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Spider-Man vol. 1 Drowned in Thunder

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  1. clintsylvania
    (With the result of 14 and effect dies of 2d8)

    The heavy winds and rains have blown your webbing off course, leaving gobs of sticky of webbing on the sidewalks and on the shoes of idiot pedestrians.
  2. clintsylvania
    The masked men all quickly approach the open door of the black getaway van. Throwing the bag of stolen goods inside.
  3. Prankstir
    What are the chances of spending a PP to add a 3 (d8) to my total to bring me to 15. They'd be still getting away with the goods but likely 2 thugs down
    It's a bit tricky not knowing what I'm rolling against
  4. clintsylvania
    With your roll already passed, not much of a chance now. To maintain web swinging, you will have to roll against the DP if you are going to multitask.
  5. Prankstir
    Clint I'm not really sure this is what I'm looking for in an MHR game or in PbP. I've had a bit of a think about it and I'm going to bow out.
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