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Did I build this right??

  1. yukonhorror
    So like I said before, I am trying to build the final fantasy game into the HERO system. I took a first stab at a power called Mighty Strike. In the original system, it does double dam (with a weapon), has a charge time, but has half the accuracy.

    So I was thinking for double dam, just make it an Aid power that increases STR (3d6 should be enough to double the damage (avg value of 10)) which is an active cost of 18 (6 pts per 1d6). Now, It has a delay (extra time for -1/4), it is inaccurate (-1/4), only is for the person using it (aid self only -1). I figure it is a one time effect so I put in (one use at a time -1), and because it has to be used through an weapon (an axe for example) I gave it OAF (-1). Making the total cost for the power 4 (18/4.5). Is this right?? Would there be a more accurate way to define this power?
  2. Justin
    That seems to make sense to me, but I think a more accurate and simpler way to do it would be to instead make a maneuver for it. Unfortunately I don't have my books on hand so I can't give you exact details. but if you look in the second core rule book under the maneuver section it should tell you how to make maneuvers. That's just my 2 cents tho. (wish I could be more helpful, but my books are about 400 miles away at this point)
  3. yukonhorror
    But with a maneuver, I have to buy at least 10 pts yes?? Also, I want it to be something that has the delay on it and only a certain "class" can use.
  4. yukonhorror
    I redid it as a characteristic power (same cost though).

    Might Strike: +10 Strength Active cost (10) Inaccurate(-1/4), only with weapons (-1/2), extra time [delay phase] (-1/4) nonpersistent (-1/4) instant (-1/2) (real cost 4 pts).

    This makes it so the extra dam (from an increased STR) is ONLY for that atk.
  5. yukonhorror
    Actually, I am wondering, for a one-time damage boost, what is better:

    +HKA or +STR (with non persistent and instant limitations). Mechanically, they seem similar, but cost seems much different.
  6. Richard Littles
    The difference is that an HKA will be against resistant defenses only while STR would be against both resistant and normal defenses. The HKA will more likely kill the opponent and the STR will only knock them unconcious.
  7. yukonhorror
    thanks. I have kind of moved my HERO questions to the HERO forums. Much bigger community there (at least familiar with HERO), so I don't have to constantly drill you guys. Although, I am still going to post all of my toolkitting and such in my blog.
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