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Local Area Game Stores

  1. kirksmithicus
    Part 1

    Local Book and Game Stores that sell RPG related material. Text
    in bold are my comments.

    Top Deck Games

    5970 E 31st St Suite K
    Tulsa, OK 74135
    new and used books, miniatures
    An excellent place to hang out and talk to other gamers no
    matter what your interests are. They have a large selection
    of books, miniatures (D&D, Warhammer)and board games.

    Gardner's Used Books & Comics
    4421 S Mingo Rd.
    Tulsa, OK
    (918) 627-7323
    used books
    Has a largish selection of used RPG books.

    Vintage Stock
    6808 S Memorial Dr.
    5353 E 41st St
    7257 S Olympia Ave W
    2409 W Kenosha
    9045 N 121st E Ave
    This chain only carries miniatures from what I can tell.
  2. kirksmithicus
    Part 2

    Castle Comics & Gaming
    3015 S. Sheridan
    Tulsa, OK 74129

    Wizard's Asylum Comics & Games
    7165 S Mingo Rd.
    Tulsa, OK
    (918) 250-2077
    new books, miniatures
    A good place to find comics, miniatures, CCG,
    RPG's (good variety and large selection).
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