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Red Herrings down the Toilet

  1. Lender
    I don't really want to open up a whole can of worms - maybe just crack it open a bit and drain some of the juice out!

    I think we all know, the chief charge leveled by the church-at-large at DnD is that it involves the players in witchcraft. Or at the very least, since players' characters "cast spells," they are in danger of taking on "an appearance of evil" - something the New Testament warns us against.

    I single out DnD, here, because non-RPGers - especially christian ones - are totally oblivious to the existence of other games, some of which are better or much worse in my opinion than DnD - spiritually speaking.

    I think these charges can be defended against, if absolutely necessary (the Bible also warns against pointless arguments!). But on the flip-side, I do not contend that role-playing games are a perfectly harmless past-time for one and all. Almost any activity has its pitfalls. A sucking vortex into occultism, to my mind, is not a great danger posed by RPGs.

    What I want to know from this discussion is, what have you found to be the actual potential pitfalls in this hobby (not just Dungeons and Dragons)? And how have you addressed these things?

    Please chime in!

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