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  1. Carnis77
    The World we're using is Toril (Forgotten Realms). There were several large Islands and Continents that the game developers never finished in the FR Atlas. I used these to populate the historical cultures of Egypt, Rome, Greece, Gaul, Vikings (Norse), Irish, as well as folk from Wheel Of Time. I have the FR Interactive Atlas and already built the maps accordingly.

    Besides those mentioned above all other traditional cultures and histories for FR - Faerun are the same.

    All of the historical and WOT folks are transplants caused by lost fleets in "Bermuda Triangle" circumstances that "shifted" them to the World of Toril centuries ago.

    This maximizes the players choices for character backgrounds and classes and greatly expands the world in general for a seemingly endless list of options for campaigns.

    I'm shooting for a campaign group of no more than 7 players. I currently have 4 so a few more folks would be useful.

    We don't have a firm start date yet so there is time.

    Ill be posting some of our game terrain capabilities in the group album soon.

    The game will be held in my house in Chesapeake Beach, Maryland. 20 minutes East of DC / 20 minutes South of Annapolis. If interested- get in touch with us.
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