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Hellfrost Play Times/Schedule Discussion

  1. jpatterson
    This is for us all, GM and Players, to discuss the best days/times to game in PPG chat here. Please read this thread and post your Savage Worlds Hellfrost characters [HERE] if you have not done so yet.

    I've already sent the below PM to most of my potential players, but here it is again to refresh memories:

    I'd like to run a Savage Worlds Hellfrost adventure, which would likely be broken into more than one session, if the first goes well, and would like to get times and dates/days that will work best for players, or at the very least, what times WON'T work well, so I'll be able to see if I can formulate a workable idea of a time.

    As GM, I'm generally on and available in the afternoons to the wee hours of the morning unless I've gone somewhere or had to do something for someone, just about any day of the week, so my schedule is generally free except for a few special but unfortunately not exact days, usually falling in the first two weeks of the month, though I occasionally have doctor's appointments which sometimes throw off my available days.

    I'd like to run a game in the late afternoon or early evening if possible, like maybe 4pm CST my time (GMT-6) and probably for 2-4 hours (I'd prefer 3 max but might do 4 if I felt we could complete everything, but could run it about anytime later on, and I realize we all have other things to do, so I don't plan on having very long sessions, with the 3 hour session being about max and maybe not that long, unless everybody agrees to more.

    So I'd like to hear other player's thoughts please. You can reply to me in PM or in the Group forum in a new thread for Hellfrost schedules if you prefer so there could be public discussion on times. Thanks!
    One player has indicated Mon and Wed are good for him but the weekends aren't good for him at all. I'd like to hear some other ideas.
  2. jpatterson
    Nobody has really replied so I'm setting the schedule for the

    Savage Worlds Chat Hellfrost Chat Game at

    Monday, Dec 13, 8PM CST/GMT -6 (6 PST, 7 MST, 9 EST)
  3. Dolanar
    wrong place lol
  4. jpatterson
    I apologize to players for not clarifying and staying on top of and posting the final correct game time for the last game properly as I should have - it was my fault.


    I have created a GAME TIMETABLE/SCHEDULE CALENDAR type thing. I need EACH player to please visit it and fill out the days you WILL be able to attend, and the times on each day, so we can all better coordinate schedules to determine a game time that is available to as many players as possible.

    It uses GoogleDocs so you don't need to download or login or do anything, but you can edit ANY part of the sheet, so PLEASE - ONLY EDIT YOUR OWN PORTION.
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