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Writing Guidelines (please read!)

  1. I. J. Thompson
    Since Star Wars: Tapestry exists entirely in the realm of the written word (i.e. there's no dice-rolling), it's important to make sure that all the players are on the same page, in terms of exactly how things should be written. Your posts don't have to be Shakespeare, but they should share a common style with the other writers/players.

    The guidelines that follow aren't meant to stifle anyone's creativity - rather, they're intended to smooth over the transition between one writer and the next, making Tapestry a more enjoyable read overall, for players and fans alike.

    So without further ado, here are the things you should keep in mind when writing your in-character posts:

    • Keep it clean! We're essentially writing our own Star Wars movie here, so if you're thinking of introducing content/situations that would be too mature for the movies, then they don't belong here. Overly graphic violence, sexuality, drug-use, and cat-juggling have no place in Tapestry. Same goes for swearing.
    • The game is written in the past tense. Since Tapestry is intended to be read like a novel, it's important that everyone uses the same tense - and in this case, it's the past tense: "Zed drew his blaster and fired at the stormtroopers", not "Zed draws his blaster and fires at the stormtroopers".
    • Colors, fonts, and sizes. Some people like to use colored text for some characters' dialogue, or alternate fonts to indicate different kinds of things. There's nothing wrong with that, but it should be remembered that, when the latest volume of the game is turned into a pdf book, all those colors and fonts will be lost, and all text will have a uniform look - so the extra work taken to make them could be a wasted effort. Also, using colors or alternate fonts for some passages can indicate to your reader that those passages are more important than the rest of your text, which they may then skim over or skip entirely. If you want your entire post read, consider sticking with just one color and font.
    • Italics. That said, italics can be a really effective means of stressing the odd word in your prose, or of showing your character's inner thoughts as dialogue (at least, I think they can! ). Also, 'named' starships (e.g. Millenium Falcon, Executor) are typically written in italics.
    • Spelling. Of course, if you're on a computer, you have some form of spell-check available. It's a good idea to type up your post in a text-editor, where you can catch typos before they make it to the world-at-large.
    • Your character, the other characters, and you. This is a big one, and something that new players can take a little while adjusting to. Essentially, you are free to write for the other players' characters around you. If you want your character to have a conversation with another player's character, go ahead and write the conversation. The same goes for action.

      Now, be sensitive to what you know about that character's wishes and desires - having them sit down with your character for a drink and a discussion about a looming battle is fine... having them march off to single-handedly fight a rancor because you told them to is not. Additionally, it should be remembered that your post must still come from your own character's point-of-view: while you may describe what another player's character does or says, you cannot describe what that character thinks or feels... because your character doesn't know that. When in doubt, PM the player in question and get their take on it. After some practice, you'll be writing other players' characters almost as well as they do... and they'll be doing the same with yours!

    That is essentially the list. More things may occur, in which case I'll edit this post to add them... so stop by once in a while to be refreshed, and see if anything's new! In the meantime, feel free to ask questions or comment on any of these items right here.
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