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Any decent gaming shops?

  1. Iskandr
    I just moved to the Seattle area about a month ago, and I was wondering if there were any decent gaming shops I should check out. Specifically, I'm looking for one that has a decent player base that frequents it... I'm looking to get to know people in the area and maybe find a game I can join.
  2. Rocks_Fall
    I would love to hear some other suggestions here, the only one I know of in Seattle proper that has tabletop gaming events in the north end is Gary's Games and Hobbies on Greenwood.
  3. ArchVillain
    Welcome, where did you move from? I'm interested to see what you turn up on your quest.
  4. Iskandr
    I moved up from the NW Corner of Arkansas. Went to college at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. I was hoping to find a lot of hobby gaming stores here, but so far my searches have been few and far between. And, the few I've found aren't very big or don't have a lot of tables for play.
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