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Can't wait until 5th level...

  1. ApolloKioku
    Lady Paeonia carefully broke the wax seal on the parchment sheet in her hands, unfolding the document and noting the haste with which the orders were scrawled. Reading quickly, her scowl deepened. Their plot had been compromised, and she would need to issue the command to move immediately. Months of careful planning ruined by a wild night with a very debonair but very untrustworthy man... What was his name? Phillip? Phoenix?

    Her thoughts were jolted back to the present by a sharp tapping at her window. If it was that man again, she would give him more than a piece of her mind. Drawing a silver-gilded stiletto, Lady Paeonia moved to the window and unlatched it. A rotting sparrow tumbled into the room, landed clumsily on her desk, and looked up at her with clouded, dead eyes. It spread its wings and shuddered, and for a brief moment the strange symbols covering its body flared. Opening her mouth in horror, Lady Paeonia recognized no less than five Runes of Fire.

    Across town in a sordid tavern, the ominous rumble of a massive explosion rattled the lanterns and caused more than one patron to spill their drink. A lean, feather-haired man looked quizzically at his coldweave-clad companion, who gave a brief nod. They left the building silently...
  2. Tantalus
    LOL! I like it. I like it a LOT
  3. velmanerd
    SWEET! What a nice little twist to a situation unknown to us.
  4. ApolloKioku
    Rune of Fire + Animate Vermin = EPIC. And there are so many more possibilities...
  5. RMajere
    *raises eyebrow* Where did that come from? o_O
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