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1st and 2nd Edition AD&D Groups

  1. Lord Cygnus
    Lord Cygnus
    Here is a place to meet and join up with the OLD SCHOOL Gamers!
  2. magic-rhyme
    A modified/simplified AD&D sort of campaign is often one of the two or three campaigns my Norman roleplaying group alternates among every season.

    (Which campaigns we focus on that season is usually determined by which players can make game sessions that season.)

    We usually game two out of every three weekends, either Saturday or Sunday (depending upon a quorum player's needs that season since most of our players are late 20s/early 30s college educated professionals, such as a professor, a librarian, a gov't worker, etc.).

    If you are looking for a Norman gaming group (whether you live in Norman or not) right now, contact me.
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