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[Character] "Sarge" aka Old Man
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[Character] "Sarge" aka Old Man

  1. Nanban Jim
    Nanban Jim
    Note: I didn't work out the story for each path as much, in general, as Herz/Weider. Leaving that up to the player, if she wants.

    Note: Figuring out what to do after 40 was tough!

    Note: ... He's kinda scary.

    "Sarge" aka Old Man

    Awareness (AWA) : 6+1-1=6
    Coordination (CDN): 7-1-1=5
    Fitness (FIT) : 7+1=8
    Muscle (MUS) : 8
    Cognition (COG) : 7
    Education (EDU) : 6+1=7
    Personality (PER) : 4
    Resolve (RES) : 7+1=8
    OODA: 3+4=7
    CUF: 3+7=10
    1970+42=2012 1970-18= Born 1952
    BACKGROUND: AGE: 18 (1970)
    "Well to do, urban, boy scouts, some trouble, but tough talk and being on wrestling team helped defuse it."
    9+COG=16 Skill Points
    Language: English: 6* (3 points)
    Aquatics: 2
    Fieldcraft: 1
    Hand-to-Hand/Grappling: 3 (6 points)
    Intimidation: 3
    Streetcraft: 1

    PHASE 1: Army Indoctrination, Medical AGE: 18-19 (1970-1971)
    Climbing: 2
    Fieldcraft: +1 (2)
    Hand-to-Hand: +1 (4)
    Hand Weapons: 2
    Longarm: 2
    Medicine: 1+3 (4)
    Sidearm: 1
    Support Weapons: 1
    Enlisted Rank: 1
    +1 CUF, +1 OODA

    PHASE 2: Combat Medicine AGE: 19-21 (1971-1973)
    "Training, tour in 'Nam."
    8 Points Professional Skills
    FIT+1 (4 points)
    Medicine: +2 (6)
    Instruction: 2
    2 Personal Points
    Language: Vietnamese: 2
    Hazardous Duty: +1 CUF
    Extreme Peril. Result: 9
    "Who knew an embedded reporter could be good for something besides stopping stray bullets? Gain +1 OODA, a grateful information contact whose life you saved, and 1 skill point in a news media-related Artisan or Performance cascade."
    Artisan:Writing: 1
    Enlisted Rank: +1 (2)

    PHASE 3: Assault Infantry AGE: 21-23 (1973-1975)
    "Join the Airborne and you'll be stationed in Germany for a year after training!"
    9 Skill Points, no more than 4 in any 1.
    Fieldcraft: +3 (5)
    Longarm: +4 (6)
    Medicine: +2 (8)
    2 Personal Points:
    Language: Vietnamese: +2 (4)
    Hazardous Duty: +1 CUF
    Extreme Peril. Result: 26
    "Next time, remember to duck. Add one year of hospitalization and therapy to this phase's length. The character receives a 1-point physical, psychological, or sensory disadvantage of your choice."
    Repugnance: 1 point flaw (Mickey Rourke-esque, reconstructive surgery failed, thanks DVA.)

    PHASE 3a: Therapy AGE: 23-24 (1975-1976)
    1 Personal Point:
    Language: Vietnamese: +1 (5)

    PHASE 4: Emergency Services AGE: 24-27 (1976-1979)
    "Worked as a paramedic after the war."
    12 points of professional skills, no more than 5 total in any 1, min 2 into Medicine.
    Medicine: +5 (13)
    Driving: 3
    Command: 2
    Streetcraft: +2 (4)
    3 Personal Points
    Hazardous Duty: +1 CUF
    Extreme Peril. Result: 27
    "A close friend goes home in a box. The character gains 1 skill point in Performance (Ceremonial Drill) from the funeral but loses one contact." Reserve duty training accident.
    Performance: Ceremonial Drill: 1

    PHASE 5: Emergency Services AGE: 27-30 (1979-1982)
    "With two kids, there's no time for school."
    12 points of professional skills, no more than 5 total in any 1, min 2 into Medicine.
    Medicine: +2 (15)
    Command: +2 (4)
    Driving: +1 (4)
    Aquatics/SCUBA: +4 (6) (7 points)
    3 Personal Points
    EDU+1 (5 Personal points; 2 this phase, 3 from last phase)
    Sidearm: +1 (2)
    Hazardous Duty: +1 CUF
    Extreme Peril. Result: 24
    "Your character is accused of displaying poor judgement or professional ethics in a crisis situation. Add one year of administrative leave and desk duty to this phase's length. You decide whether or not the charges were substantiated."

