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  1. I. J. Thompson
    That's the thing... none of us really knows, either! I only suggested him because you were asking for ideas. But if he's not really 'firing the imagination'... skip him!

    It's nice of you to offer your services as an illustrator, and I wouldn't want it to feel like 'work'. Only do the characters that you want to do!
  2. JohnGWolf
    No prob I do a lot of commission works, and when I do I always have my clients write up a description as to what they want. Very rarely do I do a piece with no description because people have a tendancy to go, "Oh but that's not quite how I pictured it." this is why I always ask for a description so you get what you want. I have 5 different Ideas as to how this person can look, just easier when people describe what they want.
  3. I. J. Thompson
    this is why I always ask for a description so you get what you want.
    Oh, I can dig it. I can only speak for myself here, but if you're kind enough to do the illustration, then I'd rather see that you get what you want! If it were absolutely imperative that the character had 'a green mohawk' or 'the same kind of armour Dengar wears', I'm sure somebody would say so. Otherwise, it's open season!
  4. JohnGWolf
    Works give me a few days then.
  5. Dawncaller
    Lord Pavana is a large Gen'Dai crime lord. Standing roughly 10 feet tall, he wraps himself in lavish robes and exotic jewelry. Stylistically I see his clothing looking rather Middle Eastern or Indian. Deep purples and reds punctuated with golds. I see his face/head being hooded, giving the impression of "mysterious bad guy."

    Those are the ideas bouncing around in my head for Lord Pavana. I've never gotten around to drawing him myself, so whatever you draw becomes the precedent. That's the joy of Tapestry!
  6. JohnGWolf
    Now that's what I was looking for, perfect.
  7. JohnGWolf

    Lord Pavana. Enjoy.
  8. I. J. Thompson
    Wow, what a nice surprise. Love it (especially the monacle)!

    I've added the picture to his Wiki page (which could use some fattening up by anybody who knows more about him than I do!). :P

    Thank you, John!
  9. JohnGWolf
    Your Welcome.
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