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Official Pathfinder Character Generator

  1. GI Journalist
    GI Journalist
    These guys make a pretty good product. I'd generally recommend them.

    <img alt="" align="right" width="250px" height="67px">
    Lone Wolf Development has signed a licensing agreement with Paizo Publishing to make Hero Lab the only officially licensed character management tool for the bestselling Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

    As part of the agreement, Hero Lab will not only include content from the Core Rulebook and Bestiary, but also from the soon to be released Advanced Players Guide, and Paizo’s Pathfinder Campaign Setting and Pathfinder Player Companion books. Read the official Press Release here:

    For more information and a free demo of Hero Lab, please visit
  2. Carnis77
    This tool set is awesome. Best one I have seen yet. I went ahead and bought it.
  3. jstoner420
    All of you are cheaters. Character generates. Whatever. Maybe if Jeremy used a book and READ the ****ing rules, he'd have less questions about D&D.

  4. Carnis77
    Its all part of automation. Sadly Jeremy thinks if its a listed Feat that it applies to any character race or class like say an Elf with a Dragon Breath Weapon Feat. Or "Wing Buffet".
  5. jstoner420
    I would make him make a new character if he had a guy who had "Wing Buffet"!!! ROFL
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