    PHASE 5a: Desk Duty AGE: 30-31 (1982-1983)
    "Hrm. I'm in the wrong line of work."
    1 Personal Point:
    Sidearm: +1 (3)

    PHASE 6: Nursing AGE: 31-35 (1983-1987)
    "It was 1984 when his wife was diagnosed with cancer, a year after her mother had been diagnosed with same. It was a culminating point: He needed to find a new career, one that would give him time to care for her. He also wanted to prepare now for the day down the road when she needed a full time nurse. Night school helped, so did getting licenced. So did working at a psychiatric hospital."
    16 points of professional skills, 6 max in any 1.
    Medicine: +1 (16)
    Intimidation: +6 (9)
    +1 OODA (4 points)
    Persuasion/Psychiatry: 2 (5 points)
    4 Personal Points:
    Sidearm: +1 (4)
    Hand Weapons: +2 (4)
    Climbing: +1 (3)
    Enlisted Military Rank: +1 (3)

    PHASE 7: Direct Commission, Army Nurse AGE: 35-36 (1987-1988)
    "Called up for Panama, he got out by taking a direct commission as a nurse. It's a fair cop, the Army is always desperate for medical professionals, and his wife had just started cancer treatments. Toward the end, things were looking good..."
    Command: +2 (6)
    Medicine: +1 (17)
    Persuasion: +2 (4)
    Commissioned Military Rank: 2
    1 Personal Point:
    Language: Vietnamese: +1 (6)
    Hazardous Duty: +1 CUF
    Extreme Peril. Result: 10
    "Next time, you'll remember to check your six. Gain +1 AWA and 1 skill point in either Fieldcraft or Streetcraft."
    +1 AWA
    Fieldcraft: +1 (6)

    PHASE 8: Army Nursing Corps AGE: 36-40 (1988-1992)
    "Of course, that means he's got to actually go BE a nurse, but that was the plan all along. Get them retirement points. Desert Storm, Bosnia, and a number of other missions were in store for him. His wife's cancer had gone into remission, and the old wanderlust gripped him again."
    16 points of professional skills, 8 max in any skill, 3 in medicine min.
    Medicine/Surgery: +5 (22) (8 points)
    Persuasion: +4 (8)
    Instruction: +4 (6)
    4 Personal Skills:
    Streetcraft: +1 (4)
    Command: +2 (8)
    Climbing: +1 (4)
    Commissioned Military Rank: +1 (3)
    Hazardous Duty: +1 CUF
    Extreme Peril. Result: 37
    "You're still not sure what was in those drums, but the neurologists consider you a case study. Your choice: reduce CDN by 1 or take the Terminal disadvantage."
    -1 CDN

    PHASE 9: Army Nursing Corps AGE: 40-44 (1992-1996)
    "With 10 years' active duty service and 12 years' Reserve time, another 4 years to get a better retirement package didn't seem so bad. Especially if he could make Major."
    16 points of Professional skills, 8 max in any skill, 3 med.
    Medicine: +8 (30)
    Instruction: +2 (8)
    Intimidation: +3 (12)
    Computing: 3
    4 Personal Skills:
    Longarm: +2 (8)
    Artisan: Writing: +2 (3)
    Hazardous Duty: +1 OODA
    Extreme Peril. Result: 6
    "Your testimony exonerates a colleague who was accused of capital crimes. Gain +1 RES and a reinforcement contact."
    +1 RES

