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  1. jpatterson
    Your credits are pretty impressive, R. T. games playtester and all that - I don't know all that much about them but I do recognize the name; you've been active, that's too bad you've lost access to a regular group.

    I've not played the d20 system of CoC, I'm afraid. I see it's already out of print as well?

    I was introduced to the normal BRP/D100 system by older friends at that time, and we all basically drifted away from each other long before the 5th edition rules even came out, let alone the d20 version I think, so I never even saw it, only heard about it - it's been last year since I got to play any tabletop at all. I thought it was interesting, I think I read somewhere it was said CoC D20 changed most of the mechanics but just left Sanity because there really wasn't any better way they felt they could model it than the way Chaosium already had it.

    What is the story of your experience with the d20 version vs the D100 version, that would lead to a strict d20-only adherence to CoC? I've had my own epiphany of systems repulsion, but with d20 from the opposite direction, but I'd be willing to try CoC to see what it was like as a d20 incarnation - I honestly cannot comprehend how you could possibly run it as a game with levels and feats and stuff like D&D; I've talked about that with my friends and family before and we can only scratch our heads and shrug. Realistically I guess it shouldn't be all that much different, but to port something so famous and iconic from a percentile system over to an even more well-known, but to me, not very-similarly philosophically-aligned system, seems like it would be jarring culture shock.

    What is ... oh I think I asked in the other thread, so either place - what's your experience with Warhammer? We used to play 1st edition and I bought my friend one of the 2nd edition books, not expecting him to pick it back up again, but he did, and we started playing it again not quite regularly but enough we sort of "got into" it, and I even made some supplements for it, but as I said, our group (which at this point was just us and his stepson and nephew and their friends) dissolved again, so right now I'm just taking it easy and playing or running a few things here and there online just to see how it goes. I've ran things online before but not in an actual rpg-site setting, only in off-topic forums, where I was really the only one who knew anything about gaming, so this is new to me, having other people that know rpgs.
  2. Wiptag
    Yes, unfortunately, Call of Cthulhu d20 is out of print. I also see that it's not available as a download, either, so I'll understand if you choose not to use the system. Not having the rules to play a game is an excellent reason! While I see that you can get the True20 version of the game as a download for $4.95, I'm no longer into True20 as much as I was two years ago.

    The simple reason for the "strict adherence" is that I own Cthulhu d20 - a copy signed by Monte Cook himself, in fact - and I don't own the original rules. The only time I've played with the original rules was during my teenage years with some locals I met about the same age as I was. To be honest, though, I don't think any of us ever actually read the rules. Unfortunately, the GM was a jerk, and would usually kill me off for his personal enjoyment early in the adventures, so I don't have any nostalgia for the rule set and don't necessarily see percentile systems as "famous and iconic". All I see is the use of a d20 system in place of a percentile system. Obviously, I'm not a purist.

    In addition, it wasn't until a decade later that I ran across the Mythos lore that the game was based off of. I'm genuinely surprised nobody in the group had pointed me in their direction, so I'm guessing none of them had ever read the stories, either. "The Rats in the Walls" is an amazing read!

    I think it's wonderful that you have so many friends and family playing the game! I must say that I'm jealous. I'm sure you must have many fond memories playing with the original rule set, so I completely understand your reluctance to "go astray from the pack."

    I am curious about why you are repulsed by d20. Did you have a bad experience with it? I wouldn't say it's "famous and iconic", but it is my impression that it was widely used due to Dungeons & Dragons, 3rd Edition. I'm also not sure what you mean by "philosophically aligned", except that you must really love the system, which I can certainly understand.

    To clarify my position on WFRP, I love 2nd Edition, and have most of the line. Perhaps I read your post wrong, but are you saying you wrote some of the books? If so, that's amazing! Which ones did you write?

