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That first step in the 1000 mile journey...

  1. Rilonor
    Hello gentle readers,

    Two of us have been trying to begin a 1st Edition AD&D game for a few months now. This is admittedly another facet of that attempt.

    The lowdown is simple. AD&D, some homebrewed rules to give players more ability driven characters than class driven characters, and world fraught with troubles, exotic places, compelling NPCs, puzzles, magic, treasure and monsters not only to battle but befriend, discover and boast.

    AD&D calls for imagination and creativity. The rules are there for balance, not to break your skull. Fun is the keyword. The new editions, fine as they are (I like them personally) are loaded with options, but loaded down with tables and rules. Make your own options and we'll discuss the rules.

    The past has returned to engulf the world of Gero in perpetual twilight where the people of the world become but a shadow. A few brave souls must halt these ancient forces and counterattack. No one on Gero knows what hit them except you and you compatriots. Your company is all that stands between light and oblivion.

    Dare to be there!

  2. Rilonor
    Hi, I know it was some time since I first made this group. We had a good number of players come and go. The table is large, but the players are few. Help us fill a few seats, meet a few nice people and have some fun.
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