    PHASE 10: Teaching AGE: 44-48 (1996-2000)
    "He never made Major, largely due to his involvement with the court martial of a colleague accused of war crimes in Bosnia. Even if he had made Major, the whole affair soured him on the way the military had become. Instead, he decided to retire from the military, though it would take a few more years of work to properly retire. The old Sarge decided to impart his wisdom on the youth of the nation. JROTC and 4H especially helped."
    14 points of professional skills, no more than 6 in any one. 3 in Instruction minimum.
    Instruction: +6 (14)
    Intimidation: +4 (16)
    Artisan: Writing: +1 (4)
    Animal Husbandry: 2
    Performance: Ceremonial Drill: +1 (2)
    6 Personal Skills
    Aquatics: +2 (8)
    Mounts: 3
    Artisan: Writing: +1 (5)
    ... No hazardous duty, it's just a school!
    -1 AWA, -1 CDN, due to aging!

    PHASE 11: Trade School: 48-50 (2000-2002)
    "Yeah. Brats. Why let a handful of good apples save the whole damn bunch? They'd given him some direction, though, and in preparation for retiring to a ranch in the northern California foothills, he got certified in veterinary medicine. Supplementary income."
    2+COG=9 points of professional skills; up to 5 in one, 3 max in others.
    Medicine/Veterinary: +2 (32) (5 points)
    Computing: +1 (4)
    Instruction: +2 (16)
    Seamanship: 1
    2 Personal Skills
    Animal Husbandry: +1 (3)
    Mounts: +1 (4)

    PHASE 12: Homemaking: 50-55 (2002-2007)
    "These were the saddest years of his life, easing his wife and her mother into twilight years approaching like a freight train."
    12 points professional skills, 5 max in any one.
    Animal Husbandry: +5 (8)
    Agriculture: 4
    Artisan: Writing: +3 (8)
    8 Personal Skills
    Mounts: +3 (7)
    Performance: Ceremonial Drill: +2 (4)
    Longarm: +2 (10)
    Seamanship: +2 (3)

    PHASE 13: Nursing (modified) AGE: 55-60 (2007-2012)
    "With the death of his wife, and mother-in-law, he took to traveling the world. This time sans rifle, so he could more freely appreciate the glory and beauty of it all. Eschewing the tourist traps, he lived among the people wherever he went. Sometimes consciously, often not, he would find himself seeking out those who needed his ability to heal both heart and mind."
    20 points Professional skills. Add Language to the mix.
    Medicine: +4 (Ungodly by now)
    Persuasion: +6 (14)
    Language: Spanish: 4
    Language: French: 1
    Language: Bambara: 4
    Language: Arabic: 1

    10 Personal Skills
    Seamanship: +1 (4)
    Mounts: +1 (8)
    Fieldcraft: +2 (8)
    Forensics: 4
    Animal Husbandry: +2 (10)


    Animal Husbandry: 10 (Professional, 3d20L)
    Agriculture: 4 (Competent, 2d20L)
    Aquatics/SCUBA: 8 (Professional, 3d20L)
    Artisan:Writing: 8 (Professional, 3d20L)
    Climbing: 4 (Competent, 2d20L)
    Command: 8 (Professional, 3d20L)
    Computing: 4 (Competent, 2d20L)
    Driving: 4 (Competent, 2d20L)
    Fieldcraft: 8 (Professional, 3d20L)
    Forensics: 4 (Competent, 2d20L)
    Hand-to-Hand/Grappling: 4 (Competent, 2d20L)
    Hand Weapons: 4 (Competent, 2d20L)
    Instruction: 16 (Expert, 4d20L)
    Intimidation: 16 (Expert, 4d20L)
    Language: English: 6 (Competent, 2d20L)
    Language: Vietnamese: 6 (Competent, 2d20L)
    Language: Spanish: 4 (Competent, 2d20L)
    Language: French: 1 (Novice, 1d20)
    Language: Bambara: 4 (Competent, 2d20L)
    Language: Arabic: 1 (Novice, 1d20)
    Longarm: 10 (Professional, 3d20L)
    Medicine/Surgery/Veterinary: 36 (Master, 5d20L)
    Mounts: 8 (Professional, 3d20L)
    Performance: Ceremonial Drill: 4 (Competent, 2d20L)
    Persuasion/Psychiatry: 14 (Professional, 3d20L)
    Seamanship: 4 (Competent, 2d20L)
    Sidearm: 4 (Competent, 2d20L)
    Streetcraft: 4 (Competent, 2d20L)
    Support Weapons: 1 (Novice, 1d20)

    Repugnance: 1 point flaw (Mickey Rourke-esque, reconstructive surgery failed, thanks DVA.)
    Commissioned Military Rank: (3)
    -1 Contact
    +1 Reinforcement contact
  2. Tosche Station

    Thanks, DVA!

