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List of Players and Characters

  1. Soft Serve
    Soft Serve
    Here is the list of characters and players off the top of my head.

    Name (P&PG Account Name) Race Class

    Vinru (Soft Serve) Vanarra Monk
    Lucian (Lucian-Sunaka) Dragonborn Bard
    Amber (Aeval) Human Cleric
    Vosslar (???)(Silverblood Drow) Something or other
    ??? (Plattvillegamer) Elf Ranger
    ??? (Femchar) ??? Rogue
    Grakin (Barefoot_Adam) Neanderthal Rogue
    ??? (Sneaksta) Human Wizard

    Rant (Halfman) Human Sorcerer
    Gendiil (???) Dwarf Cleric
    Pavi (NPC) Human Fighter
    Cpt. BadEye Paulie (DungeonMaster) Human Swashbuckler
    Beastie (NPC) Half-Ogre Fighter
    ??? (Conrad) Yuan-ti Lurk
    ??? (NPC) Xeph Soulknife

    Just post with the changes I need to make and I'll get it done. You know like fill in the ???'s and correct me where I'm wrong...
  2. Ruki
    Sorry I wasn't there last night Softie, stupid roommate didn't pay the internet bill

    Will hopefully be on Tuesday.
  3. Silverblood_Drow
    Lol, In your campaign Soft I'm a Human Fighter, named Vossler. & In Luke's I'm a Drow Duskblade named Dyne.
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