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Hellfrost Characters

  1. jpatterson
    Please post your characters for the Hellfrost Savage Worlds chat game I'm going to be running here on Pen and Paper Games here in this thread so we can keep track of them. Remember, all characters get everything listed in the Traveler's Kit for free, as well as a dagger and a Typical Hand Weapon as listed under Common Weapons, all for free.

    This is the link to the Wiki that contains all the rules you'll need to make characters or play:

    Thank you.

    Please post your scheduling comments [HERE]
  2. Pieh
    Drimnir ChillSledge
    Frost Dwarf - Ice Rigger
    Edges - Tough (D6 Vig), Low Light Vision, Mountain Born (no penalties for difficult ground in mountains/hills), Winter Soul (+2bonuses vs any cold related rolls)

    Flaws - Heat Lethargy (-1 all rolls above 53F), Insular (-2 Cha), Slow (Pa 5)
    - - - - -
    Edge - Styrimathr - (Req Boating d8) owns a smabryding ship but no ice rig and no crew

    Flaw - Overconfident (2 pt) - believes he can do anything

    - - - - -
    (18 Total EXP)
    5 EXP (Advance) =
    [x]Steady Hands

    5 EXP (Session 1) =
    [x] AGL D8 to d10

    4 EXP (Session 2)

    6 EXP (Session 3) =
    [x]Fighting D8 + Shooting D10
    [x] STR D8 to D10

    GLORY: 22
    - - - - -
    STR= (+2)D10
    VIG= (+2)D10
    AGL= (+2)D10
    SMA= (+0)D4
    SPI= (+0)D4

    Skills: 15
    - - - - -
    [AGL D8]

    Athletics - (1) D4
    Boating - (5) D10
    Fighting - (2) D8
    Sabotage - (1) D4
    Shooting/Throwing - (3) D10

    [SMA D4]

    Repair/Tinker - (1) D4
    Survival - (1) D4

    [SPI D4]

    Guts/Bravery - (1) D4

    Figured Stats:
    - - - - -
    Parry= 7
    Charisma= -2
    Toughness= 7
    Barehand Damage= D10
    Pace= 5
    Max Load= 50

    - - - - -
    Battle Hammer D10+D6
    Shortbow 2D6 R: 24/48/96
    Light Armor AB +1
    Buckler +1 Parry
    Some Arrows
    24 Shields

    On Boat:
    3 Barrels of Flour +Last Sessions Flour
    Shortswords x6
    Shotbows x6
    Small Shields x6
    Orc Arrows, Reloads: 5
  3. jb105
    Name :Plobt Chillyfoot Race: Hearth Elf Ranger Parry:5 Toughness:7 (+1 AB) 70

    Edges: Agile (D6 Agl), Forest Born
    Low Light Vision

    Natural Realms

    Athletics :6
    Common knowledge:6

    Gear: Light Leather armor 25lbs: Quiver 2lbs Longbow 2d6 5lbs 30/60/120y:
    Short Sword Str+d6 4lbs: Dagger: Str+d4 1lbs

    Ammo: 25
  4. Dolanar
    Hearth Elf- Illandir Swiftsong

    Edges: Agile, Forest Born, Low Light Vision,

    Natural Realms,Two Fisted, Bladedancer

    Hindrances: All Thumbs, Code of Honor(2),


    Profession: Bladedancer

    STR: D6
    VIG: D6
    AGL: D8
    MND: D6
    SPI: D6

    Athletics: D8
    Fighting: D8
    Notice: d6
    Guts: D6
    Stealth: D8
    Intimidation: D6
    Streetwise: D4

    Barehand Dmg: D6
    Pace: 12y
    Max Load: 30lbs

    Equipment: 140
    Light Brigandine AB+1
    LQ Katana D6+D8
    LQ Wakizashi D6+D6
    LQ Tonto D6+D4

    -Wooden Dishes
    -Flint & Steel

    Code of Honor

    -Protection of my Charge at all cost.
    -Work towards the greater good of my Allies.
    -Show Mercy to those who deserve it.
    -Destroy those who have dishonored themselves.
  5. Gunhaven
    Tell me if I need to change anything.
    Cade Dale, Engro Druid. (Link goes to the Myth-Weavers sheet)

    Engro Race:
    Edges: Luck (+1 Benny), Sneaky (Lockpicking or Stealth at D6), Spirited (D6 Spirit)
    Flaws: Outsider (Other Races), Small (-1 Tgh, Siz -1)

    Elderly: Pace -1, Str -1, Vig -1, +5 Skill Points for any Smarts related skills
    Hard of Hearing (Minor): Notice -2 for hearing
    Pacifism (Minor): fight only in self-defense

    Arcane Background: Druidism. Spells: Barrier, Healing, Shape Change
    Profession: Hedge Magic
    Beast Master: animals like your hero and won't attack him unless enraged or other special circumstances; you also have a loyal follower/pet, and if it is killed, another comes within 2 weeks. Choice: Dog (Using same stats as Guard for convenience)
    Quick: When dealt 5 or lower card in combat, discard and draw again until higher than 5.

