess. They further train in directing the people in team activities, rather than acting in a specific decision making role (this is done group wide subconciously).
    The priest caste are also highly psionically active, they can often convince and manipulate others into healing themselves. They tend to the dead and otherwise perform menial duties around the tribe's camp.
    Both leaders and priests are quite rare, a tribe of a hundred members may have only two or three priests and between five and ten leaders.
    The remainder of the population are hunter gatherers. The hunters operate in teams, usually with a leader. The rest perform daily home keeping functions or harvest plants, crystals and other materials around the campsite.

    Despite their impressive resilience to trauma and psionic properties, should they become adequately injured that they cannot heal themselves, they enter a state of degenerative depression which can act to poison and disrupt their collective.
    Typically they practice ritual suicide in this event.

    When a tribal leader or priest dies, their cores are preserved and are usually passed down to their successor as a symbol of office. Curiously, upon presentation with the core the psionic potential of the successor appears to be heightened. Further research into inactive cores revealed that they maintain the ability to function as amplifiers once otherwise inactive. I myself was able to utilise one, though it required seperate input energy. They seem to connect to the nervous system of the bearer through tactile contact by a member of the same species.

    Split between naturally defensive crystal caverns with underground water supplies and temporary forest camp sites, dependent upon predator activity within a given area and the status of their food stores.

    The technology exhibited is not very sophisticated. Blunt trauma melee weapons, simple projectiles. The pinnacle of their weapons technology are composite crystal blades that dissolve a small portion of themselves into the bloodstream of local creatures hit, causing debilitating poisoning. It is suspect that these will be ineffectual on creatures operating with a wildly dissimilar chemical base. They have some limited mining and stoneworking techniques along with glass blowing and simplistic crystal growing. The majority of these activities are rarely practiced though, as the only places where facilities exist for them are within the more permenant cave dwellings.

    Reproduction is accomplished through an exchange of a psionic fingerprint from donating entities to a single parent. The parent then deposits this into the seed of a new psionic core, from there the seed separates from the parent and is planted into the ground or more often, the bottom of a pool within their habitat. From this position it leeches minerals through a weak psionic attraction and grows according to how it knows to.
    It is suspected that any entity capable of generating such a fingerprint may contribute. Further research is required as to the possible results.

    Technically they are able to reproduce without interaction with another organism, in this manner they would clone themselves. It seems that some level of awareness as to the value of diversity exists however, as they have not yet been observed to practice this. Interrogation revealed that it is forbidden. This also appears to be the primary purpose of mingling amongst tribes.


    There are three possible answers to this question:
    They are remnants from the first's dream.
    They are refugees from the real.
    They were created in response to a demand of my own.

    The second of these answers seems unlikely, they do not exhibit the same level of control or awareness as I do. Though a possibility is that they were fragmented upon transition to the dream.
    The first and third possibilities are both equally likely and fit with observed qualities.
    The third option indicates that they are part of some intuitive desire on my
    part, though since no real conclusion can be drawn on this topic that too must remain speculation. It is worth recalling what I was thinking prior to discovery however.


    This is a species that presents opportunities, they should be further studied and exploited. Allowing their destruction by less interesting organisms would be an unforgivable waste.
    The nature of their reproductive and neurological systems conjure numerous ideas and avenues for future development. Their local habitat remains a hurdle for them to conquer however.
  3. Afflux_001

    A humanoid race With a head of a fox, wings of a dragon, and feet simular to an eagles. They stand anywhere from 5-6ft tall, with a wing span of 6-8ft. They are covered in a black fur, and thier wings covered in a skin that is blood red with scales. From the knee down thier legs are covered in the same scales. thier hands have 7 fingers with 3 large jagged claws on them.

    Once lead by thier god, they now roam freely attacking every and anything in thier path. Haveing no need to eat they kill thier prey for the joy of it.

    Haveing no formal way of comuneication they speak through telepathy, this making the hunt easyer, working as one enity.

    Being infertile they create new members of the race by biting thier prey and turning it into another of thier kind.

    The Dra-Khar's number never grow more than 100, if that happens there is instablity between them, and they attack each other until the numbers fall below 100.

    if more detail is needed ill post as it comes up
  4. Afflux_001
    A race of vine, they stretch out over 300 feet and are 3 feet in diameter. Their trunk is pure black and is covered in billions of small red thorns. They don’t have eyes but see through sense through vibrations in the ground and air, and through smelling. They speak by touching the creature and passing their thoughts to them. Connected by their roots they speak freely to the other guardians but still retain their individuality. A peaceful race by nature they offer protection to those that need it. Using the ability the creator taught them, they use what they call Julkai. Julkai is a form of magic solely based on creation and destruction. They heal anyone injured by destroying the damaged area, and creating a new version of it. On the other hand, if deemed a threat they lash out at their foe sending out silver oil that breaks down the matter it touches.
    They seem to feed of a strange black liquid that is found in small streams that can be traced back to the center of the guardians. The Liquid started off as the tears of the god that now pour freely from the ground where he first cried. As the streams grow larger from the constant flow, the vines follow.
    As they spread they lash out at the air sending out gold oil. From this oil new guardians grow. Some growing straight up so that others can climb up them and branch out connecting to another guardian near them. By doing this they have created a jungle.
    No one has ever seen the center of this jungle, the guardians don’t allow it. When asked why the only reason is “that’s where the creator is”.
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