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The Ffenargh-Myrk Island and Spkagbog

  1. wizarddog
    Myrk Island and Sphagbog
    Myrkfast Hall Myrk Island and the Sphagbog (see Map F) make up the manor ruled over by the D'Arcy family from their fortified home, Myrkfast Hall.

    Villages (Map Key)
    F12 Stumps: Buildings - 12 houses surrounded by a briar stockade
    Lady Baliff May
    Inhabitants - 51 peasants

    F13 Popping: Buildings - 8 houses surrounded by a ditch
    Lord Baliff Dexter
    Inhabitants - 30 peasants

    F14 Tollburn: Buildings - 12 houses surrounded by a hurdle fence and ditch
    Lady Baliff Denness
    Inhabitants - 57 peasants
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