    Profession: Druid

    STR: d4
    VIG: d4
    AGL: d6
    MND: d10
    SPI: d8

    Arcane (Druidism): d8
    Driving: d6
    Healing: d8
    Know(Herb): d10
    Notice: d6
    Sneaking: d6
    Shooting: d6
    Survival: d6
    Tracking: d6

    Glory: 4

    Sling (Str + D4) Medium Range 1lb
    Soporific Potion(Vapors) x3 (Vig roll or fall asleep for 2d6 hours; doses stack for max -4 Vig penalties )
    Warming Potion(Poultice) x2 (For 6 hours, +1 Vig resist cold weather)
    Traveler's Kit 40lb
    Healer's Bag (+1 Healing) 2lb
    Herbalist Kit 2lb
    Clothing, Fur 10lb
    1 Guard Dogs
    Herbs (Various selection)
  6. Anat13

    Frostborn – Anari (Human)

    Guild Thief

    Race: Frostborn

    • Edges: Frigid Form, Winter Soul (+2 bonuses vs any cold related rolls)

    Frigid Form: Frostborn have a limited, innate form of hrimwisardy. They know all the powers below, which always have a Range of Self. They cannot learn new powers for use with this ability. In order to use these powers, however, the frostborn must learn the Hrimwisardry arcane skill (based on Smarts). They can buy this skill without taking the Arcane Background: Hrimwisardry Edge. The frostborn's innate powers (and trappings) are: armor (icy skin), environmental protection (against cold only), smite (icicles grow from hands or a held weapon), and speed (ice-shod feet).

    Winter Soul: Frostborn have +2 to Vigor saves to resist the effects of cold weather, and +2 Armor to resist the effects of cold, coldfire, or ice attacks.

    • Flaws: Heat Lethargy (-1 all rolls below 53F), Outsider (Other Races)
      • Hindrances added: Curious (2), Poverty (1), Wanted (1)

    • Starting Attributes: Strength D4, Vigor D4, Agility D4, Smarts D4, Spirit D4

    Stats: (5 Points)
    - - - - -

    STR= (+1)D6
    VIG= (+1 )D6
    AGL= (+2 +1 hindrance)D10
    MND= (0 )D4
    SPI= (+1)D6

    Edge: Profession:
    Guild Thief:
    Thief (+2 Climb; Lockpick; Stealth or Disarm Traps)
    Lang: Fingerspeak
    Members get access to safehouse, fences, facilities, +2 Streetwise

    Skills: 15
    - - - - -
    [AGL D10]

    Athletics - (2) D6 (or (Str + Agl)/2)? In which case 7? I don’t get it.

    Athletics - climbing, swimming, jumping, various physical exertions generally listed as Str skills in the basic SW book
    (Climb +2 due to profession so D8, +1 for poverty so D10)
    Fighting - (1) D8
    Lockpicking/Intrusion – (2 free, 1 spent) D8 picking locks, electronic systems, setting/disarming traps
    Sabotage - (2) D6
    Shooting/Throwing - (3) D8

    [MND D4]

    Hrimswizardry (1) D4
    Notice – (3) D6 - general perception and awareness of things going on

    Figured Stats:
    - - - - -
    Parry= 6
    Charisma= -2
    Toughness= 5
    Barehand Damage= 6
    Pace= 12y
    Max Load= 30

    - - - - -
    2 Daggers

    Shortbow 2D6 R: 25/50/100
    Shortsword Str+d6
    Light Armor AB +1 (Heavy Leather)
    Buckler +1 Parry

  7. Anat13
    I think this should have been there too:
    Armor creates a field of magical protection around her, effectively giving her Armor. Success grants her 2 points of armor. A raise grants 4 points of Armor.
    This power allows Snowwalker to breathe, speak, and move all at her normal Pace while in cold. Complete protection is offered only for background hazards. A cold attack still causes normal damage even with environmental protection, for example.
    This spell is cast on a weapon of some sort. If it's a ranged weapon, it affects 20 bolts or arrows, or one full "load" of ammunition (the GM may have to determine the exact quantity for unusual weapons). While the spell is maintained, the weapon's damage is increased by +2, or +4 with a raise.
    This power allows her to breathe, speak, and move all at her normal Pace while in cold. Complete protection is offered only for background hazards. A cold attack still causes normal damage even with environmental protection, for example.
    Armor creates a field of magical protection around her, effectively giving her Armor. Success grants her 2 points of armor. A raise grants 4 points of Armor.
    Speed allows the target of the spell to move faster than usual. With a success, the recipient's basic Pace is doubled. With a raise, running becomes a free action, so he may ignore the usual -2 running penalty.
  8. jpatterson
    You can edit your posts if you'd like.
  9. jpatterson

    I have created a GAME TIMETABLE/SCHEDULE CALENDAR type thing. I need EACH player to please visit it and fill out the days you WILL be able to attend, and the times on each day, so we can all better coordinate schedules to determine a game time that is available to as many players as possible.

    It uses GoogleDocs so you don't need to download or login or do anything, but you can edit ANY part of the sheet, so PLEASE - ONLY EDIT YOUR OWN PORTION.
  10. JamesClay
    Race: Engro
    Name: Trips Slipfeet
    Class: theif, Parry:5, Toughness: 5, bare handed: 6, pace: 12yards, max load: 30
    Ddges: Danger sense, Acrobat

    Small outsider

    Skills Knoledage/valuables:6

    Gear: Light leather, Dagger, Thiefs kit, Travelers kit
    He is curious which gets him into trouble quit often. Not only that it is not uncommen for him to pocket what ever he is looking at, at the time. Do to his curiousity he is wanted for questioning in conetion with a high profile murder.
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