    His wife loved him, at least, and not just because he got her outta 'NAM. (Although that certainly helped.)
  3. Tosche Station
    PHASE 4: Emergency Services AGE: 24-27 (1976-1979)
    3 Personal Points

    I'm not seeing where these 3 points went; there's no mention of a carry-over anywhere else in the sheet.
  4. Nanban Jim
    Nanban Jim
    Ah, yeah, those go into the EDU+1 (night school) next phase. Sloppy bookkeeping on my account.

    Generally you get 1 Personal Point per year that a phase lasts; some have special rules that increase or decrease this (like boot camp phases, you don't have time for ANY, or Homemaking/retirement, you have extra free time).

    Raising an Attribute costs 5 Personal Points; you can carry points over from phase to phase for this purpose only.

    Raising an Attribute costs 4 Professional Points IF it's in the phase's list of attributes (I didn't include that list, as I was transcribing by hand), so that's why Phase 6 he buys OODA for only 4 points.

    I'd house rule that you can mix points, but it then costs 5 points total and has to be in the phase's attribute list. (So if you have 4 Personal Points, you can use a Professional Point to bump up an attribute.)
  5. Nanban Jim
    Nanban Jim
    Now, I did "game" him a little bit. He's not a gamebreaker by any means, especially bringing Survival Points into it. But why even game him a little?

    Lethality. Most T2k/T2k13 games involve groups composed of majority or at least multiple military/law enforcement characters--it's not mandatory, but it's the general focus, though in this edition (T2k13) they tried to bring the focus back to nonmilitary types. The basic training package for all military/LE careers give +1CUF and +1OODA except Air Force--we only get +1CUF, but that's still a 20% gain minimum (CUF=1/2 starting RESolve, so it could be a 50% increase to CUF... 100% increase if they get into criminal investigations with a 1-2 in RES... think Dexter only without any, er, resolve).

    So the way I'm seeing it, we've got 2 military blokes and that's plenty... especially if the doc doesn't need babysitting when there's some danger.

    That also leads in to the tension of realizing that, yeah, while he's got the best chance of, say, Rambo-ing it up and rescuing a kidnapped character, it might be a good idea to think of a less violent way to solve the problem. Stray rounds kill just as dead as well-aimed rounds, and he's the only one who's trained to do anything about that.
  6. Tosche Station
    I figured that's where those 3 points likely went, but I figured it was best to ask.

    As for the rest, I'm cool with whatever. I left it up to you to put together a character sheet, so I'm gonna roll with whatever you've decided.

    Not planning on Rambo heroics, although it might be good lulz to watch a 60-year old do so.*

    * The previous statement does not include Sylvester Stallone actually doing so. (Well, maybe, but only because it's unintentional lulz.)
  7. Nanban Jim
    Nanban Jim
    Survival Points: 4

    Ever wonder why any GM would ever allow this character? Why would anyone play someone under 40 in this? Survival Points. You get less the older you are. Normally they're like Force/Luck/Character points, providing boosts. In this (and probably if I Tabletopped with my friends) they're more like Plot Points. Note that you're spending one in your post, and you can fiat whatever you want to happen, be, etc. Except Ninjas and Pirates getting along.
  8. Tosche Station
    8 Contacts

    Reinforcement: 3 (Vet: 2; Reg: 1)
    Information: 2 (Reg: 2)
    Trade: 2 (Exp: 1; Green: 1)
    Service: 1 (Reg: 1)

    * Tosche Station rolls some dice *

    Dice Result History - [Hide]
    05-21-2010 09:40 PM
    Tosche Station rolls some dice: 8d20 (7,17,15,2,9,8,17,11 = 86)
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