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Attn GM's: From to P&PG

  1. Slipstream
    Please start posting events to this group from here on out rather than As we've discussed over the past season, this seems the best place to house all four on-going campaigns. You may post my address on here. That's fine.

    Also, I know the interface on this site is a little overwhelming at first, but give it time. Keep in mind that this Group Discussion is separate from the Ashes of the Republic forum. Be wary of that before posting new threads that you aren't putting it in a different spot.

    For those who are in the Ashes of the Republic campaign, you need both the Group link bookmarked and the Ashes forum link bookmarked.

    Those just a part of the Seattle games need only the Group link. All clear?


    Ryan / Xercutus / Larswichel / Ky'ram / Grif
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