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Off the Set - Offtopic/General Discussion

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  1. jpatterson
    This is for any off topic that isn't necessarily related to the game - so general discussion, basically; a catch-all for anything that doesn't fall in any of the other threads.
  2. jpatterson
    Hey there, all players, all two of you, presently. I've got both a Play by Post and Campaign Invitation posted here on this site and been in the chatroom a number of times, but this is a really D&D/fantasy heavy site and most people are also not fond of play by posts, so I'm getting ... well, just you two. I may have one more guy from the chatroom, he asked if I'd explain the rules to him and I said sure, and he immediately disappeared out of the chatroom but I'm going to assume it was a coincidental computer crash. If you two know any other resources or friends, etc that might be interested in trying this out, please feel free to drop them a link to this group.

    Number of Players Before Starting
    I'd like to get 6 players, even 8 players, but I can run with 3 if you all are good with that, if we absolutely have to. I really don't want to run with just 2 though - although I could scale the adventure on the fly, it is really written overall as at least a 3 person thing and it isn't written specifically for this system, so I'm already having to adjust to it. I'd really prefer at least 4 if at all possible.

    Play Thread
    New player, can't remember your name but it has a c and an x in it, sorry, not looking at other thread offhand, feel free to post in the Play thread if you'd like - all that my post there is, is the lead-in; it isn't really all that important, more the boring opening preamble and setup, so yes, it is supposed to be kind of tedious - the rest of the game isn't likely to be like that, don't worry. I just wanted a started Play thread so people could get a "foothold" and be ready and "invested" so other players could feel like people were ready to start ASAP.

    Update Schedule/Starting
    Oh. My update schedule statement was maybe sort of wrong: what I plan to do is update every either Tue, Wed or Thu at 1am, I can't remember now, and then about 3 days later at 1am, so twice a week. I know people tend to just disappear on the weekends, so I figured if I did my updates on the weekends, people wouldn't have to worry about checking and keeping up with the game then and could make their reply posts/turns around Sun or Mon or such and Thu before the weekend, if that is cool with everybody else. I go for whatever is easy for everybody - I think I'm ok with any schedule but the 1am update is definitely best for me due to my IRL situation.

    I want to try to make the first GM "start post" on a day I also plan to update so once we get enough players, I may wait to start until an update day so we can get immediately into getting used to the schedule, but who knows.

    Any Thoughts?
    I'd be glad to read any comments or questions or ideas anyone has, and I apologize about the wait - I wish I could just drag people in here and make them want to play.
  3. citamoixa
    I'll definitely post in the main thread, was planning on doing it some time today. As for potential players, I can't really think of any. I usually search out PbP games like this because I don't have a lot of options for in-person gaming.
  4. Ridley
    Yeah I really don't know of anyone else on here that would join up and play.
  5. jpatterson
    Well you might mention it to anyone else you know that might be gamer-inclined, or from any other community leaning toward gaming perhaps, or friends or family that you think might take to it - I've tried, I just saw my friends/gaming group tonight and told them multiple times and only got lots of "really? hmm's" - just don't know what the deal is.

    Anyway, yah, fine post in the play thread, Cita, so now we've got both the registered players active in the actual game threads, so that's a big step forward!

    I actually posted a classified ad on an entirely different RPG site that I felt has some potential, with a link here, so I've got at least another potential source!

    I'm really surprised it is taking this long to get even minimal interest from a handful of people for something somewhat out-of-the-ordinary - you'd kinda think that would attract people, you know? The novelty of "What's this? Modern? Not D20 or D&D? Action movie game? Wha?" I really guess I don't get the general gamer mindset anymore maybe...
  6. jpatterson
    I wonder what IS a good update schedule for everyone? When do other people here usually "leave" for the weekend or whatever it is you do? I can probably update on about any evenly spaced 2 post schedule, but post actual post times will be in the early AM but other than that, I think I'm flexible.
  7. Wiptag
    So, is this a daily or a weekly game? I'm happy to play, but it's going to be difficult for me to devote time every day to this. The last two times I did a daily game, everybody got burned out early and quit.
  8. Ridley
    It's a weekly game. No demand for answering to game on the same day, although he does have a day of updates.
  9. jpatterson
    My plan is to update twice a week, as evenly spaced as possible, like: (I'm near Tulsa, Oklahoma in USA, "World" Central Time, so times might be off an hour or so)

    Tuesday 11:00pm CST -6 (this gives players the following "turn window": all days Wed, Thu and also Fri until 11pm. (3 days)
    Fri 11:00pm CST -6 (this gives players the following "turn window": all days Sat, Sun, Mon and also Tue until 11pm. (4 days)

    3 and 4 days respectively seem like ample windows for players to respond to a GM block/post and get their turns in, and I don't want to set myself into a schedule more frequent than that either, so don't worry. I can cut back to 1 update per week if everyone wants, but I think we can probably all handle twice a week thus far, yes? Three times, I'm reluctant to go to, because I can't guarantee even I can make that every week consistently - same reason I can't do realtime chat/online apps for gaming.

    I'm updating more frequently right now so that we can get the game started, and because people are replying - if everyone that is playing has their posts in before an update is scheduled, I don't mind updating if I'm available and feel like it, but the concrete "promised" update cycle is 2 updates per week, so while I might do it more frequently than that occasionally, those are exceptions and not "the rule", and no one is obligated to post until the scheduled update times.

    In the course of normal Update posting, until Update Time, I won't make any GM post until/unless everyone has made their turn posts, or I feel like I could go ahead and move on to the next issue without it affecting anything (if one person didn't get in a particular turn, but it wouldn't have had a major effect) or if I have a GM specific note to relate (do check the OOC thread though, now and then, too). Any PC who has not posted BY an Update Time will be puppeted along with the party by me, and if I have to do that a couple of times or more, I will PM the player, and if I get no response in a couple of days, I will assume you have dropped from the game and you will be removed or GMC'd, so please be sure to keep active communication with me if you have any special circumstances come up, as I'm reasonable.

    I know we all have a lot of other duties and obligations and interests and this is likely a side activity for a different flavor of entertainment, which is just fine with me, and I hope we all enjoy it.

    If anyone has any thoughts on any of this, please post! =)
  10. Wiptag
    I can handle twice a week. I just wanted to put in my two cents.
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