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  1. ApostleO
    Hey, I found this group, and I live in Boise, so it seemed a logical conclusion to join. So... in the immortal words of Dr. Nick,

    "Hi Everybody!"

    So, I have a small group of friends in our good ol' city of trees who enjoy quite the variety of gaming pleasures. We are looking to add more players, or merge with an existing group. Anybody here from Boise and looking for fellow gamers?

  2. Parzival
    Sure am. I'm going to need more players. (Genre/system shift and RL issues might be causing some members of an already small group to drop out.)
    <shrug> The flipside is that "the doctor" (his handle on this site, I'm reluctant to use his name in a public forum without his permission) told me that he's talked to you about it, and that you didn't seem terribly interested.

    I don't want to spam the group, so I'm not going to plug too hard. We play Sunday afternoons, and I'll be taking the helm to launch the new campaign in August.
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