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Temporary Game

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  1. Hobo Who Saved Christmas
    Hobo Who Saved Christmas
    Edit: This game is Jedi Civil War era (Knights of the Old Republic) Star Wars D20. We're running it on Thursdays from 8 to 12-ish for the East Coast.

    For the time being, our Sunday game of Rogue Trader seems to have stopped. Until we have enough players returning to play, we're at a sort of impasse. So, I am planning to begin running games on Sundays until Rogue Trader can begin again. So, as an open invite to the Escapist group, is anyone interested in joining us? If so, we also need to decide on a game to run. I have four games I would sort of like to run, but I am open for suggestions. The four I am kicking around are Ravenloft (3.5 or 2E), Old World of Darkness (I know most lines, but Vampire and Werewolf are what I'm most comfortable with), D20 Starwars (the Jedi Civil War era and the period between Episodes 3 & 4 seem to be most popular), and a custom Fallout D20 table top (it is based off D20 Modern, Future, and Apocalypse with my own home-brew junk on top of it). So those are the four I'm leaning towards, but I'm open for suggestions if anyone wants to jump in.
  2. Hobo Who Saved Christmas
    Hobo Who Saved Christmas
    If anyone is interested in the last idea:
  3. IronOxide
    Jedi civil war sounds great! I will paint my character if that even begins to happen.
  4. IronOxide
    Werewolf also sounds cool but Vampires are overrated. Would be interested in a werewolf scenario that didn't involve blood-suckers. Just my prefs.
  5. Kozsey
    seems we have a vote for jedi civil war and werewolf. Both seem like interesting ideas. Might be cool to play as a clutsy jedi or a bullet sponge commando for a bit or even an werewolf that is skeptical about the supernatural.
  6. Hobo Who Saved Christmas
    Hobo Who Saved Christmas
    Cool. We will talk it over at the normal time for Rogue Trader. If we do run this, it'll just be a stop-gap measure till Rogue Trader picks back up.
  7. Kozsey
    Sounds good. Oh and King has a new comp so he is coming back im helping him set back up. And he votes for star wars if we still dont have enough memebers.

    Edit: Apparently he brings another.
  8. Hobo Who Saved Christmas
    Hobo Who Saved Christmas
    After some talks, it sounds like D20 Star Wars is very popular. I'd be willing to start a game up of this in the future. So, if we get enough people with a day we can agree on and a decision for what to do, I'll start a Star Wars thread and kill this one. So, from what people have said, the Jedi Civil War period (KotOR I & II) is apparently what is favorited. So, we'll probably do that, perhaps a little while before it too (Mandalorian Wars or the interwar period). So, if this is so, we have two issues. Everyone who wants to be part of this, throw out ideas here.

    1. We need a day to do this. Sundays are the Rogue Trader game, and the vent server we use had games on Friday with Shadowrun, so we probably can't do it then. I also have DA: Vampire games on Saturdays, and next semester I'll be likely doing D&D on Saturdays. If we do it this semester, which is almost over, I have Tuesday and Thursday nights free. Next semester, I'll likely have Mondays, Wednesdays, and and Thursdays open. Either way, Fridays will probably be open, but the Vent room may be full.

    2. We need to come up with a direction. There are a lot of things you can do in this era, but some are mutually exclusive. Like, if I left this completely open to anything, we could have a Sith initiate and a Jedi apprentice show up to play, and by the end of the first game, they should have murdered each other. So, we need some direction in order to not have a party brawl in the middle of the first game. This isn't to say that the party can't kill itself. In the course of the game, there can be plenty of opportunities to switch sides and divide loyalties and what not. As well, it's possible for entire group or partial group conversions (ex: jedis falling to the dark side, etc). I just want a general direction people like, so that we can establish that first and have all characters at least start on that arc.
  9. Hobo Who Saved Christmas
    Hobo Who Saved Christmas
    Anyone who plans to play in this game should have the Revised Core Book for D20 Star Wars, that is the 2002 edition with this cover.

    A number of other guides are really nice to have. They aren't necessary, though, and some may be completely useless to you (if you're playing a core species the Alien Anthology is unnecessary, or if we do a Jedi game then the DS Handbook is not important). However, for anyone who wants to look into all of my suggestions, these are some of the best books for D20 Star Wars:
    Ultimate Alien Anthology
    Power of the Jedi Sourcebook
    Dark Side Sourcebook
    Hero's Guide
  10. Kozsey
    Any day is fine for me as long as they are later in the day and Thursdays would have to be after 7:30. And as for direction I will probably concede to a majority vote by our other members. But if i had to pitch and idea I think a neutral starting party might be interesting. I think it would leave us more choice, and if we wanted to we could maybe fall to the darkside or find the power of "Friendship" and join the light side.
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