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FRAUD: The Movie: the Twilight 2013 campaign

  1. Nanban Jim
    Nanban Jim
    In 2011, filming began on 2012's blockbuster action movie. A feel-good patriotic film of the John Wayne style (with plenty of government money in the mix). A-listers abound, and for authenticity, some of the action was shot in the most war-torn parts of the world.
    In 2012, their security contractors riddled with bullets, the cast and crew come to the realization that their fantasy world has truly become living hell. In order to survive, they have to do what they do best: Acting.

    "Specialist Herz," a Key Grip who worked construction for CA DOT between filming gigs, now the APC driver. (NPC, but could be replaced)
    "Sergeant Spencer," aka the Producer, now masquerading as an aerial photorecon analyst. (open)
    "Lieutenant Marsh," a strong, silent-type Special Forces soldier. He's really 2011's Matt Damon. When they were making a break for it, in a fit of conscience he turned around and decided to be a real hero. He saw what happened to their security contractors. His voice squeaks now because of it every time he speaks. So, he doesn't. (open)
    "Sarge," the Producer's uncle. He was a combat medic in Vietnam. He's retired, but figured he'd help his nephew by being the film's military advisor. Now he's just "Sarge," the grizzled vet. (filled)
    "Colonel O'Neill." Needs no introduction. (open)
    And lest we forget the female lead: A Michelle Rodriguez (SWAT, Resident Evil, etc) or Lucy Lawless-alike. Watch some interviews with one of those... Total goofball. In retrospect, exactly the kind of person you'd expect to be attracted to acting. (filled)
    "???" Anyone else you can think of involved in cast or crew! The propmaster was an original idea too!

    So yeah. They LOOK badass. But they're all frauds. "It's a living."
  2. Nanban Jim
    Nanban Jim
    This thread for introductions, questions, pitches, etc. Also for testing the rolling of dice like so:

    * Nanban Jim rolls some dice *

    Dice Result History - [Hide]
    04-06-2010 07:37 PM
    Nanban Jim rolls some dice: 2d20 (4,16 = 20)
  3. Nanban Jim
    Nanban Jim
    Alright, so far we've got:

    Tosche Station as "Sarge"

    KittieKat as "The Chick"

    and Icchan (once he responds to the invite) as the Prop Master

    Concepts are being worked on, things look good.
  4. Nanban Jim
    Nanban Jim
    Setting: Tabernas Desert, Spain (initially)

    The Tabernas Desert has been used to shoot countless Westerns and desert themed movies, from the Magnificent Seven to Lawrence of Arabia. This is where you will begin, on the set of a patriotic film about the North Africa campaign in WWII. Take a look to the southwest on Wikimapia, you'll see a couple Spaghetti Western towns.

    You are staying in Tabernas, a sleepy town of around 4,000. Probably a little hotel there, maybe a bed-and-breakfast, whatever suits your character. It's about a 15-20 minute drive to the filming site, let's say.
  5. Nanban Jim
    Nanban Jim

    Start a thread for your character. Use standard point-based chargen. If you want to do rolls, feel free, use the little dice icon. 2d6-1 seven separate times. The results get distributed among Awareness, Cognition, Coordination, Fitness, Muscle, Personality, and Resolve. (Education is automatically a 6 to start with.) If the total of those 7 values is less than 40, raise whichever ones you want until your total is 40 (not counting Education, neither in the total nor in raising it), but max is 8 on attributes you raise. See this for an example of how I'd like the CG formatted and done:

    Example for rolling is in this post and the next (since I can't see the results until I hit Post Message).
    * Nanban Jim rolls some dice *

    * Nanban Jim rolls some dice *

    * Nanban Jim rolls some dice *

    * Nanban Jim rolls some dice *

    * Nanban Jim rolls some dice *

    * Nanban Jim rolls some dice *

    * Nanban Jim rolls some dice *

    Dice Result History - [Hide]
    04-09-2010 06:29 PM
    Nanban Jim rolls some dice: 2d6 (2,5 = 7) - 1 (1) = 6
    Nanban Jim rolls some dice: 2d6 (1,1 = 2) - 1 (1) = 1
    Nanban Jim rolls some dice: 2d6 (1,4 = 5) - 1 (1) = 4
    Nanban Jim rolls some dice: 2d6 (5,1 = 6) - 1 (1) = 5
    Nanban Jim rolls some dice: 2d6 (6,5 = 11) - 1 (1) = 10
    Nanban Jim rolls some dice: 2d6 (5,2 = 7) - 1 (1) = 6
    Nanban Jim rolls some dice: 2d6 (5,2 = 7) - 1 (1) = 6
  6. Nanban Jim
    Nanban Jim
    Total of 38, so I get 2 points to muss with. I'll do...
    Awareness: 4
    Cognition: 6
    Coordination: 1
    Fitness: 5
    Muscle: 6
    Personality: 6
    Resolve: 10
    Education: 6 (automatic)

    And then with the extra 2 points I'll bump Coordination up to 3.
    The 2 advantages to roll-based are that you get a CHANCE to have an attribute above 10 to start with (highest you can do in point based is 10 in both you can raise attributes later in CG; max is 15), and a chance to get above the 52 points normally allotted. The downside is... yeah, odds are you'll come out just a touch sub-par.

    Also of note: DO NOT DO A "THE LAST YEAR" PHASE! This game will happen before that year of irregular zomfgocaust warfare.
  7. Nanban Jim
    Nanban Jim
    After about a month and a half of break time (terrible sleep and drama), I'm back. Should have 2009 in the timeline within a day or two.
  8. KittieKat
    * KittieKat rolls some dice *

    Dice Result History - [Hide]
    05-26-2010 11:59 AM
    KittieKat rolls some dice: 3d20 (7,1,17 = 25)
  9. Nanban Jim
    Nanban Jim
    * Rolling 2d20L, pick the lower of the two. TN 7 *

    Dice Result History - [Hide]
    05-26-2010 12:01 PM
    Rolling 2d20L, pick the lower of the two. TN 7: 2d20 (10,4 = 14)
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