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Elektra vol. 1 Deep Winds Sai
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Elektra vol. 1 Deep Winds Sai

  1. clintsylvania
    Doom Pool: 2d6

    The hustle of the city was an easy place to hide for Elektra. She could weave the crowds like a spider weaves a web. Elektra's foot steps lost in a cacophony of beggars and dilettantes from around the world. This city is a haven for corruption and dirty dealings. It was the life blood, the flesh and bone of Madripoor. Bright neon blues and greens lit the sky near the towering casinos . The Assassin's guild intel placed the mark here: The Golden Tiger Paw.
    The water fountain outside of the casino was lit to make the water jets were spouting gold. Spot lights beamed onto the twelve story building. The path to this current job has been marked by gallons of blood. Executives, would be dictators... 'Even your own'.
    Some days, Elektra could still feel the steel of her own sais pierce her stomach. She sweats in her dreams over the fiery breath from the sinister grin by the man who killed her. Sleep comes few and far between these days for that reason.
    Elektra's boot comes to soft scoff on the gravel road. With a deep inhale, she closes her eyes...

  2. Marvel Master
    Marvel Master

    Elektra stood in the semi-humidness of the night, a slight breeze lifting strands of her jet black hair to caress her cheeks. Madripoor was integral to her life. Here was the headquarters of The Hand, the assassin organization she once controlled. It was also the place where she was resurrected, one of the few things she was regretful had transpired in her life. In many ways, the dual cultures of the city reflected the inner turmoil she had fought for so long.

    Lowtown, a ghetto province of intense impoverishment, was a place where darkness showed itself openly against oppressed citizens who had no recourse nor escape from their squalid conditions. So, they dealt with it which meant either ignoring what was going on around them for the sake of self-preservation, or embracing the depraved culture to gain an advantage through a reputation of fear.

    On the opposite end of the spectrum was Hightown, wealthy and opulent, covered in the glam and glitz of high rise apartments and profitable businesses. Lowtown denizens aspired to be here. But it was all a lie. The grass may have appeared greener but it was corrupt at the roots, guided by an illicit and robust drug trade, human trafficking, bribery and murder. It was a well disguised pig with lipstick that enjoyed the mud it wallowed in.

    This was Elektra. On the one hand lost in the darkness that threatened to engulf her soul and on the other hand desperately trying to cover it up by acts that were at best nothing but a homemade righteousness of filthy rags.

    Tonight, she was betwixt the two. Her target was corrupt. Evil with a three-piece suit and a smile. She knew the type well. Had worked for them on many occasions. They paid well but were rabid dogs, quick to turn on you within a moments notice. This particular target had never done anything to her personally but what little conscience she had wasn't apprehensive in the least in taking them out. In fact, she was looking forward to it.

    She looked up at the floor where her target was said to be. The climb wasn't going to be difficult and it was a straight shot to the room where they were. The problem was the lights. She could be spotted. However, if she went to the rear and found roof access, it would cover her tracks though it would take her longer to get to the location. There was always the third option of trying to finesse her way through the casino as a patron and make her way up to the floor incognito. She dismissed that option right away.Just way too many things that could go wrong. Too many variables she didn't want to deal with.

    The first option was tempting. Very. But the chance of being identified was too great. Too much work. The best and stealthiest route was through the rear up to the roof. It had the best chance for minimum casualties and maximum efficiency though her main concern was the latter. The first was purely incidental.

    With a grim silence, she made her way to the back of the casino.
  3. clintsylvania
    Master Assassin
    1xp: Dealing first physical stress to an enemy
    3 xp: Successfully locating target in a confrontation
    10 xp: Uncovering the reason for the hit, executing or saving the intending target

    Biting the Hand
    1 xp: Engage in a fight with Hand forces
    3 xp: Declaring a member or hired agent of The Hand as a long time enemy.
    10 xp: Foiling a major Hand plot and resolving the issue or join the Hand in their attempts in the plot, seeing it to success.
  4. clintsylvania
    The back alley way is as repulsive as one would figure for Madripoor. The stench of stale alcohol fermented urine and spoiled food waste was fragrant to the point of taste. Ragged rodents scurry, darting across the cobblestone with food scraps in their maws. Along the side of the building opposite of the casino, a fire escape extends skyward about 3 stories up. From the sounds on the other side of the door of the casino, a kitchen alive and well was in motion. Pots and pans clang as cooks shout off ingredients needed from the prep chiefs.
  5. Marvel Master
    Marvel Master
    She looked at the fire escape, smiling inside. She couldn't believe that it was going to be this easy. Everything was working in place for this man to be taken out. It bolstered her confidence, a twinge of anticipation. The question was whether she could ascend without making too much noise. She couldn't tell in the dark how sturdy or old the fire escape was. No matter. She'd compensate for that in her steps. She needed to get to work.

    With furtive steps, she approached the fire escape, ready to climb.

    (OOC): Do I need to make a roll for the climb or no?
  6. clintsylvania
    (For the better part, some things can be generally assumed as success-- like spidey web slinging on a clear day. so with a mastery of Acrobatics, we could roll right through it for now. It will be needed if there is a conflict such as being shot at, in active combat or avoiding nearby detection)
  7. clintsylvania
    Like a speck of dust landing on a leaf inside of a concrete jungle, you swiftly ascend the fire escape.
  8. Marvel Master
    Marvel Master
    The climb up the fire escape was easy though it was rocky in one place. She had been doing this for so long, she expected it. Made the amount of surprises decrease considerably.

    She reached the floor of her target and peered through the window, checking for any guards or straggling personnel. No one was there. Silently, she cut the glass with a small kit on her thigh and landed softly into the dark room.

    He had an inner office without a window which meant that someone else was going to get hurt...or worse. But that wasn't her concern. They shouldn't have worked for who they were working for. In the very least—from her personal intel—there would be at least four: two outside his door and two that stayed at his side at all times. They'd be standing directly across the hall from the room she was currently in.

    Deciding to keep it as stealthy as possible, she slowly opened the door to catch the guards' attention but stayed out of sight. They'd be compelled to check why the door was opening by itself. She positioned herself in the dark shadows near the door and waited.
  9. clintsylvania
    Inside the room, Javier and Pako, mercs with reputations for side lining with HYDRA, sit at a small table playing cards.
    "Got any 3s?" says Javier. The green snow cap collecting sweat from his brow.
    " .... " Pako, replied, starring blankly at his cards. He slowly raised his shaved head expressionless.
    What feels like moments from many life times pass.
    "C'mon, man!!! You got any 3s or not?"
    Pako grinned.
    "Go fish, mate." he said with a snakey grin.
    "Ah man!! ... You suck, you know that?" jeered Javier.
    Javier reached into the pile of cards and as he lifted his head, he noticed the door begin to creep open.
    At first, he thought little of it but as brief second passed, he double took the door.
    Pako noticed his glances at the door. They both reached for their rifles. Shouldering the wooden butts, they armed the guns.
    Javier grabbed the door and nodded at Pako. Silently... 3.... 2....
    The both stepped out the door, back to back, sweeping the hallway looking for visual contact.
    They stared with baited breath.
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