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looking for group

  1. drkshine
    Hey gang, new guy in the area looking to play anything really of the DnD variety or even World of Darkness, unemployed currently and waiting to start school until spring so as of right now I have open availability. If you need a player to fill one of your gaming sessions then please drop me a line, I prefer DnD 4th edition but I could play 3rd, 3.5 or even Pathfinder. When it comes to World of Darkness I am very familiar with the New systems of Mage, Hunter, Vampire, and Changeling with my favorite among those being Changeling or Hunter. I have some experience with Shadowrun and would be willing to play a game of it as well, though definitely not a first choice. I'm 24 years old, laid-back and easy to talk with and I come unbiased. I've gamed for more then a quarter of my lifetime and can bring alot to the table, melting easily with all types of groups, the humorous to the serious to the casual.

    Again, looking for anything so if you need another player please feel free to send me a message, will most likely be interested in participating.
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