    I got to cut this short. There's a storm in my area right now.
  3. jpatterson
    Cool Monte cook auto'd rules! Closest I ever had was an email from Gary Gygax who replied when I emailed him asking how to pronounce his last name. I have been given permission by Atlas Games to work on a compilation of all the official Types for the Feng Shui game that they'll host on their site, and they've got my character sheets for that game on their site.

    And I was referring to Lovecraft's setting and Chaosium's interpretation when I was talking about iconic and famous. BRP/CoC D100 is that, I guess, in its way, but all systems that have been around for any time are, so I wasn't singling it out for any sort of distinction - it's just a system. I'm not a purist for any particular game being played with any particular rulesets, but I do have systems I like more or less than others.

    Like I say, it isn't so much a reluctance to stray from the traditional D100, it is that no one ever had it or used it and we already had a ruleset everybody knew, that already had over a decade of support, so for all of us, there wasn't any reason to change to a new ruleset. None of us had played D&D since AD&D2E anyway, and the last time I did, 3.5, I realized I was daring the GM to kill my character, so I realized I wasn't a good match for it, at least not that style.

    The GM had originally bought $70 of Stargate RPG books but 4 hours after getting the books home and reading over everything, the GM came out and said "Uh, we need the D&D 3 PHB" - we just blinked. "To play Stargate?" So we (well, he) got the core books for D&D and we played for a month or so, and ... I don't know about the others, but I personally didn't find it to me taste at all. And thus we also never played Stargate, which I totally forgot about until now. Damn.

    I just got done with a pbp on another forum (not a normal gaming forum though) and it was ok but I still feel somehow constricted by it, but like I said, I'd try a D20 CoC game, but I definitely have no idea about how to run one, as I have no experience running that system in any genre, as I continue having frustrations with the system and it drives me up a wall. Just so you don't think I'm an elitist, I'm not saying it's a bad system, that isn't something I can judge for other people, because obviously, a lot of someones think it is pretty good, given its popularity - it just isn't the right fit for me, and I could rant in Lewis Black hyperbole on why, but that's from a personal slant. I started with redbox D&D and played AD&D for a bit, but I've realized I just lean a lot more now to lighter, simpler systems with less referencing and if-then and such, which is what brings me up short with Warhammer too, in some of the ways it implements things.

    By philosophically-aligned, I meant the way the two systems work are different; D&D/D20 is based on level advancement and race and class package stacking and feat acquiring, while D100 is based on per-basis skill increase with no extra advantages/disadvantages/feats, etc. D20 seems more "level up" in a broad sense based, while D100 seems more "level up" individual area specific. I know it's normally apples to oranges, but like I say, with porting a game from one system to another, it necessarily becomes apples to apples, and all the people I knew just held our hands on our foreheads and went "Wha?" I like BRP/D100 fairly well but I have a thing about percentile systems too - they just seem so "big" - the 2D10 rolls are roll-under, they're essentially as random as a D20 because you're reading them instead of summing them, so there isn't the same type of curve you get with "normal dice"... I have a strange kind of ongoing obsession with looking for "a better way". I kinda have this "I may not know what I DO want, but I can tell you when I feel something is lacking" outlook - it could be just psychological busywork.

    Haha oh lord no, I didn't write any of the WFRP2 books. I put out some fan supplemental material, but not even any of the famous clumps of THAT. Just things that occurred to me at the time, or that our group needed, or that I updated from stuff I'd made for 1st edition, etc. I posted it here and there on different sites - I made a gems and I think a random land type document, and a 2nd edition Fimir and Zoat PC pamphlet, an adventure, etc. Little things - they're in the Warhammer section of the forums on P&PG somewhere. Nothing big, was just saying that I had done some work on things here and there, just personal labors of love. I posted quite a while on the Fantasy Flight forums and post occasionally on Strike to Stun now but not having a game, I haven't done much with WFRP lately.
  4. jpatterson
    My play by post Feng Shui game fizzled out so I guess I won't be making any posts anywhere for right now. I might run a realtime chat game in the chatroom here on P&PG probably using the Savage Worlds rules in the Warhammer 2e setting.
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