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Directions and Basic Info.

  1. Tamburlain
    Where we meet to gab and play? We meet on designated Monday evenings, usually between 7 and 11 PM.

    Trinity Hall Irish Pub
    5321 E. Mockingbird Lane, Dallas, Texas 75206


    Their website is here. Notice that on Monday evenings, the pub hosts its weekly Texas Hold'em poker games; thus, at this time it is a perfect venue for discreet rpgs, such as Savage Worlds.

    The pub is in Mockingbird Station. Mockingbird Station itself is a large outdoor mall and residential facility, wedged between the local DART light-rail station, E. Mockingbird Lane, and highway 75 (Map #1).

    It might also help to know that Mockingbird Ln., where Mockingbird Station is located, is the same exit from 75 as Southern Methodist University; SMU is on the west side of 75, whereas Mockingbird Station is on the east side.

    The pub is located at the northeast corner of Mockingbird Station (Map #2), upstairs next to the Angelika Theater. There is a giant underground parking complex with plenty of free parking.

  2. arch2ngel
    So...when's the next "designated" Monday?
  3. Tamburlain
    I believe it's going to be this Monday the 26th. But we are awaiting confirmation.
  4. arch2ngel
    So...did we get the confirmation? Are we meeting tonight?
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