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Rules and Stipulations

  1. HaeshkaManju
    This is where I will post how we will run the game.
  2. HaeshkaManju
    The Following is the necessary "need to know" information for the campaign.

    The following are available player races
    HOWEVER -- race will be decided based upon how you answer the character creation questions.

    Drakes (all elements)
    Gnomes (favored class is rogue)
    Goblins (use MM1 from 3.5)
    Krysi-mi (medium-sized tribe only)
    Elves (Shadewillow, High, Wood, and Wild)

    There are no half-breeds at all.

    available player classes =

    Battle Dancer
    Canonical Knight
    Feral Druid
    Honor Blade
    Inkyo Monk
    Primordial Cenobite

    Deities -- until we get the updated deities posted -- use the generic DnD deities or make up your own.

    Alignments cannot be CN/CE/LG (unless you are a LG canonical knight.)

    Gear = use basic starting gold. Then provide "rough idea of wants list" to me.

    Have character background in mind -- use the map to determine your empire/city of origin. (on the bottom of the forum.)
    If you want to be from a small village -- make it up.
    Any Krysi-Mi -- will be from the far west -- under the mountains.

    No prestige classes yet. This includes the Forsaker.

    Feat Selection: Pathfinder SRD Page. "Prodigal Caster" from Forgotten Realms." + anything on the Forum/website.

    Studied Casters (like wizards) May have one spell from each level category per character level + INT mod.

    All skills from Pathfinder Core are available + ones on website and forum.

    For those interested in Alchemy -- I will send over the information as to how we will handle alchemy -- suffice to say -- alchemy will take over as a method for non-magic users to make useful potions.

    Characters are advised against taking Tech skills in conjunction with casting characters -- unless you DO want to play a walking contradiction.

    Steps to Character Creation:
    1) Think of a character concept.
    2) Answer the questions on the character creation discussion panel.
    3) Await to receive stats + race.
    4) Choose class.
    5) 3rd level character.
    6) Finish making character.
  3. thejew
    what level are we?
  4. HaeshkaManju
    Please review step 5 to character creation.
  5. omegaa6977
    Do you got room for more
  6. HaeshkaManju
    Absolutely -- This campaign may be starting in a couple of weeks. I was deployed to Afghanistan and recently returned -- so this campaign may just get started if there is enough interest.
  7. RastaKnight
    i just joined this group and a while a ago posted on your character creation thread (im the last post on page 4) i had no idea it was same game until i started reading this discussion what a coincidence i still await patiently for decision no rush though get to it when u can im very interested in playing this game
  8. HaeshkaManju
    I thank you very much. As I have only recently returned from a tour in Afghanistan; I am finally able to get things rolling again on this. I am so happy that some folks are still interested in this. I will make it work.
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