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4e Dark Sun in Denver

  1. Raddu
    With the impending release of Dark Sun (4e D&D) looming near I wanted to get a group together to adventure in the Tyr Region. While I have several ideas for campaign running around my head I'd like it to be a collaborative effort with the players to determine the course of the story. The campaign I'd like to run would be very story and character driven. Not that there wouldn't be any combat...this is D&D after all, but I'd like to give a good portion of the narrative control to the players instead of the DM doing all of it. Instead of having the players play in my vision of the world I'd like the players to play in a shared vision of the world with surprises thrown in by the DM.

    I'm an old school Dark Sun fan, it was the first D&D campaign setting I ever ran back in 1991 when it first came out. I ran games on Athas steadily for several years and was the original creator of The Burnt World of Athas website, a site that was tapped to continue creating official supplements after Dark Sun was discontinued after the 2nd edition.

    I didn't play 4e much before I heard that Dark Sun was being released at which time I've begun playing now and then and currently play in Josiah's D&D Dark Sun encounters games at Bonnie Braes on Wednesdays.

    As for day and time....I'm pretty well set on having it weekly on Tuesday evenings. Time depends on the location. I can run it at my place in Denver(North City Park), but it's relatively small, but we could manage if we must. I wouldn't be opposed to going to someone else's house or playing at a game store although game store would be my last choice. The date the game would start would probably be August 31st because I'll be out of town till the 21st.

    If you're interested please let me know...if you know someone how might be..please forward this e-mail to them. I'll be on vacation for the next two weeks several days of which I will be backpacking and wont be able to respond to e-mails, but I will respond as soon as I am available.


  2. Raddu
    Looking for one or two more dedicated gamers to play Dark Sun in Denver. We play every tuesday from about 6:30 -10. 4e rules, currently at lvl 9. Let me know if you're interested.
  3. BorisBadinov
    Hey Raddu. Could you shoot me more information about your group, ie where it is and what your style is? I have most of my information about my gaming style and what I have played in the past inside my user account, but I enjoy the setting of Dark Sun (I played the old computer games for it, so sue me) and am looking for a group in my area. I keep finding people playing in Aurora and Boulder but not anyone near me. I have a bike only, so that is why I am a bit limited. I will send you a PM with my email, please shoot me a line.
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