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Xmax Games

  1. Coyote5
    HI. My name is Andy Clegg. I own a game store at 1931 Skillman, in Dallas.

    I would like to invite folks to come and game at the store. I have tables, 17 computers for LAN groups. And games and dice. Also there are the required snacks and caffinated sodas.

    NO charge to just come and play. I would just like to see gaming be supported in the metroplex.

    Look us up at

    Hope to see everyone there.
  2. kitsune1842
    Do you have any scheduled events on the calander or are just looking for groups that can come play there?
  3. Dimthar
    A Link to your website and some pictures of the locale may help..
  4. ronpyatt
    I'm planning on stopping by to check it out. Is this in the shopping center? East or west side on Skillman?
  5. Dimthar
    So it is official... we'll be there on the March 10th after 6:00 pm
  6. ronpyatt
    It's on the calendar, and I'll be there.
  7. Chris House
    hey Andy
    glade to see you got a store!
    we will defently be stopping by
    Chris House and Clan
  8. Dimthar
    Hey Andy!

    Just noticed your are hosting the Dallas Game Marathon!!

    Way to go!

    Congratulations ...
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