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The Ffenrach
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The Ffenrach

  1. wizarddog
    The Ffenargh is a region of chill, gloomy fen. Those few beings who eke out a meagre living here, live in squalid villages on small "islands" of dry land surrounded by marsh. The region is ruled by the Lords Spiritual from their decrepit temple/palace of Eylea To keep order, they have an army commanded by the Lord High Bailiff — the cavalier Clavados.

    The Theocracy of Ffenargh is strict in teachings and intolerable of other gods. To be found worshiping, while not against the law, limits one from society and government influence. Therefore, many cults of other religions exist in secret; some not always benevolent.

    The Fens
    Most of the Ffenargh is covered by marshes, with only a few, small islands of "dry" land. It is perpetually cold, damp and misty, with barely a gust of wind or glimpse of the sun. Apart from the villages and tracks, the islands are covered by tangled, gloomy woodland. The marshes are impassable, except along tracks which meander between patches of firmer ground. Only the major marsh tracks are shown on Map F, other minor, tracks exist, but these have dead-ends. Only the River Clhag is navigable by barge, but some streams (see Map F) can be negotiated with difficulty using a punt or small raft.

    The villages are overseen by the Lord Bailiffs; minor lords from ancient houses who oversee the collection of taxes for the Theocracy. Much of the wealth of these villages (and of Ffenargh) lies in the Monasteries and churches. Villagers themselves make a merger living with reed gathering, weaving, farming, livestock, hunting, fishing, and pottery. Village smithy’s know very little in the ways of armor and arms making (leaving that to the smithy’s of the Shimmering City) and only from the mines of Jolphat are precious metals of tin, iron, and silver can be found.

  2. wizarddog
    The Main Land (Map Key): This area is claimed by the Lord Spirituals its isolation from the seat of power and the main trade routes make it a more cosmopolitan and tolerate community. However, it location and wealth has made it very susceptible to bandits from the west forcing the Shimmering City to send patrols out to hunt them down.

    A1 Jolpah: A booming mining town to the north. The miners elect their own leaders and the last Lord Baliff was rumored murdered a year ago.

    A2 Geoff Town: A lumber and mill town known for its own home brewed drink called “the Ring”. Geoff plays a mjor role in the distribution of lumber in the region. Lord Bailiff Oris is the official leader of the town, but disturbing rumors are afoot at the town putting his control in doubt.

    A3 Willow Hollow: A trading town just before entering the Ffenargh marsh. Most traveler stock up on supplies in this town over the watchful eye of the Church of Phlotus. Lord Baliff William Mannfold currently holds the position.
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