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Our first group meeting

  1. mrken
    Was just looking at our group spot on the web and as I scrolled along on the little graph chart of all our availabilities I noticed everyone is available on Saturday from 10 am to midnight, every week. Ok, the every week thing i just made up, but if one looks at the chart it says we all are available. My next thought was, why don't we make a plan to get together, at least once. Maybe do it yearly. lol So, what say you? I will give this post a year or two to get out to everyone, and if after a couple of years there is no interest, I can delete this. Otherwise, maybe we can get together and meet each other and have some fun. We could plan for Tacticon. That is in a couple of months and many of us are planning to be there anyway. Or we could plan for something this summer (Yes, I did say summer is coming. It could happen!).
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