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Bi-weekly Tuesday night game group

  1. kirksmithicus
    Kirksmithicus - Yes
    Mattiyaho - Yes
    Mattiyaho's HARP friend - No
    Siridar - Yes, and could host at his house in Coweeta.
    Wynfrith - No
    Eddie - ?
    Charles - ?

    The first game could be as soon as Feb. 10th. Need to find a place to have the game as well.
  2. kirksmithicus
    Still waiting to hear back from a few people. I'll give up waiting on them after a few more days and then see what we have to work with.
  3. mattiyaho
    My friend said he has class on monday tuesday and wednesday nights.
  4. kirksmithicus
    Okay, so I've been waiting to hear back from some other people. Nothing yet so I'm just going to give up on them. The second problem is that I don't think I will be able to swing Tuesday nights after all. So I'll only have Thursday available. So if you guys want to play on Tuesday night, it'll just be Mattiyaho and Siridar. If you want to try for Thursday, It'll be me, Mattiyaho (I think) and Mattiyaho's friend, IF we play HARP, otherwise just me and Mattiyaho. Regardless someone is going to be out, which sucks.
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