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Characters and Schedules

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  1. RPGGamer
    Thank you for joining. I'll be glad to answer your question.

    1. Since this is a 4 edition online, we will be using 4e. If you need the rulebook for it, I'll email it to you. Halfman is the only member who gave me a character sheet, so I'm not sure what everyone else is. Halfman is using a Eldarin wizard.

    2. We agreed that the session would start on Sunday from 5PM CST to 9PM CST. If this doesn't agree with you, let me know.

    3. We will be using maptool. To get you started you first need to send me character sheet of your character and you need to install MapTool version 1.3.b50. Once you do that, I need you to connect to my MapTool Server so I can make a playing token for you, so let me know of good time to do this.

    The campaign is about finding a secret Elven kingdom and getting its treasures, but you have to do a series of quests. We had a disappointing first session when only me and Halfman were playing. No one else showed up, so I DMed whiled Halfman played alone.
  2. Talmek
    I see, and I'm sorry to hear that the first session fell flat. It'll take a bit of time for me to gather a back story and create a character for this one, and I'll be working this Sunday evening (02/08/09) 5PM to 5AM so I may not be able to join you guys this session. However, as soon as I get settled with my character I'll send it to you.
  3. WOLead
    Just joined, just stating that I am planning to make and use a Half-elf Feylock character. Though if a character type is needed for group balance, I am willing to switch if needed.
  4. Talmek
    Just to give you an update RPGGamer:

    I'll be missing two sessions a month on this campaign due to the timing conflicting with my work schedule. I work two Sundays a month, either 5PM-5AM night shift or 5AM-5PM day shift. Add in commute time and I wouldn't be available until after 6PM on my Sunday day shift.

    I'm not sure if I'd be able to play in the campaign without being a pop-in, pop-out character. If this is an issue please let me know.
  5. WOLead
    Forgive me about missing todays game. I had a rather busy day today, and only just got back home now.
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