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The begining

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  1. Vodka
    well. This was... Rillian was stunned at the amount of people that had answered his call for assistance. And here he had thought himself lucky when only two had answered! The assemblage was far larger than he had anticipated, but no matter! The more the merrier, right? At least, that's what he thought how the saying went.

    He nodded when the offer of a guide was made to him. "Just a--" before he could finish, she had moved off. "--guide would suffice," he finished lamely. He certainly looked as if he had more than enough willing hands for the little adventure.

    Things were beginning to get rowdy, Rillian noted. "Well!" he chirped with an unexpected breathlessness as he brought his hands together. "I suppose that if anyone wants to come, they're more than welcome to it." Attempt a head count now? Hah! Perhaps the best thing to do was just... go?

    "I suppose... I suppose we should head off soon, then?"
  2. TheBlackDragon
    "Yes, we should get going to... where is it we're going?"

    Khaela appears calm but continues to edge into the center of the group, as if shielding herself from the rest of the tavern.
  3. mnemenoi
    The diminutive kobold stands behind his mistress and whispers in his draconic tongue at Khaela's words.

    "We march North into the kingdomss of the dead, to our desstiny..." ominously in prediction.

    He clutches his mistress' clothes and shivers as the foresight rolls over his frail form.
  4. Gahr
    Unused to being around so many people at once, the shifter collects his things and, leaving a coin on the table, moves to the door and a little away from the group and folds his arms across his chest, perhaps coming across a tad standoffish. It's not that he was no longer interested--he was!--just that this many people crowded together made him feel uneasy. Breathing a little easier even with just that bit of extra space, the shifter lets a small grin creep onto his wolfish face as he looks over the odd collection gathered in the inn this evening...

    At the young Eladrin's suggestion, the shifter perks up. Time to move! Given more to action and less to thought, the prospect of starting whatever this venture was interested Cheek much more than sitting around waiting for something to happen. The shifter nods slightly, though inside he's bursting with excitement.
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